Black People : (Of All Illusions, Math Never Lies)The End of Black America?


Mar 26, 2003
man....if we keep getting locked up....this very well may happen....
and men are conditioned too...
if i see another darkskinned brother with a blond broad imma bust a blood vessel....

one love

Chevron Dove

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May 7, 2009
Dr. Franklin E. Frazier first said this way back in the day. The Next was Dr. Chancellor Williams. Since then I have heard four different black scholars speak on this same issue outside of myself and Sara Suten Seti.

i think this youtube was very informative, but,

I totally do not agree that polygymy was ever a natural set up for Kemet, and especially in regards to what you say about matrilineal origins of Black civilizations, it just doesn't add up. There is a contradiction here. Don't you get it, when i say contradiction? If you say we came from matrilineal origins, than who was in charge of the first bonding, the first relationships, first errors...when it came to lusting after 'the White race'? I'm not saying I agree with a matrilineal or patriarchal origin, I'm just trying to find the point of origin, and I am not sure yet, but it is a concentrated focus of mine.

As far as when Kemet priesthood began to dominate, it was them that began to take in many wives that open the frickin door anyway to white woman [asiatic women] being elevated above the original Black queens anyway. For this reason, Black woman should never go back and accept this, I don't care how scarce Black men may be. It would be a terrible thing for a Black African woman to be subjected to a Black African man that would disrespect her and bring in other women that could suppress her and her children. Right now, I could never see myself in tha situation because, I demand too much attention for the kind of sacrifices I am making.

Speaking from a personal perspective, I have never met and dated a Black African American man that hasn't thrown up a White or lighter skinned woman in front of my face, with a suggestive air that they are better than me, and I have had to work through these obstacles and I am happy to say that I hd the benefit of getting such victories, and gained respect for combating these issues with black men when they cme up, but they are/were there...put there by negative spiritual forces that have been working against Black Unity for thousands and thousands of years. For that reason, there would be no time in this near future that a Black African woman should even put herself in any harms way in this regards when it comes to a Black African man that would not honor and work with a relationship and try and foster a relationship of trust with her, as being one, a couple. Besides, it can go both ways too, all over again. Some black woman can turn the tables and have more than one man and then this brings up other conflict of the past. I know I love looking at beautiful Black African men, but I make a decision to respect my husand.

What good is it to put out another messed up generation of Black people due to polygymy again? those Kemet civilization were totally infiltrated and messed up due to polygymy. You've got it all backwards. Polygymy is the very problem, again it opened the door to all kinds of foreign women, who pretended to be black but when it became convenient, all of a sudden, they were part this and part that, from the east...which means part white [asiatic] a great degree...and their sons became rulers...smh. please don't get me started.

Black African women and Black African men need to know history and be accountable to themselves on how to respect each other, gender wise. We need to realize that we will have to work through ssome offences, but if we really love and appreciate ourselves, we can endure some offences for awhile 'in conversation' until we learn to respect each other, but it starts from self. If we expect to be respected by the other gender, then we need to think about the creation, and not people because we will fail before we even start trying to get a common ground. I just respect the creation of the Black African man, and because I already know of past disrespects, I am just willing to 'go there' and try and work some issues out beause i know in the long run, Black Unity is inevitable. You can't prevent a real Black African man from surfacing, one who adores Black African woman. It's impossible to prevent because of certain victories that have already been won and are in place. And vice versa, you can't prevent a real Black African woman from surfacing, one that adores Black African men.

i understand and agree that inter-racial bonding is prevalent, but based upon history, it is also a fanciful dream that I feel many Black African women have been deceived to believe is possible in terms of longevity...grandchildren...and etc., because they are not looking at history. Unless white men feel that they are not threatene and unless they are not financially better off, then they will not marry an original, dark skinned Black African American woman and have a three generation plus family line. They may marry in these last days, but if you don't look back, then you will be in trouble because everything is based on a White man security and if he feels that he will be checked by angry Black men, he will not marry a Black woman. he is not gonna take a beat down from King David, and have his black wife stolen from him from some angry, aggressive Black man whose thinks he should have the prettiest Black woman in his system. It's just not gonna happen. Uriah didn't see it coming, because that kind of Black man don't rise to the top everyday.

But as far as numbers, it just doesn't matter to me. If there is few Black men to marry because they are locked up or etc., then I believe the brothers need to get their act together, and not expect Black women to bond with you just because they need a Black man. Step up. Stop running after foreign women because you're angry at Balck women, that's not going to help. Stop expecting your mothers to solve your problems when you were given the blessing of being men, leaders, heads, anyway. Stop giving your power away. I just heard a Black man, pastor, say last week that a man has to be three things to his children [and wife]; A Priest, a king, and a prophet; as a priest he shows and teaches his children to look up to a higher power so they won't suck up under any mankind and be suppressed; a king because he is the provider and protector, and as a prophet because he can look and see the talents in his kids and help them to aspire to be what they need to be. I believe this, but as for Black women, I have alot of emotion about this too, because i blieve that there is a lot of deception going on in regards to exploiting Black men and all the while looking over their shoulders at the White or other man. I speak from a personal perspective and have seen how one can say one thing but act totally different when they think they can get away with treachery and I think today, it's hard to detect because of this American slave system.

I think the issue with Black women wanting White men goes way back in time and there is much confusion due to the issues of today, that makes it hard to bring out. That is why I ask you about what you think happened long ago, since you keep speaking about matrilineal origins. Today, Black women are in a position of which it become justified anger in rgards to some of the hell received from racism and tha has left many without support, and this has cause further exploitation that comes from the feministic movement that was brougth up in this clip. But there needs to be more brought out about the past inorder to get to the root of things, in my opinion, before Black women wanting husbands, no matter what race. if a Black woman feels that she might have the chance to be taken care of and she is not being approached by Black men, it becomes a matter of common sense to me, especially if they are not aware of certain historical patterns and pitfalls.

All in all though, numbers should never be the focus. No matter how many Black African people marry out or etc., there is a minority, a strong minority that are doing great things in moving towards Black Unity, and i believe some are going to be able to turn back and get some things straight as long as we don't close the door. If the majority are weak and keep bringing up 'others' into the mix, we will never win anyway. Get rid of them and work on the few that want Black Unity. We will win a much better fight with few strong than to have a weak link, in my opinion. Someone can set boundaries and work from that point, i guess. But no, we will never be extinct becuse the foundation that was laid about 2000 years ago is so strong that it won't be broken. What's going to happen is that the few that hold fast will be the parents of the next generation and an incredible existence in the near future.

But anyway, I still liked the youtube. It keeps the subject it should be, ever on our minds.

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