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    Odu Ogunda Meji:
    To o n'to 'luwo
    To fe n'to jugbona
    Ase ale
    Ase owuro
    A dia fun Arugbo
    Abi ewu ori ke ke ke Ko ta ko ra O gbe iwo ase re dani
    Won ni o lo so
    O lohun o lo so
    Won ni o l'aje e
    ... O lohun a l'aje e
    Won ni ee ti ri t'ohun fi nsoro
    Ti nfi nse
    O ni e o mo pe ohun awo loso
    Ohun awo loro, ohun awo lase
    To speak and what is spoken becomes a reality belongs to the ori of the Ifa priest
    To implement what is spoken belongs to the secretary (jugbona)
    Order of the night
    Order of the morning
    Performed Ifa divination for the old man
    With gray hair all over his head
    Ifa did not buy nor sell
    He holds his horn of ase
    He was accused of wizardry
    He said he wasn't a wizard
    He was accused of witchcraft
    He said he was not a witch
    They asked why does he predict
    And his predictions come to pass?
    And he answered that the voice of the diviner is wizardry
    The voice of the diviner is a divine seal of potency
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    Odu and the Ifa Concept of History:
    The Historical Record
    by Awo Fa'lokun Fatunmbi

    A Yoruba proverb says we become who we are by standing on the shoulders of those who come before us. From the perspective of traditional Yoruba culture, remembering those who come before us is a sacred obligation. Each generation takes responsibility for passing foreword the wisdom of the past. In most earth-centered cultures, meaning those cultures that make an effort to live in harmony with nature, dissemination of ancestral wisdom is the foundation of the methodology used to guide children along the path leading to maturity and self-understanding. In psychological terms, modeling heroic behavior initiates the journey towards self-discovery and individualization. The effective completion of this journey carries the possibility of making each one of us a revered ancestor in the collective memory of our descendants. This potential is reflected in the bond of between grandparents and grandchildren. In Yoruba this bond is called ife, which is commonly translated to mean love. I suspect the word has a broader connotation related to the word ifa. If ifa means the wisdom inherent in Nature, the word ife suggests the expression of that wisdom in everyday life. Ifa teaches that everyone is born a good and blessed person (omo rere). As elders we make sure our dependants internalize this message so it continues to inform future generations.
    Ifa says we come to earth to make it a better place for those who follow us (ire aye). Based on the Yoruba belief in atunwa (reincarnation), future generations include our own return to the earth we have previously helped shape. This cyclical process is the foundation for both Ifa ethics and the Ifa view of history. The cycles of birth and rebirth on a personal level are reflected in the movement between creative expansion and destructive contraction that characterizes the traditional African view of history.
    Prior to the emergence of colonialism, historical accounts of past events were expressed in mythic terms. Myth views history as a cycle of re-occurring events based on universal principles that forever appear, disappear and re-appear. Myth teaches transcendent spiritual principles that can be applied to the unique challenges of each succeeding generation. Earth-centered myth is based on the belief that all of humanity is inter-connected and inter-related. It expresses the metaphysical idea that living in harmony with Nature results in benefit for the individual, the community, the global village and the environment.
    Post-colonial myth is rooted in the idea of linear progression and is deeply influenced by the Darwinian concept of "survival of the fittest". In this world-view history is a sequential progression of events leading to greater degrees of "progress". The idea of progress is defined as the increased ability to use technology to "control" nature. Those who create the most effective technology for exploiting natural resources are considered the "fittest" from the Darwinian perspective. According to this world-view the fittest are entitled to "privilege" to ensure the continued linear progression of history. Myth based on this perspective supports the notion that some people are "better" than others. Consequently there is little attention given to the idea of personal growth and development. History written from a linear perspective places emphasis on "Divine justification" for acts of greed, exploitation, and conquest. In Western academia the Darwinian approach to history is described as "objective" because it tends to exclude references to God. The re-occurring message of Divine justification becomes an unspoken assumption and remains fixed in the consciousness of Western culture as long as it remains effectively unchallenged.
    In 1912 the major European colonial powers met in Berlin to create virtually all the boundaries now recognized as sovereign states on the continent of Africa. The purpose for creating these boundaries was to establish spheres of influence for the exploitation of natural resources. Frequently the newly created boarders cut across long established culturally identified geographical boundaries. In order to sanction the largest expropriation of land since the rise of the Roman Empire, European historians needed to justify their political conquest. The Western academic version of this period of history is based on the premise that European industrial nations brought "progress" and "civilization" to a "backward", "underdeveloped" region that was otherwise devoid of the intelligence needed to develop technological resources. Because this world-view has no basis in fact it was necessary to stifle and destroy opposing points of view. The indigenous history of Africa is both written and oral. The written history was brutalized by deliberately distorting translations of Egyptian hieroglyphics and the oral history was destroyed by systematic genocide against those elders who were the keepers of cultural history. From an Ifa perspective the distortion of history makes it difficult if not impossible to stand on the shoulders of those who have come before us.
    Credo Mutwa is one of two remaining keepers of the oral history of the Zulu Nation in South Africa. In an interview with David Icke ( Credo Mutwa speaks passionately about the systematic genocide committed against his elders by the British in a deliberate attempt to destroy any record of Zulu history. The occupying British administration passed laws making it illegal to claim Africans lived in South Africa prior to European immigration. These laws remained in effect until Apartheid was abolished through the efforts of Nelson Mandela and the ANC. Mutwa states very clearly that similar acts of suppression occurred across the continent during the early stages of colonial conquest.
    Colonialization of Africa was based on deliberate four-step process of convert, corrupt, conquer and control. The vanguard of European imperialism was the Christian missionary movement. Explorers like Dr. Livingston and the Jesuits mapped remote regions of the African continent setting up trading ports and churches along their route. The task of these early clerics was to study the language and beliefs of previously unknown cultures. This was followed by the creation of dictionaries used to translate the Bible into local dialects. These dictionaries typically took indigenous earth-centered cyclical words and replaced them with linear, control-centered Christian based definitions. For example the Yoruba dictionary created by the International Bible society includes the word Ifayabale. In traditional Yoruba culture Ifayabale describes an Ifa ritual used for settling disputes. It comes from the elision ifa iya baba ile meaning the wisdom of the fathers and mothers of the earth. It is translated in the Bible society dictionary to mean the ascension of our Lord and Master Jesus Christ. Because Ifa is clearly many thousands of years older than Christianity the definition is either deliberated manipulated or profoundly uniformed.
    During the early period of European exploration, Africans who showed interest in learning Western forms of religion were given positions of responsibility at the trading posts and given training leading towards ordination. If there was no interest in conversion, harsher methods where employed. Malidoma Some in his book Of Water and Spirit tells of being taken against his will from his village in Burkina Faso when he was four years old and forced to attend seminary. After constant physical abuse and sexual assault from the priests, Malidoma escaped and walked two hundred miles to his home having forgotten his indigenous language and only remembering he was born somewhere in the east. The reason for his harsh treatment was the inability of the Church to convert members of his culture to Catholicism.
    Once a significant number of conversions occurred in a given area and interest was generated in foreign trade, the colonialists would accuse the traditional leaders of "corruption" based on their failure to conform to Western values. The allegations of corruption were used as justification for military incursions. Once troops were in place new leaders were chosen from among those who converted to Christianity. Typically a certain amount of blending of tradition and imperialism was allowed to facilitate the process. For example in Nigeria the early missionaries realized that the elders of Ogboni and Iyaami enforced traditional Yoruba moral values and had the power to depose the regional kings (Oba). The British colonial administration allowed the Yoruba's to continue their earth-centered religious traditions (orisa) while outlawing Ogboni and Iyaami. This was an essential step in the process of replacing elders with traditional beliefs with elders who embraced Western notions of progress. Once this council of elders was removed, Yoruba culture could maintain the appearance of tradition while being easily manipulated. The British then went on to accuse traditional Yoruba culture of extreme immorality after they banished the guardians of ethical behavior. The insidiousness of the campaign against Yoruba elders was too precise and effective to have been anything other than deliberate and well informed.
