Black People : Oh My Beloved Black Afrikan

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
Oh My Beloved Divine Black Afrikan, Hear Me And Hear Me Well!!!
Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala
Black Lived Don't Matter A **** If Your Black Behind Is Not Free, I Challenge Black Lives Matter To Come to Meet with Me So That We Can Once And For All Entertain The Divine Truth For Black Afrikians And Afrika To Be In Afrika!!!
I am here to be your Gadfly against the Lies and Deception being poured into the mind you now have guiding you, a mind that is designed by that racist unjust prejudice oligarchy who are out to change their world way of governing, the white world that is under the power of lies and deception that have white folks not to think but believe all that the oligarchs send down orders to the teaching pawns to educate the students to believe and it is the negro who place your self in that racist environment that has you to be a victim of the deceiving educating indoctrination that have Black Afrikans living in a world of confusion about who we Black Afrikan people are in Lucifer world!!!
Hay Black Afrikan Woman and Man, you who has been made to be believers rather adhere to your natural design to reasonably think your way while living, I bessech you to obdserve the environment Lucifer is creating in the world today for purpose to maintain the self ignorance we live with today about that white devilish satanic Luciferian Human Being, they who is out to forever keep the Black Afrikan Race to be subodinant to people who wear a different pigment than Black Afrikan people and rather than Black Afrikan people to be alertly distrusting of that white racist prejudice Luciferian Human Being, your Black Afrikan behind choose believing as a way of living over the use of Common **** Sense Thinking and because of such a mental illness of Black Afrikan people, behold the condition of Afrika and Black Afrikan people, that which is of total submission to a people referring to themselves as being white and superior over Black Afrikan people and your disorganized Black behind refuse to reclaim the soul as was designed by Nature the designer, the soul being the common sense using mind of the Cosmic Divine Black Universal Beings now living in Lucifer World and is doing whatever educate us to believe so to become of Lucifer evil behaving world toward Black Afrikan people.
I ask you Black Afrikans to be not quick to rejoice over what that lying racist Luciferian Human Being is portraying to Black Afrikan people today, that devilish white Luciferian Human Being is a Hellava tactician in the use of saying things about himself and Afrikan people that will have you believe he really means what he says about awakening to the racist evil white folks have acted against Black Afrikan people to the extent white people is the reason why Black Afrikans have lost our organic Mind.
Observe that devilish white racist in action today making claim to have become awaken to the evil white folks have a history of perpetrating against Black Afrikan people and that white racist is telling Black Afrikan people today that they are sorry for the evil of their ways that has Black Afrikans to become and is a self-hating wanting to be white just like those who have a well-established pattern of taking advantage of the compassion of Black Afrikan people, we who has been made to be so religious Loving of white people, the Chattel Enslaver of Black Afrikan people and the colonizers of Afrika and Afrikan people as well.
Hell yes, I take my time in sharing that which I know is Divinely True With Black Afrikan people and if your patience is not as long, then such be the reason why our Black behind ignore what is required for Black Afrikan Folks to do in order to bring back Harmony, Order, and Balance to the Soul of Black Afrikan people and to be Divine mean that you think with Common Sense that is in Harmony, Order, And Balance using Empirical facts to verify what is a profane Lie and what is the Divine Truth.
Don't you remain a victim of believing everything that white racist is portraying to you today, he is a habitual liar when it comes to telling Black Afrikan people about how sorry he is for the trouble he has taken the Black Race and Afrika through and that he now is a lover of Black Afrikan people and now abhor the spirit of Racist prejudice behavioral action.
He Is A **** Liar!!!
Yes, It Is so beloved, you go and ask that liar why is it that to this day he has refused punishment for the crimes committed against our Enslaved Ancestors and don't your Black behind allow that white devilish racist distract you by bringing up his civil rights accomplishment he has allowed Black Afrikans to experience and he now admitting such was not almost enough of extending civil rights community to Black, **** Civil Rights.
Black Afrikans have the obligation to establish our own goal to suffice for the evil crimes caused by white racist America and her surrogates in Crime against Afrika and Black Afrikan people and that goal is not civil rights advancements but is Freedom, Justice, and Independence and only Reparation/Repatriation carry the value of Freedom that is due to our Enslaved Ancestors as well as to Black Afrikans to be in Afrika and to Afrika, beloved.
There is no time for compassion to be shown to Racist Prejudice America, it is the Time for Freedom to return to Afrika and Black Afrikan people and only Reparation/Repatriation is qualified to ensure such quality of Justice, and independence for Afrika and Black Afrikan people, beloved!!!
Again I share with Black Afrikan people, there is no better check and balance to the character of white America regarding Black Afrikans being in a place of Freedom than Reparation/Repatriation being the delivery of that Freedom and watch the spirit of that well-seasoned liar when you confront America about ceasing and resisting from withholding our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation and there is no other issue qualified to be a substitution for our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation and that is why Reparation/Repatriation is a Revolutionary Issue in the circle of Divine Justice need for our Enslaved Ancestors and there is no compromising of that Divine Issue, Reparation/Repatriation, beloved.
I am endowed with the Divine vision for Afrika and Black Afrikan people and what we must do to have that vision to become Afrika and Black Afrikans reality and your Black Afrikan behind rather ignore this Divine Truth I share about our unorganized Black behind and about the evil on going of white racist America, you rather bow to deceiving lying direction rather than to place your Black Afrikan behind in my physical presence som that we can Divinely Reason together, beloved.
Divine Respect

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