Black Poetry : Oh I was in high school try be cool but a lie can fuel and affair and rule thoughts caught in a gir


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May 11, 2006
Oh I was in high school try be cool
but a lie can fuel and affair and rule
thoughts caught in a girl's mind, tickle
try use nickels to buy a supply of vehicles
wanna go to Toyota school then work in
the motor pool so I'm in school and then
take a complex look at textbooks when
this boy wrote me a love letter I'm a PHILLIPINE
chick and will dream quick thing wet like a stream
I'm new yall boys like cue balls I'm rolling on
tables looking for a hole to drop in, strolling along
ready to rap remember I was sweaty in a trap
but no confetti for this mishap I really need a map
to find my way around town VIRGINIA BEACH roads
twisty sometimes a truck with a load of whiskey no codes
on the dumb street boys compete against each other
and some try reach my butter with sweet talk and smother
my ears with absurd words, now I'm in school dressed
in a mini-skirt wet and shocking in net stockings blessed
and equip with hips and lips and that'll blow the doors
off a boy's Cadillac and they battle back with words galore
talking girl let me take you out they want cake no doubt
my PHILLIPINE panties be so wet down there wanna shout
juice be around everywhere on route to the bedroom
this is Black Hip Hop in VIRGINIA BEACH stuff happens soon
when boy's rapping to a tune kissing and yapping in the room
wanna give my waist a phat squeeze
while I be at ease
my wild panties could get teased
in school around the gym
a boy walked up in brown Tims
could've been above the rim
like 2PAC but didn't love him
after he kissed my lips my mind change
oh a PHILLIPINE girl get hot a lot
and boys know this so they throw a kiss
around the gym this boy's facts stack
like backpack water inside to attack
the thirst plus I attract my first boy
in a state of love frenzy
no cake for SPUD MC KENZY
got lips and butt
and that whip up
emotions in boys
lotions they enjoys
just lick a girl's thighs
and on to a world of pies
while the CD hurl vibes
in our eardrum hear some
beats oh its clear he from
the street oh PHILLIPINE girls
go through a lot
and this boy drives a blue drop top”
“SO BOO I feel like a winner of a chick
so I'm gonna take you to dinner real quick
“oh yeah where we gonna dine?
Where ever need and wanna wine
a little it's time to fiddle my thumb
stuck in the middle and you want some”
I CAME to brag
and like a name tag
your info on a chain
even in a limo it's plain
to see that you in a mini-skirt
oh a PHILIPINE girl go through a lot
here in VIRGINIA BEACH we do drop
panties but not for everyone my plot
is to escape because boys want cake

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