    Following World War II the European trained political leaders of Africa demanded independence. With multi-national corporations firmly in place exploiting the natural resources on the continent, the colonial powers made a show of removing political power while maintaining economic control. The example of what occurred in Nigeria demonstrates the pattern. The primary economic force in Nigeria is British Petroleum. Executives of the British oil industry are members of a secret fraternity called the Skull and Crossbones. Membership in the fraternity is an unspoken requirement for participation in Nigerian politics. Membership in the fraternity is contingent on support of British economic policies. Generally unknown in the West is the fact that Nigeria has the highest grade of oil on the earth. The price of oil on the global market keys off of the price of oil form Nigeria. Under a democratic government Nigeria historically reduces the price of oil to increase production and stimulate the domestic economy. This has the effect of depressing the price of oil in the rest of the world markets. Whenever the price drops too low there is a military coup and the price goes back up. Successful coupes in Nigeria are always supported by covert operations from British oil interests who exploit traditional ethnic rivalries. The security forces attached to the British controlled oil fields in Nigeria are staffed by former British SAS personnel and are better equipped than any standing army on the continent. Rather than report the true story about Nigerian oil, Western media promotes the lie that Africans are unable to self-govern. Because there are no environmental controls on oil production in Nigeria, the pollution has reached the point where wide spread birth defects are the demonstrable effect of irresponsible drilling methods. In a country where all the divergent cultures have a long history of living in harmony with the environment the effects of "progress" have become fatal.
    One of the most blatant examples of political manipulation in Africa occurred in Rwanda. When the Belgians first arrived in the area they were dismayed to discover the entire country was populated by a single culture, making it impossible to implement a policy of divide and conquer. The Belgians issued identity cards designating everyone who lived in the city as Tutsi and everyone who lived in the country as Hutu. These arbitrary designations were solidified and exploited leading to the horrendous genocide that has decimated the country. South African journalist Mr. Dishengo has described this conflict based on interview with Rwandans in his article Rwanda: The True Forces Behind Genocide in Africa. (
    "These are the same people who are funding the genocide in Rwanda for their own selfish and demonic ends. What is interesting is that these same people now turn around and write and broadcast in the media, which they control worldwide, that the genocide that is taking place in Rwanda is "tribalism between the Hutu and the Tutsi." Well, the Hutu and the Tutsi say the war in Rwanda has got nothing to do with them. This is what they told other Africans in the United States."
    They say the war in Rwanda is political; it is between Belgium and France. They are either fighting for the turf or are deliberately arming the two sides to create instability so they can go on exploiting the region's resources. The western countries' industries and economics are based on raw materials from Africa. For instance, Belgium exports heavy machinery but there is not even a single mine in Belgium. Where do they get raw materials to manufacture the heavy machinery they are exporting? From Africa. Jesse Helms wrote in 1978 that the United States industry would halt without South African minerals. Zbigniew Brzezinski's 1978 National Security Council Memorandum (NSCM-46) also mentions U.S. dependence on African mineral wealth and also calls on the FBI and CIA
    to make sure that "radical" African Nationalist Movements do not get together with Black Nationalist Movements in the United States of America.
    According to a transcript of Network 23 Program in Los Angeles, Henry Kissinger's National Security Memorandum 200 ("NSM
    200") which was quietly declassified in 1990 says among other things that:
    "The U.S. economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less-developed countries. That fact gives the U.S. enhanced interests in the political, economic and social stability of the supplying countries. Wherever a lessening of population can increase the prospects for such stability, population policy becomes relevant to resources, supplies and to the "economic interests of the United States." Of course, we know that the "economic interests of the United States" means the interest of U.S. corporations and Multinationals. NSM
    200 is available at the U.S. National Archives.[and here at -National Security Study Memorandum 200 - Report for Global Control}
    The reason for some of the atrocities in Central Africa is the desire to control the diamond industry. The wars in Liberia and the Congo are pointless conflicts fueled by massive amounts of drugs smuggled into Africa from Europe. The chaos created by unrelenting violence allows for the uncontrolled exploitation of the raw diamonds with no benefit given to the people who live in the areas where the diamonds are mined. One of the main diamond exporters in the region funds a major Christian Broadcast network. His involvement in the economics of the region is a seldom-reported glimpse into the African missionary movement.
    It is clear to me that African history has been systematically denigrated for purposes of political control. Even the most cursory examination of recent African history should make the existence of propaganda posing as history painfully apparent. What is not as easily discernable is the fact that African history is being deliberately distorted to suppress a spiritual secret that if revealed would change the way the entire planet perceives human history and alter the way we relate to our physical enviornment. It would also provide the foundation for creating alternative energy sources that have the potential for reversing the mass destruction of the natural resources that threatens human extinction. For example the ancient Egyptians knew how to extract electricity directly from the earth through the use of metal coils. This source of energy was used to electro-plate gold onto stone statues. The coffin of King Tut is clearly electro-plated and yet the guardians of the Western historical worldview consistently ignore the obvious.
    An examination of the Yoruba Creation Myth is a key to understanding traditional African sacred technology and a key to understanding why such effort has been directed towards denigrating African history. According to Ifa oral scripture the earth was once covered with water. Obatala descended from Orun on a long chain carrying with him a snail, a hen and palm nuts. He sprinkled the sand on the water and dropped the hen on the sand to scratch the dirt and create land on earth. The chain was not long enough for Obatala to reach the ground so he dropped a palm nut into the sand that grew into a palm tree. While waiting for the tree to grow Obatala got drunk and the task of completing Creation is given to Oduwa.
    This part of the Creation story is well known in the Diaspora. Less well known is the continuation of the story. Obatala is able to reach the top of the tree and arrives on earth to create humans from mud who are given the breath of life by Olodumare. Obatala carries a silver sword to complete the task of shaping life on earth. His sword proves to be too soft and ineffective. At this point the process of completing Creation is given to Ogun who initiates the use of iron as a tool to facilitate farming and the construction of cities. Eventually Ogun's tool's become used as instruments of war and the planet is again covered with water due to the inability of humans to live in harmony with the natural environment. In response Orunmila repeats Obatala's journey from Orun to earth without getting drunk. Orunmila organizes the people of earth around the principle of developing good character and sustains a period of peace and fertility. This period of abundance and harmony is disrupted by the arrogance of his Orunmila's children and Orunmila returns to Orun while the earth suffers from feminine, infertility, chaos and war. The children of Orunmila plead with him to return and he tells them he will not leave Orun. He does feel compassion for the condition of the people of the earth and tells them they can communicate with him by using the ikin (sacred palm nuts) for divination.
    This seemingly simple story alludes to a wealth of information that only becomes clear in light of some understanding of African history and the inner workings of Ifa ritual. Unfortunately there are very few written histories of Yoruba culture. The limited sources that exist were primarily written by Yoruba's after converting to Christianity and seem to miss the deeper metaphysical implications of traditional Yoruba spiritual tradition. All the written accounts of Yoruba history take a narrow view that the genesis of Yoruba culture dates back to a migration from east Africa that occurred approximately fifteen hundred years ago. Just one example of why this is unlikely is the Obelisk of Oranmiyan in Ile Ife. There is the image of a trident made from iron spikes on the obelisk. The iron in the spikes has never rusted. The only other place where you can find iron that does not rust is in temples located in northern India. These temples are dated as being 9,000 years old. The kindest thing that can be said about the academic attempt at dating Yoruba culture is that it is sadly myopic.
