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    Oh there you are, you who was before I am

    You who saw me before I was, you who is

    you who is inside the bosom of Time, you

    that experience NOT the agony YET BEAUTY

    of Dying.

    You saw me before I was able to See you

    and was not able to know what you had

    provided me to be, a Spark in infinity enclosed

    in Eternal Divinity, that you caused to be.

    Oh there you are enclosed in nothing but wear

    the clothes of everything, you caught me in

    the grace of your mystery and revealed to me

    all I know not, yet I make claim to know nothing

    as I know everything by knowing IT to be you .

    Oh there you are, you that have been made by

    others to be what you are not, and you say not

    a word to me, as you allow all there are to be,

    uttering not one word as you allow my Soul to

    run Free.

    Oh there you are you know me I know you not, you

    set me in the eternal abyss full of bliss sealing my

    Soul with an Infinite kiss, such warmth and tender

    presence your power be, yet there you are, that

    which I can not See, yet I know you be.

    Oh there you are here and there always every where

    charging me not to be but permitting me to know the

    earth, sun, wind,and sea, elements of that which is

    every where yet is no where, having the power to be

    near and far, as I seek to know where you are.

    Oh there you are, where I am you be, where I am not you

    not be, yet I am that you are and the two be one allowing

    me to see, oh there you are.

    Here Is Loving you



    Chief Elder