Black Poetry : Oh how I wish I could be a kid again (ASP\Nasheed Collab)


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Mar 13, 2006
Somewhere between paradise and diaster
I think back on days,
So simple and plain.
Going to the corner store
Hoping Ms. Kim would walk my way
Penny candy meant just that,
Take a dime and come out wit a fat sack
Playing house in the backyard,
Eating mud pies with rocks as candy stars
Throwing jacks on the corner
And playing hide and go seek
Or maybe hide and go get it
Remember when we felt oh so grown
Sleeping in our new big kid beds
Remember ditching those baby dolls
Acting like you ain’t played with kiddie toys
Getting ready to go off to junior high
Remember how scary it seemed
But It turned out to be just fine
And you worries and cares were truly few
The biggest was getting picked last on teams
Then came high school seeming tough
But then the day you got there
You realized it wasn’t that rough
And although it was crazy times
You made it through till graduation
Well now I am all grown up
Longing for the simplicity of childhood again
Because nothing was ever as bad as it seems
Life was just so effortless back then
Oh how I wish I could be a kid again


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Apr 14, 2001
Dallas, TX
Platform Makeup Artist, Creative Director
i remember recess
and math tests
shouting "open chest"
then punchin' my homies
how no one wanted to pull out sandwiches
that were made with bologna
i remember book fairs
and blank stares
when i wrote in spanish on the blackboard
fire drills
hallway spills
pickles from the corner store
i remember rain days
black history month plays
learning cursive
and color crayons
i remember polka dots
and hammer pants
and how u werent hot unless u had some rayon
i remember p.e.
and p.t.a.
back to school nite
and early release days
report cards
and garbage pail kids
big wheels
and roller skates
bake sales and subsitute teachers
not knowing what fear was
and having no hate
i remember calling "shotgun!"
for the front seat
and my mama pressin' my sisters hair
my high-top fade
and the duck tail
that i learned how to braid
yup...if i could be a kid again
i'd probably go for it
but only for a day or two
cuz i have too many bills
and 3 mortgages
that a kid just can't afford *sigh*

I LOVED was fun and felt good.


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