    A closer look at the Creation myth gives us clues for dating Yoruba culture and gives us a glimpse of the sacred secret that has caused so much deception in the chronicles of Western historians. The word Obatala is an elision of the phrase Oba ta ala meaning King of White Light. Translating the phrase as an expression of natural phenomena the name King of the White Light can be understood as a symbolic reference to the Source of White Light. The word Oba is typically translated to mean King but it is actually an elision of o meaning spirit and ba meaning male energy or in metaphysical terms expansive energy. Ancient Africans as well as modern scientist both recognize the relationship between sunlight and matter. First generation stars are essentially hydrogen furnaces. At some point in the life of every star the supply of hydrogen diminishes to the point where the star collapses in on itself. The implosion causes a fusion reaction creation a supernova sending second-generation elements across huge distances of empty space. When forces of gravity trap these elements they form a sphere. The sphere may become either a second-generation star or a planet. This is a re-occurring phenomena based on universal principles carried by sub-atomic particles that create light. Ifa refers to this invisible organizing principles as Ori and teaches that everything in Nature has Ori.
    A literal translation of Ori is head, but the inference of the word is consciousness, suggesting everything in Nature has some form of awareness. The entire science of quantum physics is based on the same belief. Observation of sub-atomic particles indicates they do not behave in a mechanistic manner. Instead they respond to stimuli along a range of reactions that science refers to as a probability curve. The unspoken inference of the existence of a probability curve is that sub-atomic particles are capable of making choices, which is reflected in their range of response. The ability to make choices is the classic definition of consciousness using the scientific model.
    To say Obatala spread sand on the surface of the earth is to describe the cooling process of light particles formed into a sphere by gravity. The cooling of particles fused together during the explosion of a super-nova creates what we call the "material" world or "aye" in Yoruba. The earth is not a rare isolated phenomenon; planets are the result of the inherent potential found in light throughout the universe. Obatala as a Spiritual Force in Nature casts sands upon the water in every corner of every galaxy in the material world. This cooling process is called ori tutu in Yoruba and is a fundamental concept in Ifa cosmology.
    Placing a hen on the earth to spread land is a symbolic reference to the spiritual power (ase) of Osun. The hen used in the Creation Myth has five toes; five is the sacred number of Osun the Yoruba Goddess of love, fertility and abundance. In the early stages of evolution diversity is created on the surface of the earth through the interaction, combination and re-creation of the basic elements. This diversity is an expression of the fertility and abundance manifested through the power of Osun. In primal terms Osun is the allure of the erotic, which can be understood as the power of attraction leading to procreation, a power that exists in both organic and inorganic matter. Without this component life becomes stagnant leading to quick extinction.
    Planting a tree is a reference to the emergence of the cycle of life, death, transformation and rebirth that comes into being with the Creation of time and space. The eternal essence of Creation is called Odu in Yoruba and Odu exists outside the boundaries of time and space. In Western science the concept expressed by the word Odu is called zero point energy. If you look at a chart showing wave and frequency used to measure sound and light, the zero point represents the absence of both wave and frequency. There is an asterisk on these charts with a footnote indicating the mathematics associated with zero point energy is classified by the United States Government for purposes of national security. Accessing the zero point or accessing Odu is the ability to access raw energy (ase) as it passes from the invisible to the visible realm of Creation. Anyone who has this ability can shape physical reality. In Africa Odu is invoked every ninety-one days to insure fertility and abundance, or in simply terms to shape physical reality. The ability to shape physical reality on the planet is the great African spiritual secret (awo) suppressed by Western academia. (In the next installment of this series I will trace the history of the suppression of the technical data associated with this secret.)
    The image of Obatala bringing form and substance to the earth is an expression of the Ifa concept of the descent of ase through Odu where it becomes manifest in multiple arenas of Creation. In sampler terms the structure of light has an eternal foundation referred to as Odu Iwori. The manifestation of Iwori from Odu leaves the eternal realm (Orun) and enters the temporal realm (aye) where it expresses itself as sunlight, the fire at the core of the earth, lightning, fire in the stove, and the fire of passion in the heart of a person pushing them towards internal transformation. This is one phenomenon from one source expressing itself in different dimensions of Creation. The ability to invoke Odu is the ability to bring the power of a particular force in Nature to play in the resolution of a particular problem. This ability is not encouraged in any political system that depends on manipulation and control to support the privilege of the few over the many.
    To say Obatala got drunk during the unfolding of Creation is to acknowledge the existence of chaos as a component of every eco-system. Nothing in the material world exists in a state of perfection. Every physical structure on earth carries the seeds of its own self-destruction. These seeds often sprout in seemingly random and unexpected ways. Mutation and extinction forever remains an inherent ingredient in the life cycle of all things.
    The appearance of Oduwa refers to the existence of form in the universe. The word Oduwa is from the elision Odu iwa that literally means womb of Creation I greet or I arrive. In better English Oduwa means the arrival of form and structure. The appearance of Oduwa in the story is an affirmation of the idea that form sustains itself throughout Creation. From a metaphysical point of view form is feminine or contractive power. In very simple terms an elephant never gives birth to a rat. Oduwa is a primal expression of the structures of the Laws of Nature as they manifests on earth.
    Obatala is described as molding life from clay. Lab tests have proven that when lightning gets certain types of soil it can stimulate the growth of bacteria leading to the development of more evolved life forms. The oral teachings of Ifa include the belief that primal forms of bacteria arrived on earth buried in the core of meteors. Throughout Africa meteors are considered sacred symbols of the seed of life. In Egypt these stones were called benben stones and were traditional placed on the top of large obelisks as a shrine to the Mother of human life. One of the largest of these benben stones was used as an ancestor shrine for cross-cultural groups who traded throughout the Fertile Crescent. Following the creation of Islam the stone was appropriated by Muslims who use it as a temple for the Goddess Allat located at the Mosque in Mecca. Ifa scripture says that when Islam desecrated the ancestral shrine in Mecca only the symbols of Ifa were allowed to remain on the altar. The altar to Ogun at the Oba's palace in Ile Ife appeared to me to be classic examples of a benben stone that have a pyramidal shape due to the burning that occurs when the stone falls through the earth's atmosphere. In South Africa the largest cultural group is the Kwa Zulu. The words Kwa Zulu means we come from Mars. This suggests to me a possible reference to the life supporting essence of the benben stone.
    To say Olodumare breathed the breath of life into the living world is to say the reasons for the miraculous appearance of life remains a mystery known only to the Creator.
    At this point the Ifa Creation Myth is a fairly straightforward description of natural phenomena. The appearance of Ogun and Orunmila in the Yoruba creation myth is a key to the historical development of Yoruba culture and will be considered in the next segment of this series.
    Odu and the Ifa Concept of History - Part II
    The Journey from Orun
    by Awo Fa'lokun Fatunmbi

    In the Yoruba Creation Myth, Obatala makes the journey from Orun (invisible realm) to aye (earth). Obatala drops sand on a planet covered with water and drops a hen on the sand to spread the solid ground surrounding the city of Ile Ife. Geologists identify Nigeria as one of the three oldest landmasses on the earth. It is a general rule of geology that the flatter the terrain the older the land, the higher the mountains the younger the land development. The rain forest surrounding Ile Ife is flat to the horizon in every direction.
    This may seem like a simple and highly unlikely story. An exploration of the meaning of the symbolic language used in the Yoruba Creation myth illuminates a number of mysteries (awo) related to the creation process giving the story remarkable depth. Astrophysics (the study of the creation of the universe) has calculated the amount of matter needed to be present in the universe to have effectively generated the galaxies created by the “Big Bang” (the explosion giving birth to the visible universe). For decades astrophysicists were perplexed by the observation that 90% of the physical matter expected to be present in the universe cannot be located. In the scientific world this was considered a big problem.
