Black Poetry : Oh I was in high school try be cool but a lie can fuel an affair and rule try express thoughts my b


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May 11, 2006
Oh I was in high school
try be cool
but a lie can fuel
an affair and rule
try express thoughts
my breast caught
wearing a dress fought
to escape boys that sought
sex, use a bar of soap and drive
cars that are dope just to survive
and take showers that reach powers
of speech shake narrow buildings like towers
when they're too much hassle
have to run to a church or castle
this is all HIPHOP CULTURE
and like a tall tiptop structure
it looks over the land that stand
for the folks HIP HOP in demand
now this is BLACK HIP HOP in
VIRGINIA BEACH rip shop and then
some, my cake is pure
have to make sure
the right boy get some
wanna go to Toyota school
then work in the motor pool
so I'm in school behind the gym
this boy walks up wearing Tims
under too much stress
boys wanna touch my breasts
have to search for a dress
to wear and strut sweaty butt
it's ready set hut
like a quarterback
slaughter the whack
take a complex look
at textbooks
when this boy spoke clever
and wrote me a love letter
I'm a PHILLIPINE chick
and will dream quick
thing wet like a stream
I'm the type scream
when I cream
I'm new yall
boys like cue balls
they roll on tables my lips glow
at night and boys know
by sight I see a loco
photo and it calls to mind
a love affair gone wrong
I end up home alone
and crying on the phone
ready to rap remember
I was sweaty in a trap
but no confetti for this mishap
I really need a map
to find my way around town
VIRGINIA BEACH roads twist and turn
reach for water as a kiss burn
fiddle with a sandwich
and do little damage
to hunger which no longer
exist far as love goes a stronger
risk,a hot rock just creased my thighs
think you wanna feast on my pies
forever on a computer
must make a clever maneuver
on the dumb street
boys compete
against each other
and some try reach my butter
with sweet talk and smother
my ears with absurd words,
now I'm in school dressed
in a mini-skirt and cool breasts
wet and shocking in net stockings blessed
and equip with hips and lips and that flip
and show the shores
of a boy's mind and blow the doors
off a boy's Cadillac
and they battle back with words galore
talking to girls let me take you out
they want cake no doubt
my PHILLIPINE panties be so wet down there
wanna shout juice be around everywhere
on route to the bedroom
this is divine Black Hip Hop
mind is exact but trip a lot
in VIRGINIA BEACH stuff happens soon
when boy's rapping to a tune kissing
and yapping in the room
wanna give my waist a phat squeeze
while I be at ease
my wild panties could get teased
in school around the gym
a boy walked up in brown Tims
could've been above the rim
like 2PAC but didn't love him
after he kissed my lips my mind change
oh a PHILLIPINE girl get hot a lot
and boys know this so they throw a kiss
around the gym this boy's facts stack
like backpack water inside to attack
the thirst plus I attract my first boy
in a state of love frenzy
no cake for SPUD MC KENZY
got lips and butt
and that whip up
emotions in boys
lotions they enjoys
just lick a girl's thighs
and on to a world of pies
while the CD hurl vibes
in our eardrum hear some
beats oh its clear he from
the street oh PHILLIPINE girls
go through a lot
and this boy drives a blue drop top”
“SO BOO I feel like a winner of a chick
so I'm gonna take you to dinner real quick
“oh yeah where we gonna dine?
Where ever need and wanna wine
a little it's time to fiddle my thumb
stuck in the middle and you want some”
I CAME to brag
and like a name tag
your info on a chain
even in a limo it's plain
to see that you in a mini-skirt”
“OH A PHILIPINE girl go through a lot
here in VIRGINIA BEACH we do drop
panties but not for everyone my plot
is to escape because boys want cake
onstage about to be bold
but my words raged out of control
so now here behind the gym
what will I say to remind him
that I have a boyfriend so sweaty
my palms be
they like a calm sea
but boys crave
and enjoys waves
and my words saves
around the gym girl be brave
because I'm a hot type
with lots of hype


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May 11, 2006
with lots of hype
so complex to elude
a sex attitude
can't text this mood
over a cell phone
do well at home
because I can hide
so here at the gym
I'm jest stats for him
wearing a hat with a brim”
“LOOK BOO its plenty of party
and anybody
can win
my plan will end
on top of a bed
and your lips are a hot red
wanna have fun with your breasts
that is unless
you say stop
us boys like to play a lot
aware rapping is free
if there happen to be
a microphone available
holding a letter not mail-able
my plan is great
like a landscape
it's roped off
and your lips dope and soft
need to speed read before I proceed
my flow need that option
this PHILIPINE girl got fear in her mind
and need a clear sign
like a drunk from beer or wine
her thoughts stumbling and stagger
with the swagger of a sexy bagger
at a food store its rude galore
to kiss behind a gym on the gym floor
we hear basket-balls bounce there's
a game inside
this boy came to slide
between my thighs
whole lot of cream pies
are there and the car is where
he parked it,


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May 11, 2006
he parked it, oh he jest stare
at my breasts then he kissed
my lips, try pushy him away reminisce
love habit manage to kick it
but now damage inflicted
need bandage if this boy stick it
love explains and reveals a lot
long lasting pain and feels hot
this boy want some tonight
and it will come to light
now he get my wet tongue
my cake bless
can't let a boy make a mess
of that around this gym
I was down and kissed him
I got dense hair
convince the air
blow right through it
I never dream
of such a clever scheme
oh being from the PHILLIPINE
boys want some cream
for real being behind a gym
my mind is hemmed up can't duck him
jest one kiss and I'm wet fast
gee got to get to class
some brisk static at hand
really need a systematic plan
with marriage I'm able
to have a baby carriage stable
oh he really got my tongue
around the gym he so sprung
and wanted some gave me
a VIRGINIA BEACH kiss and see
while he got my tongue I be
moving my thing oh he went crazy
so in the grand scheme of things
it's just comes to be cream and bling
could end up being a queen with ring
oh my skirt was up
he watched me work that butt
I fell weaker
I must tell the teacher”
SAY WHAT naw girl he
put his plan astray
and ran away
if a kiss on the jaw can ruin a night true
just think what a tonguing kiss might do
oh he almost got some
this boy was necking like crazy
and wrecking all type of gravy
in my panties my skirt was up
my Philippine lips were red cake
plus I had a kiss headache
if at home the bed await
this some earned juice he produce
didn't wanna turn loose
my waist
just pie and lace
dang oh gosh
I got brainwashed
around the gym
made it to class
and this too will pass

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