Black Poetry : Oh For The Days Of Yore!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
Oh for the days of yore

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

Oh for the days of yore
they are no more
black Afrikans bristling by
the door, they enter no
more, seeming always on a fly
by, not time to say hi.

The sun oh so bright, high in
the sky, as if in flight, coming
from the east it always does,
with a buzz, sending out
flares being in deep space,
where it's placed.
The Sun hanging in the sky oh
so bright, as if telling me to sit

But how can I be still looking at
that which allow me to do as I
will, always struggling in a fight,
being against Racism is my plight.

The God Of Eternity the Divine
Essence, Darkness is, representing
freedom gives, appearing in
the bosom of infinity it does, have
the Sunshine above, everything
around it in a buzz, forevermore,
oh, do I long for the days of yore?

Planets revolving around the Sun,
Moon doing the same, around the
planets as if playing a game.

Darkness providing energy to the
Sun it needs to remain aglow, Darkness
is a continuous Sperma show.

Dark Energy is the Essence To The Sun,
providing a peek of how Life has begun.

Freedom is the Essence Of Life, Black
Folks no longer in stride, rather be
depended right by that white racist side.

You wonder why Black Afrikans
behave as we do, with no desire
for freedom coming from you,
that is what you do.

Black Woman and Man, no longer
living in a shack, now your Behind
speaks against being Black!!!

Darkness becomes you, the sky
of eternity it is as if it knows it can
order all to be still.

The Sun descending toward the
west it does always at rest never
a fuss, knowing it must.

I am that I am as if to say,
the divine essence is here to
stay, space is my playground I
do say, Freedom is my abode
wherever I go, oh how I long
for the days of yore.

Dedicated To Goddess Destee,
She Work So Hard To Keep Us
Pleased forevermore, oh I do
long for the days of Yore!!!

Divine Respect
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