    Astrophysics was provided a solution to the quandary by the science of quantum physics (the study of sub-atomic structure). Studies of the patterns created by colliding sub-atomic particles clearly showed the building blocks of physical matter appear and disappear under a variety of circumstances. Current scientific theory explains this phenomena by postulating the existence of a ten dimensional universe in and around the four dimensional (three physical dimensions + time) universe visible by human perception. According to quantum physics matter flows between these ten dimensions making the overwhelming mass created by the Big Bang invisible in the arena occupied by human life and visible by human perception. Ifa says Orun (the invisible realm) has seven dimensions. The number is different the concept is the same.
    To understand the concept of a multi-dimensional universe requires some understanding of the structure of matter. In the Western world matter was considered a solid grouping of atoms based on ideas developed by early Greek philosophers. Isaac Newton formalized this idea into a scientific theory. In 1867 William Thompson rejected the Newtonian description of atoms as infinitesimally small hard bodies with physical mass. Thompson postulated the theory of the “vortex atom” which he described as a “whirlpool” of “aether”, meaning patterns of energy having no solid mass. Thompson’s vision is based on the premise that everything in the universe is a manifestation of the essential components of light. This became the foundation for Einstein’s theory of the conservation of matter, the idea that nothing in the universe is created or destroyed, simply transformed. In Ifa the idea of the conservation of matter is expressed in the single (I) and double (II) lines used to mark the verses of Odu (sacred scripture) used in Ifa divination. In Ifa the single lines symbolize light and the double lines symbolize dark. This is not a polarity between “good” and “evil”, it is a polarity between expansive ase called “light” or “radiation” and contractive ase called “matter”. The tendency in the Diaspora to associate darkness with “evil” is the result of a non – African, Christian theological influence. In Christian cosmology the earth is tainted by the fall and original sin. In Ifa cosmology the earth is the Mother of human evolution and the source of nourishment and compassion.
    In 1873 James Clark Maxwell used the Thompson model of the atom to unite the available data on light and magnetism into an electromagnetic theory of light vibrations based on the premise that three-dimensional physical phenomena including human consciousness is dependant on higher dimensions of reality. He created a mathematical model of the universe based on the theory that light and gravity were untied as a single form of energy in the invisible fifth dimension (outside of time and space). He referred to this invisible energy source as “aether”. In Ifa this invisible energy source is called ase.
    Maxwell called the invisible fifth dimension hyper-dimensional space. In Ifa the invisible fifth dimension is called Orun. In a book titled “The Aether” published in 1876, Maxwell summarizes the implications of his theory.
    Whether this vast homogeneous expanse of isotropic matter [the aether] is fitted not only to be a medium of physical Interaction between distant bodies, and to fulfill other physical functions of which, perhaps we have as yet no conception, but also as the authors of The Unseen Universe seem to suggest, to constitute the material organism of beings exercising functions of life and mind as high or higher than ours are at resent, is a question far transcending the limits of physical speculation . . .
    In somewhat convoluted language Maxwell is suggesting that the condition of the visible physical universe is dependant on the influence of conscious beings existing in invisible dimensions of the universe. Ifa calls these beings Orisa. He is also saying the invisible dimension is the source of all forms of consciousness. In Ifa cosmology (theory of the structure of the universe) the source or Spirit of consciousness is called Obatala. The idea of spiritual beings influencing the shape and development of the physical world is not popular in the Western scientific community. Once you introduce the idea of Spirit into the scientific equation you undermine the vision of being able to dominate and control
    Nature and this in turn demolishes the concept of privilege based on the belief in the intrinsic value of survival of the fittest. Maxwell’s theory was a threat to the entire Euro-centric worldview.
    Maxwell passed away at an early age and one of his peers; Oliver Heaviside re-wrote all of his equations eliminating the references to a fifth dimensional reality. Current academic references to Maxwell’s work are based on Heaviside’s re-write and the original mathematical formula’s have largely been ignored and are extremely difficult to locate. Richard Hoagland in an article on his website (http://www.enterprisemission .com/hyper1.html) summarizes the implications of Maxwell’s original theory.
    This discovery contains major implications, not only for past geophysics and terrestrial evolution ... but for future geological and climatological events -- "Earth changes," as some have termed them. These may be driven, not by rising solar interactions or by-products of terrestrial civilization (accumulating "greenhouse gases" from burning fossil fuels), but by this same "hyper-dimensional physics." If so, then learning a lot more about the mechanisms of this physics -- and quickly! -- is a critical step toward intervening and eventually controlling our future well being, if not our destiny, on (and off!) this planet ...
    In another words an understanding of hyper-dimensional physics would eliminate the world’s dependency on petroleum and could be used as a limitless source of free electrical energy (as proposed by Nicolas Tesla based on Maxwell’s equations). Hoagland’s article went on to describe what happened to Maxwell’s theoretical work when a man Oliver Heaviside presented it to academia.
    Heavside actually felt that Maxwell’s use of quaternions and their description of the “potentials” of space was “. . . mystical and should be murdered from the theory . . .” which – by drastically editing Maxwell’s original work after the latter’s untimely death (from cancer) excising the scalar component of the quaternions and eliminating the hyperspatial characteristic of the directional (vector components – Oliver Heaviside effectively accomplished single handed.
    This means, of course, that the four surviving “classic” Maxwell’s Equations – which appear in every electrical and physics text the world over, as the underpinnings of all – 20th Century electrical and electromagnetic engineering, from radiation to radar, from television to computer science, if not inclusive of every “hard” science from physics to chemistry to astrophysics that deals with electromagnetic radioactive processes – never appeared in any original Maxwell paper or treatise
    In simple terms Hoagland is suggesting the self-described objectivity of Western science is both self-serving and untrue. The censorship of ideas is contrary to the inherent inquisitive nature of the human spirit. Censorship is always based on a political agenda.
    The journey of Obatala is a symbolic reference to the process described by Maxwell and suggests our ancient African ancestors embraced a profound understanding of the inner workings of Nature. An understanding of the concepts developed by Maxwell would lead to the ability to manipulate gravity. Some of the blocks used to build structures in Africa weigh a thousand tons. That is the equivalent mass of two 747 airplanes. The pulling stones with ropes using human labor model does not work because no rope invented in the history of life on earth can pull a thousands tones without snapping. The evidence suggesting ancient Africans were able to manipulate gravity is extensive to the point where it is useless to argue with those who cannot see the obvious. If Western academia is willing to suppress earth-centered ideas expressed by one of their own, how hard is to image the notion of suppressing similar ideas expressed by Ancient Africans who have typically been regarded as “primitive,” “pagan” and “illiterate”.
    In the 1960’s science developed highly sophisticated telescopes and discovered that planets in our solar system reflected light in the infrared spectrum from internal energy sources. Anomalous internal infrared radiation coming from Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune cannot be explained as reflections of solar energy and cannot be explained as heat generated by internal nuclear fusion. The data shows these planets clearly radiate more energy into space than they absorb from the sun. For Western science this is another big problem. In the language of Ifa all the planets in our solar system are producing ase from an invisible link with Orun.
