Black Poetry : Oh Lord I Pray De’ Brother’s Prayer


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Jan 15, 2003
Brooklyn N. Y.
Oh Lord I Pray
De’ Brother’s Prayer

O Lord, I come in the name of black tribute
The wounds upon de’ heart of black justice
Kneeled to the cross of obstructions that
Lingered in the heart of the sinless serpents
But yet I stand as a man, take my lashings from
The world, nevertheless the bounty high, I continue to pray oh lord one time on the cross, the tears upon my eyes, But yet I stand tall as a man, I cry not of
The disgust upon the land, I am the black stallion
My hero logy is written in the blues prints of your love,
When I've done drunk my last cup of pain,
Sorrow that proclaims the dignity of man,
When I’ve beaten the summary of captivity,
When I am tired of the slavery sinners, I shall rise in the name of black reformation, for there shall be those who lynch me through the corners of my mind, but the wisdom in

me, is the wisdom is granted by the almighty God, know storms can stop me, know bullet can kill me, know words can harm me, O Mary don’t you weep, for I am the black stallion of black man justice, When I start to fall in the deep degradation of sinners, and my feet is slipping into death hero logy, forsake not, for the caucus is just a frame, I shall return, I shall return, the nations that lives within my veins, oh glory don’t you weep, Lower me to my grave in peace don’t weep, another prophet is born, I shall return, I shall

return, when this world begin to rock to my feet, O the mighty lord said don’t fear earth, I se’ blue print of de’ black stallion who lived before me.
I se been called less than a child of God.
Lord how mercy has I said these words before
Beloved the majesty that images the summary
That I have lived, we come this morning in the reform of black man, I bow to the east, singing the glory of your grace, blood seeking from the fountain, blood of the ones who came before me, bow our hearts beneath the planted tree call roots, O lord this morning sun upon my head, wounds upon my hands, scars that have solitudes the instrumental congestions of dead man plutocracy, but yet I stand as a man, the cage bird that sings his song, I the king of my fathers palace, the majesty of his psalms, the seed of nations, I leave a legacy upon the land. Like the cage bird that sings, I shall be free of the gates that intrigued the constitution of defamation, but I shall, I will over come, O lord the psalms’ of your love, I the sinner of the tombs, I the forgotten in a dark house of gloom, but I have risen upon the land of doom, what comes in the dark, shall bring forth truth to the light.

And now, O Lord, this man who live upon earth
The man who made de’ Satan God of earth, the serpents who change the words of your sacred cloth, but upon this blooded shield, for the sinner sings his darken Calvary, and who is the God of there seek, for there is one almighty who created thee, O who is this God for there shall not feel the sin of there darken sleep, who is thee who shared life labor, and keep him out of harm of the devil, Take him this morning lord and watch the program of de’ Satan children, shield him in the power of your hand, forsake not the humble man, for the truth shall be told, the Satan sinner, shall fall, Hang him up and drain him dry of sin, wash the blue print of Satan who blind him,, When de Satan have drunken me to sin
The nakedness have been seen, there is know
Sacred tomb, for lust shall destroy the seed of holy ground, Holy, Holy, I cry the diversion of the devil hold captivity The soul of de’ black stallion, for there shall be know reimbursement of his soul, o lord one hand, one time on the cross,

Is’e black stallion Oh lord ride by this morning--
Mounted upon the Calvary of choice, I ride upon the sky, I rise upon the east, O lord I ride past the dignity that persuade the gates of hell, O lord I pray, for some or week and some or strong, and stop the poor sinners in t here darkness plunge I shall bring the people home. Your blinders on the white horse, And now, O Lord, this man of God, I shall ordained the sacred grounds, I shall bring light to the forsaken heart, oh sinners plea, I shall retrieve, for there is one light in the O lord house,


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