Black People : "Oh, Well!"

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    The Meek !Shall! Inherit the Earth.
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    "Now, when I talked to God, I knew He'd Understand;
    He said "Stick by Me, and I'll be your Guiding Hand."

    Don't ask me what I think of you,
    I might not give the answer that you want me to ...

    ...Oh well ... "(1)

    Well, there's your answer: "[they] could be sitting on the table right now, but you can't see [them]."(2).

    DHS(3) in the hiz-ouse!!! And with a premium member account, too!

    On the one hand, we could thank the Brother for the head's up(4). On the other, we could pass around the hat cause he could, possibly, be out of a job(5) for outing them!! LOL

    Kinda torn(6); can't decide whether it was "good stagecraft" in mentioning it, or "bad stagecraft" for "blowing" their "cover". LOL!

    (Lyrical accompaniment

    (1)Fleetwood Mac, Oh well, Then Play On, 1969.

    (2)Grand Funk Railroad; I Can Feel Him in the Morning; Survival, 1971.

    (3) NWA, Sa Prize Part 2, 100 Miles and Running, 1990

    (4)5 Man Electrical Band Signs

    (5)Billy Preston, Nothing From Nothing

    (6) Billy Preston, Will It Go Round in Circles )