    Hyper-dimensional physics as currently explained by Richard Hoagland describes inter-dimensional openings that exist at specific places in the structure of every solar and planetary sphere. In Hoagland’s model two invisible three sided pyramids support every circular mass in the visible universe. One pyramid has its apex at the north pole, and the foundation is at 19.47 Latitude, below the equator, the other pyramid has its apex at the south pole with its base is at 19.47 Latitude, above the equator. Approximately half the mass of each pyramid overlap. A two dimensional drawing of this formation creates what is commonly referred to as the either the Seal of Salomon or the Star of David. An older version of this same symbol is found on some of the stone structures in Luxor Egypt. There are eight points where the edges of these two pyramids touch the surface of the sphere.
    Hoagland identifies these eight points as inter-dimensional windows and the source of the otherwise unexplained energy coming from the planets in the solar system. The amount of energy generated by these openings is regulated by the relationship between various planets and moons in our solar system. The gravitational pull coupled with the spiral momentum of the planets affects the inter-dimensional openings. This means the ecology of the earth is affected by its relationship to the other planets. It is well known that ancient earth centered cultures all over the planets were extremely sophisticated in their observation of planetary movement in the night sky. What is less well known is the fundamental reason for this interest. Ase, or inter-dimensional radiations coming from the eight contact points of the internal grid cover the surface of the earth in a grid pattern called Dragon lines, Serpent lines, Ley lines and various other names. The place where these lines cross, especially where they cross over underground water systems, where identified by the ancients as power spots, scared places used for regeneration, healing, and spiritual elevation. An understanding of astronomy is the indicator of when and where these power spots become activated in the course of various planetary cycles. In Ifa these power spots are called igbodu meaning womb of the forest. The Yoruba word that describes the process of understanding the activation of igbodu is called gede. The word gede is an elision of ge meaning female power and de to stand up or arise. Gede is a reference to the out powering of primal energy from the womb of Creation. The selection of times for seasonal celebrations for specific Orisa in Nigeria is determined by when the igbodu associated with a particular Orisa is activated. Perhaps the most well know example is the annual appearance of the Spirit of Osun at the bend in the river near the Osun shrine in Oshogbo.
    There is a Mosque in Iraq with a mechanical planetarium attached to a wall. The planets on the wall move to mirror the actual position of the planets in the night sky on any given day. Next to the planetarium and attached to it by a series of gears are eight square windows in to vertical rows of four. The windows expose either a single line (I) or a double line (II) in relationship to the movement of the planets. This mechanical model produces the eight marks used in Ifa divination. These marks are used throughout Africa and were preserved in Egypt by the Essenes and the Sufi. Both the Essenes and the Sufi use these patterns for systems of divination related to their own sacred scriptures. The Mosque in Iraq is a glimpse into the past and the cosmological principles at the foundation of the symbolism found in African based systems of divination.
    The transference of ase is not limited to large spherical stars and planets, it also occurs on the sub-atomic level. A clear example of the movement between dimensions occurs when iridium is subjected to extremely high temperatures in a furnace. At predictable temperatures 56% of the mass weight of any given sample of iridium disappears. When the iridium cools it returns to its original physical weight. This can only be explained as an inter-dimensional transference of physical matter. Western science became aware of this phenomenon at the turn of the last century and quickly suppressed the data. In the past decade some scientist have cautiously taken another look at the phenomena.
    The spiritual technology of Africa has preserved an understanding of the process of inter-dimensional transference of physical matter for many thousands of years. The original name for the region now known as Egypt was Khemit meaning the Black Land, a reference to the fertile soil deposited by the Nile River. This soil is rich in iridium. When Akhenaten was deposed as Pharaoh of Egypt he took his family and supporters to live at the base of Mt Sinai where he built a huge furnace to process iridium into white powder. The powder was used as medicine to elevate human consciousness and was used as a key element in the transformation of precious metals. Historically the process of making white powder from iridium is called Alchemy from the root words Al Khemit meaning Light from the Black land. In traditional Egyptian religion the white power made from iridium was ingested for thirty days followed by a ten day fast as part of an initiation process. At the end of the forty-day ordeal, the novice was described as having the ability to see God in a burning bush. The reference to a burning bush is a symbolic description of the bright light that emanates from an inter-dimensional opening. The ability to create these openings is an integral part of the initiation process in virtually every earth-centered culture on the continent of Africa. Discussing phenomena that occurs during initiation is not divulging secrets (awo) because the phenomenon has already been described by a number of authors. Discussing how to produce the phenomena is (awo) and remains a closely guarded secret.
    Anyone with a Western education was taught to believe that Alchemy was “occult foolishness”. Egyptologists know that most of the gold found in Egypt was artificially produced and carries a different atomic signature than gold found in nature. The Russians have perfected the process of using alchemy techniques for making gold from base metals. The reason the price of gold remains stable is to keep the cost under the price of artificial production, another example of objective science subordinating itself to a political agenda.
    The Egyptian Book of the Death translated by Budge contains the following passages:
    It says, I am purified of all imperfections, what is it? I sin like the golden hawk of Horus, what is it? I pass by the immortals without dying, what is it? I come before my father in heaven, what is it?
    The Hebrew word Mana means what is it? Mana is the white powder produced from iridium. The historian Laurence Gardner makes a convincing case that Ahkenaton was the model for the mythical figure of Moses. Maybe, maybe not, the fact remains alchemy is one of many technological gifts from Africa that historians attempt to denigrate for political reasons having nothing to do with available information. The important point related to the Yoruba Creation Myth is that inter-dimensional openings can be created through the use of ritual. They also occur spontaneously at certain places at specific times of the year. In Yoruba these power spots are called Igbodu from the elision igbo odu meaning womb of the forest. The timing of annual festivals marks the window when these power centers are activated. Some Igbodu make use of meteorites (benben stones) as sacred symbols of spiritual power (ase), iridium is a major component of most meteorites.
    Some readers will find the material in this article difficult to believe and possible unfamiliar to their understanding of Ifa. There is an unfortunate tendency in the rapidly growing Ifa community in the United States to believe the notion that initiation makes a person wise. Initiation is merely permission to study, the integration of information and experience is the foundation of wisdom. There is also a tendency in this country to dismiss the value of elders and to dismiss the need for formal training. There are even Ifa communities who negate the value of Yoruba culture and the need to integrate formal prayers and traditional songs into the Ifa ritual process. This painful manifestation of ignorance seems to be predicated on a lack of understanding of the purpose and function of traditional African spiritual training. It also reflects a total lack of understanding of the tools needed to access Orun.
    Malidoma Some in his book Of Water and the Spirit (page 225-226) states clearly the reasons for embracing the wisdom of the ancestors.
    What we see in everyday life in not nature lying to us, but nature encoding reality in ways we can come to terms with under ordinary circumstances. Nature looks the way it looks because of the way we are. We could not live our whole lives on the ecstatic level of the sacred. Our senses would soon become exhausted and the daily business of living would never get done. There does, however, come a time when one must learn to move between the two ways of “seeing” reality in order to become a whole person.
    Traditional education consists of three parts; enlargement of one’s ability to see, destabilization of the body’s habit of being bound to one plane of being, and the ability to voyage transdimensionally and return. Enlarging one’s vision and abilities has nothing supernatural about it, rather it is “natural” to be a part of nature and to participate in a wider understanding of reality.
    Overcoming the fixity of the body is the hardest part of initiation. As with the seeing exercise, there is a lot of unconscious resistance taking place. There is also a great deal of fear to be overcome. One must travel to the other side of fear, crossing the great plains of terror and panic to arrive at the quiet one feels in the absence of fear. Only then does true transformation really begin to happen. It feels strange to not be afraid when one thinks one should be; but this is the condition for the voyage to other worlds. This metamorphosis cannot happen as long as the body is weighed down by heaviness. One must go through a process of relearning, enforcement of these lessons, and the consolidation of new knowledge. This kind of education is nothing less than a return to one’s true self, that is, to the divine within us.
