Black Poetry : OK she strut butt and stay up with luck she's a RED BONE and boys kiss her and head home because of her skin tone this boy has a TOYOTA with hype he


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May 11, 2006
OK she strut butt
and stay up with luck
she's a RED BONE
and boys kiss her and head home
because of her skin tone
this boy has a TOYOTA with hype
he also has a motorbike
so lace is her source
and for boys it's a race course
he need a cap and gown
because his rap is renown
especially to an academic ceremony
no limit to the phony
about graduation
and congratulation
strange rules
made her change schools
that made a magnificent difference
in her life, graduates reshape and
create new ideas for the future plans
on the way if she join a street group
that just heat up the soup
she's trying in class
boys lying in the past
can't take them at face
value, now above the rim wearing lace
she thrill with perfume
he will assume
they in an affair
“LOOK BOO you desire to flirt
but that bring fireworks
into the night sky
like fourth of July
and I might get pie
girl your panties keep damp
and like city street lamps
they light up at dusk
big regret watching cox
took a cigarette out the box
grabbed a pen and begin to write
animals are nice
but like a mechanical device
catch some by surprise
a beast has status
but its only a piece of apparatus
which is a computer
some itch for a tutor
her car made
to go the arcade
and play whack-a-mole
these computer pop-ups
has become hot and corrupt
OK BOO she the cream of the crop but
let him have a wet date
and get cake
you know how we do
hop in the car lets sincerely roam
stop at Burger King and was nearly home
got stuck in traffic
and his luck was graphic
play and flirt
now on his way to work
this is Black Hip Hop alert
in Virginia Beach she's a red bone
he want rum and toast
but didn't even come close
in your love talk this is an affair
of love coming from the air
above, they a great pair in he club
and some haters are scrubs
can't be creators of love
a true search is clever
wanna do much better
here in VIRGINIA BEACH blister
the street with beauty
and he have the unique duty
to take you home
“girl you got some black
sweaty thighs”
he'll throw confetti in the skies
he couldn't resist
pudding and a kiss
this is a hot parade
but she's not afraid


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May 11, 2006
but she's not afraid
OK BOO he prevail hot
and in his mailbox
a love letter sent from
a girl, from her coochee
cream soared no doubt
as the steam poured out
so its legit and in order
that she need a bit of water
to drink
a girl do think
oh he saw her brown lace
and put his arms around her waist
girl I wanna like taste you
her dress hung down her legs
he hounded and beg
well she a bold sweet boo
and the whole street knew
now another boy peep too
wanna duck stress boo and be wise
and get success through compromise
his pride ready to explode
he took a side road
have dreams between extremes
and kissed her lips in the car
then got some tongue not far
from home, she was jest moving
her coo-chee all around grooving
“aw girl I don't wanna cum”
she say he broke the steering wheel
she say he really had it in there
she tried couldn't go anywhere
he was jest kissing and stuff
breaking the backseat I had enough
then she started to say a lot:
oh the love deal is sweet
and boys steal a peek
oh I feel so weak
after a Virginia Beach kiss
oh a course of study
can cause a buddy
to have sex, boys tie on
a dew rag quick
and come with a bag of tricks
then brag about chicks



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May 11, 2006
he want cake then march
after he take the starch
out her panties this leads
to a conversation that feeds
a sexual relation boys have needs
grab a word
but have you heard
about the boy that toyed
with a girl's mind best to avoid
boys like that
with those type of stats
they may wear white hats
like Goodfellas them cats
ain't right, he's home and strongly
the one and only dude that's lonely
a rapper with a chapter about behavior
with boys she have fun quick
but like a ton of bricks
love words hit her eardrum
she try not hear none
but her panties are soaked
even in a car or boat
if in a bar they float
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