Black Poetry : Ok he on his walkwith girl kiss and talkjust had a doughnutKrispy Kreme flow is corruptwith a glass of milksee a girl in class silka desired swe


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May 11, 2006
Ok he on his walk
with girl kiss and talk
OK he can't ignore this
usually get a hardcore kiss
more to this affair than meet
the eye she on the street with pie
one boy told her a complete lie
talking about they gonna get married
and has yet gone to JARED
in life madness by choice
and there's sadness in her voice
had a wise collision
he's surprised at her decision
to stay home alone and wait
for boy her panties hot with cake
now this is Black Hip HOP great
in VIRGINIA BEACH make no mistake
OK PLAYER you go to the store buy plenty bling
I want to believe more than anything
that you was my boyfriend and get me a ring
just had a doughnut
Krispy Kreme flow is corrupt
with a glass of milk
see a girl in class silk
a desired sweet
with fire and heat
her pie is a blend
of high wind
and loose juice
OK BOO in my whip have room for chick
wanna kiss your lips sniff your perfume quick
this affair came like an airplane through
the sky it can land on a runway
and we can have some fun today
have to dodge stuff
but he's large enough
to do that he's up to snuff
so let him dominate
he may get to accommodate
her to bed she's a Black Soul
Sista in a mini-skirt that's bold
right here in VIRGINIA BEACH
this is a strange holler
and he want change for a dollar
her body good and hot but could not
give him a date she's above the rim hot
with cake, her lace is sweet
so he supply her with a place to sleep
oh her body is alive
this could be a party for five
she's so hot down there
juice around everywhere
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May 11, 2006
Her dress is up her breasts been sucked
a boy could have the best of luck oh shucks
but she ran away she didn't plan this today
girl your body is galore active
and the red lips are more attractive
you chocolate sauce so drop it like
you boss because you have them hype
wet breasts so go and get dressed don't gripe
about sex, “OK PLAYER you smiles at my breasts
I guess its my styles of dress that impress
boys a lot, I'm a KOREAN CHICK and its best
I chill she have the greatest passion and her
hair in the latest fashion the sweaty yellow occur
this just happen to take place as you're rapping for
cake and lace, right now my dress is down
and you can't mess around we can eat brown
rice and curry be in town with twice the worry
lot of dumb writes come in sight some are bright
others fall by the wayside, OK you rap great
but your words evaporate so they have no weight
like vapor and fumes then your writing paper is doomed
“OK boo let me take you to my room
“SO LOOK BOO make me your true boy and hey
I'll be your new toy, because this is Black Hip
Hop in VIRGINIA BEACH its fact in script
and plot his wisdom trashed when the system crashed
had to bear the brunt of being lost to some chicks on ash
Wednesday, concerned lover got car that burn rubber
leave donuts and then take off even DANNY GLOVER
knows that's a lethal weapon, complex rhymes that flame
the next time she complains, “NAW PLAYER at home game
of a conscious daughter but was blown out the water
like a torpedoed ship a boy's kiss sunk my TITANIC broader
look he drowned my boat when he put tongue down my throat
for hater the mood in game is to speak rude slang and hope
someone back down ready to smack a clown my skills smoke
you needed quick luck another boy in a pickup truck picked her
up took her home now you look and roam trying to find a fur
coat to buy as a swift gift just to lift her dress, she's a Puerto
Ricain girl in mini-skirt and she can flirt, oh he wanted some
bad this is everyday in Virginia Beach, remember a boy from
the hood really tried to get some, he wanted to huff and puff
on her cream and do stuff from his dream while she scream scuffed
his Stacey Adams thinking about this oh she was so hot down there
the whole town was aware of this so she gonna chill for a minute care
bout being called a T,H.O.T.

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