    American culture makes a serious and vicious attack on notions of pride, self-esteem and the idea that each and every one of us is a good and blessed person by virtue of our undeniable connection with the Source of Creation. Too often initiation is seen as a way to buy a quick fix to complex and deeply painful social and personal wounds. When a person goes through the initiation process and fails to look these wounds in the eye, there is a subsequent feeling of disappointment, a feeling of being cheated by the process and a need to justify the sacrifice and expense involved in going through initiation. Instead of understanding initiation as permission to begin the process of learning, there is a false assumption that initiation will eliminate all personal problems in the future. The consequence of this false premise is the creation of elders who tend to deify their problems and who use bully tactics to convince others they are “all knowing” and “all powerful”.
    Malidoma presents an alternative view (ibid, page 277)
    In that moment of awareness, (during initiation) I had an epiphany that the light we en-counter on the road of death is our being in the act of coming home to itself. I understood that light is our natural state, but that we human beings must help each other as we move toward the shores of light. We must be born and die many times to reach the light, and ten thousand years can pass in a flash. Being in the light is knowing we must get others into it. The soul that has already attained perfect enlightenment returns to life in compassion to help others along their journey.
    The light is where we belong. Everyone who is not in the light is looking forward to being there. So we leave the light to go and experience the need for light, and thus come back to it anew.
    In Ifa the Spirit who brings light to the world is called Obatala. The place where Obatala enters the world is called igbodu. When we enter igbodu we have an opportunity to travel back to that place from which we came. In order to place both feet on the road back to Source we need a key to open the door blocking our access to Orun. The key is called egbe meaning the heart of our ancestors. The heart of our ancestors is a symbolic reference to a concept that is known in English as courage.

    Odu and the Ifa Concept of History, Part III
    The Archeological Dilemma
    by Awo Fa'lokun Fatunmbi

    In the Ifa Creation story Obatala creates land on a planet (aye) that is covered with water. After the land (Ile Ife) is formed Obatala climbs down a chain to live on earth. In Ifa sacred scripture the Orisa (Force in Nature) always have a range of incarnations (atunwa) giving them different functions as the cycles of evolution unfold. The most distant incarnations manifest as natural phenomena the most immediate incarnations manifest as human behavior reflecting a specific mode of behavior represented by deified ancestors. During the earliest incarnation of Obatala described in the Ifa Creation Myth the Orisa (Force of Nature) symbolizes the transformation of light into matter. This transformation is represented on the Ifa divination tray by the contrast between a single line and a double line. The chain used to climb from Orun to Aye symbolizes the holographic blueprint for Creation contained within light, meaning the seeds of evolution are present at the beginning of time at the moment of cosmic inception. Information hidden within a Force of Nature, as latent potential, can be described as the Spirit of a particular aspect of Creation. For example the inner essence of the Spirit of Light is to illuminate that which it encounters. The Spirit of Light is manifestation of Nature that generates illumination. In the Ifa Creation Myth, Obatala illuminates the process of evolution that occurs as the planet cools and becomes compatible with the development of life. This illumination can be described as ori ala meaning the consciousness of light as the root word of Obatala's praise name Orisanla meaning consciousness brings light.
    Traditionally Obatala is described as androgynous meaning the Spirit or essence of Light has both male and female attributes. In the symbolic language of Ifa metaphysics male attributes are expansive (symbolized by a single vertical line) and female attributes are contractive (symbolized by a double vertical line). In the language of physics electromagnetism is male; gravity is female representing the fundamental polarity between dynamics and form. Gravity allows matter to hold a consistent shape, while electromagnetism is the force of decay and regeneration. In Western scientific language light (ala) can be characterized as both wave (male) and particle (female) giving it an androgynous quality using the symbolic language of Ifa. The awo (secret wisdom) associated with Obatala clearly expresses an understanding of the dual nature of light. This is a remarkable observation pre-dating similar observations in Western science by thousands of years. The traditions of our distant ancestors used myth to integrate science, history and to provide a template for spiritual growth. Myth was able to integrate these elements because they emerged at a time when spirituality was understood as an effort to live in harmony with nature and the only way to do that is to understand the multiple environments we live in. When Western culture started to engage in the process of controlling Nature the function of myth was relegated to obscurity and the ability to understand myth was lost. In ancient times every aspect of culture was a coded reference to Natural Law. Obatala's staff symbolizes the polarity between light as wave and light as particle. The stick is cut in the form of a serpent symbolizing the ase (spiritual power of the earth) or the ability of light to form a particle and the serpent is crowned by a bird symbolizing the ase (spiritual power of the sky) or the ability of light to form a wave as generated by the sun. The integration of these two forces, or the creation of harmony and balance between them, is at the heart of awo Obatala (The mystery of the Spirit of Light).
    In Ifa cosmology Odu is described as the womb or source of all the various manifestations of light in the material world. Odu exists in Orun (the invisible realm) where the male aspect of Obatala is called Eji Ogbe and the female aspect is called Ofun Meji. In simple terms Obatala is born of Odu because form precedes manifestation. The understanding of the meaning of the word Odu is an important key to understanding the Ifa worldview. Every Odu (womb) is considered an inter-dimensional portal linking Orun and Aye including the female reproductive organs which function as an inter-dimensional portal for the manifestation of egun (ancestors) who become omo (children) in the process of atunwa (reincarnation). Women as guardians of this portal in both the physical and spiritual realm are the traditional sources of prophetic wisdom (Gelede) and the source of ase for the installation of Oba (Yoruba Kings). It is the voice of the Mothers (Iyaami Osoronga) that makes the final judgment concerning the level of cultural harmony existing between community and spirit.
    To say light travels to earth on a chain is to say the holographic blueprint of Creation exists in every particle of light potentially manifesting as the protein double helix Ifa calls ase oka (serpent power) and science calls DNA
    . Ifa expresses the idea of a holographic blueprint by saying everything in Creation has Ori (consciousness) and the light of Obatala exists in all Ori. The development of quantum physics is based on the observation that sub-atomic particles do no behave in a mechanistic way. Sub-atomic particles respond to stimuli with a range of options that are mapped in a cyclotron and referred to as the probability curve of a particular element. This is an indirect way of saying that sub-atomic particles makes choices and the ability to make choices is the fundamental definition of consciousness.
    In both academia and the mass media African spirituality is typically characterized as "primitive superstition". A close examination of the meaning of Ifa symbolism clearly reveals the existence of a paleo-physics (ancient science of the structure of reality). Hermeneutics is the name given to the academic study of religious symbols. As a discipline the study of African religious hermeneutics is generally ignored by Western academia raising the question of whether this exclusion is unconscious racism or the deliberate suppression of what might be considered threatening information about the basic structure of reality. Even a rudimentary study of the literature on African spirituality reveals the influence of both agendas on any discussion of the topic. If some effort is not made to identify these negative influences those who are interested in learning about African spirituality through the use of the written word are often given distorted information without realizing it. These distortions are re-written and passed on as fact in a painful movement away from source. For example, every version of Ifa scripture written in English has censored and removed most references to female ase. There seems to be no discernable reason for this other than the influence of Christian theology that identifies woman of power with evil. This identification is incompatible with both Ifa scripture and with Ifa practice outside the Diaspora. The African symbolic language that describes the polarity between male and female is sometimes expressed as the polarity between darkness and light. Any association between darkness and evil is a Western convention that does not reflect the original meaning of the symbol. In symbolic language, darkness means hidden. All awo (mystery) is hidden until it becomes revealed, all mystery is unrevealed truth and truth by definition is life affirming.

    When Obatala arrives on earth he is described as ruling the land with a silver sword. In symbolic language a sword represents conscious thought. In Ifa silver is used for abori, which is a ritual cleansing used to elevate consciousness. Ifa describes the era of Obatala as a time when the distance between Orun and Aye was short and humans walked among the Orisa. Western occult traditions describe this as the "Golden Age", a time when humans inhabited the earth in a state of peace and harmony with each other and the environment. Living in harmony with our environment includes an understanding that we live in a multi-dimensional universe. This means we share life on the planet with life forms that are not visible to the normal range of human perception. The more a person is able to access a state of harmony the broader their perception becomes opening an expanded awareness of the unseen influences that help shape life on earth. Christian theology refers to this process as exploring the "occult" and judges it to be a "sin". To refer to self-understanding as a "sin" is to deify ignorance.
    References to a Golden Age exist in virtually every earth-centered tradition on the planet and appear to be a universally held ancestral memory. To understand this aspect of the Ifa Creation Myth requires some understanding of Yoruba history. According to Ifa oral tradition the first Oba (king) of the Yoruba Nation was Oduduwa from the elision Odu (womb) dudu (black) iwa (character) meaning the Invisible Source of Character. The word black in relationship to the word womb is a reference to the invisible or hidden mystery of Creation. The name Oduduwa suggests someone who manifests the essential nature of Creation. The Ifa Creation Myth says Oduduwa came from the east and settled in the country now called Nigeria. At this point the narrative has two distinct components. First Obatala arrives at Ile Ife and becomes the progenitor of the indigenous people of the earth. The reference to Oduduwa appears to suggest settlers from another part of Africa joined the original people who lived in and around Ile Ife. Migration, immigration and assimilation are natural cycles of any culture that is thousands of years old. A simple study of Yoruba linguistics shows a wide range of cultural influences from across the continent and in the Middle East.
    I have visited the shrine of Oduduwa in Aleketu. It is in the home of the Oba of Aleketu who is a direct descendant of Oduduwa. The oral tradition of the shrine in Aleketu says that Oduduwa migrated to the west from Egypt after becoming initiated as Pharaoh. The association between Egyptian culture and Yoruba culture is controversial for a number of reasons including the inference that any such association diminishes the contribution made to African culture by Africans. Some of this controversy is, I believe, the result of the deliberate denigration of African history in general and Egyptian history in particular by those historians who use political agendas to distort the historical record. An examination of this record shades light on some of the reasons for the controversy and gives some background on the confusion and contradictions that make any understanding of African history a challenge.

    One of the first European archeological studies of ancient Africa occurred when Napoleon invaded Egypt in 1798. He brought with him a team of scholars who made a detailed study of the stone structures near Cairo and started the European tradition of looting artifacts without regard to the sentiments of the colonized culture. At the time of the French incursion European scholars believed European culture originated in Greece. The French scholars who traveled with Napoleon came to the conclusion that Greek culture originated in Egypt. This expedition discovered the now famous Rosetta Stone that became the basis for later translations of Egyptian hieroglyphics. It would take at least another hundred years before the information from the Rosetta Stone could be put to practical use. Without the burden of having to rely on Egyptian written sources, the French were free to describe Egyptian history in a way that was consistent with their own worldview. They decided the pyramids at Giza were built by Joseph to store grain during the biblical era of Jewish captivity. They believed the significant contributions to Egyptian culture came as a result of the migration of non-Africans to the Nile basin for no objective reason other than the fact that they didn't want to believe Africans were the ultimate source of European culture. Unfortunately the theory was not consistent with the African features on the face of the Sphinx so Napoleon ordered his troops to destroy the face with cannon fire. At the time of this desecration the Sphinx was buried up to its neck in sand and the face was an easy target. To this day the grain storage theory is the prominent belief about the purpose of the pyramids among fundamentalist Christians. Prejudice becomes intractable once it is promoted as the "Word of God".
    The French effort to date Egyptian culture was influenced by a meeting of London booksellers that occurred in 1779, twenty-one years prior to Napoleon's expedition. Collectively the British cabal raised funds to publish a forty-two-volume compendium titled Universal History. After consultation with the prominent theologians of the day the publishers determined that "God's Creation" began on August 21st 4004 BC. The meeting was contentious because some of the theologians argued in favor of a March 21st date as the first day of Genesis. All subsequent European interpretations of history were obliged to conform to this time line. The sciences of biology and geology have pushed back the actual date of Creation by thirteen billion years, but historians and Egyptologist continue to frame the time line of written history in a way that makes it consistent with the early British time line generated by the Christian Bible and by the authors of Universal History. This is an early manifestation of one of the most prevailing attitudes guiding academic historical research; not annoying Jerry Farwell is more important than being objective because Jerry is an advisor to the President and the Federal Government is the source of 80% of all research funding for universities in the United States.
    The British were skeptical of the grain storage theory promoted by the French. It seemed a bit excessive to move three and half million stones to support two small rooms that would only hold a minimal amount of food. Contemporary Egyptologists link the Pyramid at Giza to the Pharaoh Khufu sometimes called Cheops. They base their conclusions on the archeological evidence provided by a British solider named Colonel Richard Howard-Vyse. In 1836 the Colonel hired 700 laborers to dig through the floor of the Queens Chamber inside the Giza Pyramid. Finding nothing, he decided to blast through the roof of the King's Chamber using gunpowder. After blowing holes through three layers of crossbeams, the Colonel claims to have discovered a hand painted cartouche (royal insignia) in a small space between the granite cross beams. They are the only inscriptions of any kind found either inside or outside the Giza Pyramid. An analysis of the writing indicated it used hieroglyphics from three different historical periods all dating from a time after the reign of Khufu. The original reaction to the Howard-Vyse discovery concluded the hieroglyphics were fakes and suggested the Colonel was the person most likely to have committed the fraud. Despite his total lack of credibility, the Colonel's discovery was embraced by academia because it met the important requirement of fitting within the Biblical time line.

    Ignoring the obvious problems with the inscription, Egyptologists continue to associate the Giza Pyramid with Pharaoh Khufu. The orthodox theory is that Khufu built the structure as a tomb. There are approximately eighty pyramids in Egypt, less than a dozen mummies have been discovered in and around any of these pyramids, and those were clearly placed under ground long after the original construction. Pharaohs are buried in subterranean tombs most notably in the Valley of the Kings. There is absolutely no Egyptian text that identifies the pyramid at Giza as a tomb, none, anywhere. Egyptologists as a group tend to believe their own analysis of artifacts is superior to the history recorded by the Egyptians themselves.
    Italian Egyptologists with access to material hidden in the Vatican basement claimed the Egyptians had knowledge of the exact dimensions of the planet and used this knowledge as the basis for their system of measurement. In the nineteenth century the British were obsessed in their effort to find the dimensions of the earth as an aid to navigation in shipping. In 1882, forty years after the dubious discoveries of Howard-Vyse, Sir William Flinders Petrie traveled to Cairo to measure the ancient stone monuments in hopes of unlocking the mysteries related to the size of the earth. To his astonishment the thirteen-acre base of the pyramid was flat to a tolerance of ¼ inch across the entire surface, a level of precision not possible at the time and not possible today. He also discovered the dimensions of the pyramid incorporated an understanding the properties of pi a mathematical formula believed to have been discovered by the Greeks. His analysis of the data he collected suggested the scale of the pyramid was in direct proportion to the size of the earth indicating a precise knowledge of the distance of the equator. He also discovered the Egyptian unit of measurement was remarkably similar to the British system suggesting an ancient influence based on previously unknown interaction between the two cultures.

    While taking his measurements Petrie noticed that many of the stones inside the pyramid appeared to have saw marks and drill marks. The depth of spin on a drilled hole can be measured and the depth of each rotation determines the amount pressure coming from the bit. Petrie's measurements indicated the drills where using in excess of two tons of pressure which is absolutely and physically impossible with hand powered tools. The saw marks cut through granite leaving a surface as flat as glass. There are no hand held saws in existence that can duplicate the same level of precision. Petrie's obvious conclusion was the stones were dressed with powered tools. The response from Egyptologists to his discoveries about stone cutting was a thunderous silence. Their logic is simple, they have no artifacts that appear to be power tools; therefore Petrie's observations are wrong. The orthodox response to his measurements is that any correlation between the size and shape of the pyramid and the planet is a "coincidence". Scholars who refused to let go of antiquated ideas are great believers in coincidence.

    Outside of academia Petrie's detailed report inspired the theory that the pyramids were built by an "advanced race" from "Atlantis". This popular premise was based largely on the writings of Plato who described the continent of Atlantis in two of his dialogues the Critias and the Timaeus. Plato states he received the information on Atlantis from an Egyptian priest and presents the story as a true historical account. Since no one knows what an Atlantian looks like the British writers in Petrie's day assumed they were fair skinned with blue eyes and blond hair eliminating the trauma of having to attribute anything Egyptian to Africans. Psychologists call this projection. At about the same time British anthropologists were trying to prove human evolution originated in England. The one piece of hard physical evidence used to support their theory turned out to be the skull of a human fitted with the jawbone of an ape. The obvious forgery remained undetected for fifty years.

    Shirley Andrews in her book Atlantis Insights from a lost Civilization makes a through review of the literature on Atlantis including a summary of the Egyptian texts on the subject. According to Andrews the Egyptians do describe an ancient civilization that once existed on a now submerged Atlantic island. Recent discoveries of stone buildings off the coast of Bermuda and more recently off the coast of Cuba tend to confirm the possibility such an island once existed. Andrews says the Egyptians considered the Atlantians to be a hostile culture in no way associated with the development of their own culture. There are even Egyptian texts describing a settlement of Atlantian refuges that survived the destruction of their island kingdom and settled in Egypt for a short time before migrating west. The proponents of the theory that Atlantis is the source of Egyptian technology want us to believe Egyptians did not honor the memory of the ancestors who were responsible for the development of their technology. Egyptian culture, like virtually all traditional cultures in Africa, is deeply rooted in the veneration of ancestors. The idea that any significant ancestors would be ignored for any reason is not credible from a cultural perspective. The Atlanta genesis story simply does not work.

    At the turn of the twentieth century Germany archeologists were uncomfortable with the idea that European culture was in any way related to Africa. The politically correct German theory of cultural genesis was that a super human race of superior beings lived in the center of the earth under the illumination of a black sun. This race emerged on to the surface of the earth in Tibet, migrated to Mesopotamia, created a migratory culture known as the Acadians who settled in Greece before reaching their final destination in southern Europe. One of the most prominent German archeologists of this era was R.A Schwaller de Lubicz who, to his credit, managed to rise above his political bias. In the course of Lubicz's explorations he noticed that most Egyptian temples faced south. His examination of temple texts indicated the orientation was based on the desire to honor the ancestors of the Nile culture. To the dismay of his colleagues Lubicz was saying the Sudan and Ethiopia was the ancestral home of those who built the pyramids. This meant Africans created indigenous Egyptian culture. If we look at a map we see Ethiopia is bisected by the rift valley. This region is the richest source of ancient fossil human remains on the planet. Not only was this region the ancestral home of the Egyptians it is likely the ancestral home of everyone alive on the planet. Despite the obvious global implications of Lubicz's observation, Egyptologists treat the idea as if it was the source of some deadly viral infection.
    To add insult to injury Lubicz was the first to notice that the weathering pattern on the Sphinx was caused by rain not wind. This was a serious problem because the Sphinx was supposed to be five thousand years old and the most recent period of flooding around the Giza plain occurred ten thousand years ago. His observation was all but ignored until a tourist guide named Jonathan West invited geologist Robert Schoch to examine the evidence first hand. When Schock presented his findings to a gathering of Egyptologists he was told the water erosion was caused by water seeping up out of the ground and into the stones at the foundation of the Sphinx in what must be the only recorded instance of water defying the laws of gravity.
    For the past twenty years there has been a vigorous effort by Egyptologist to prove the pyramids could have been built using simple tools and simple methods. They have gone so far as to film a documentary building a "mini" pyramid in Egypt based on the premise they could use simple technology to accomplish the task. The initial efforts failed so the pyramid was built using modern equipment, as "proof" the ancient Egyptians needed no extraordinary technology to accomplish the task. The largest stone involved in the experiment weighed two tones and was moved with trucks and cranes. None of the footage involving the use of modern equipment was included in the final cut of the film. The issue of moving stones weighing in excess of one hundred tons was conveniently ignored. (That is the weight of two 747 jetliners, the obvious problem being what kind of rope can pull that weight without braking?)

    Most of the history of Egyptology appears to be a reflection of the resistance by self-proclaimed experts to accept obvious evidence due to a difficulty in accepting the accomplishments of ancient African culture. It does not seem to be unfair to attribute much of this difficulty to an ethno-centric bias that has no foundation in reality. The deliberate distortion of the historical record seems to have reached an all time high during a recent Fox documentary showing exploration of the one of the four shafts inside the Giza pyramid. The special featured a robotic camera traveling up the shaft to a stone door that was drilled open before a camera was inserted through the hole to reveal another door. Dr. Hawass the director of Egyptian antiquities explained the shaft was added to the tomb of Khufu long after it was originally built. He claims the shafts were chiseled through the stone to provide an escape for the Pharaoh's soul. That's possible, the problem is the shaft is approximately eight inches square and travels for one hundred and fifty feet before making a sharp right angle. The entire shaft inclines at a consistent angle with tolerances similar to those measured by Petrie. In order to accomplish the task as described by Dr. Hawass a stonemason would either have to use a chisel one hundred and fifty feet in length or the mason had an extraordinarily long arms. I cannot imagine how Dr. Hawass could make such a statement to reporters without everyone in the room dropping to the floor howling in laughter.

    It would appear Fox Television is spending a large amount of time and resources in an effort to obscure the truth. Rupert Murdock owns Fox network. He immigrated to the United States from Australia when it was discovered his bank funneled money from the CIA to an opposition candidate who toppled the Australia incumbent. If you remember the movie Falcon and the Snowman based on a real incident, you will remember the Timothy Hutton character plays a CIA radio operator who discovers the manipulation of an Australian election and sells the information to the Soviet Union. That's when Murdock decided to move to America. It is against the law for a foreign born national to own a television network in the United States. Congress passed a special exemption for Murdock allowing him to make the purchase. All of this begs the question why the deception, what is it that everyone is afraid of, and what does any of this have to do with the Ifa Creation Myth?

    Egyptian historical records carved on the walls of the Temple at Luxor include a list of dynasties that push the date of early Egyptian culture back by 45,000 years. Academic Egyptology deals with the contradiction by describing all dynasties listed as existing prior to 6,000 years ago as "mythic," meaning having no basis in the objective historical record. One of many problems with this analysis is that clay tablets discovered in Mesopotamia (Iraq) at the turn of the last century include king lists that are nearly identical to the Egyptian records found in Luxor. Why would two different countries make up the same fantasy about the origins of their cultures? The obvious answer is they wouldn't. The reason for the academic dismissal of these older dates is very simple; modern Homo Sapiens reportedly first walked the earth some 30,000 years ago. The predecessor of Homo Sapiens is called Cro Magnum and is described by anthropologists as a small brained, hairy, proto-human who wore animal skins and survived by scrapping the bones of dead animals and picking wild fruit. If the Egyptian time line on the Temple inscriptions is correct, