Black Entertainment : oh its like dat


Jan 22, 2001
Oh it's like that uh,
I thought yall was just cousins,
I should have known that there was something about the way he hugged you,
And all those times that nogga smiled in my face,
But that bullsh*t was so fake,
You mutha..... ooh!!! you make me sick,
Always making excuses or having explanations,
Talkin bout "thats just my cousin what you getting mad for",
But I anit got time to be mad thats what I bought this mag for,
When I came home from work I saw a nogga sneakin in the back door,
So I tried to warn you,
I thought someone was trying to harm you,
Cause I heard you screamin, but yall dunt f*cked up now!!!,
I thought you loved me
Where my gun at? Where you put it?
All sh*t how you find it, what he doing wit it,
Oh it's like dat huh,
You just gone let that nogga kill me, I otta....
(finger on the trigger)
I just playin why you trippin, stop playin,
I don't understand I can't believe what you sayin,
Put the gun down, what yall do is none of my business,
Baby, Baby, don't let him shoot me,
Why you tellin him to give you the gun,
What you talkin bout, make like Forrest and run,
(bang bang bang!!!!):uzi:


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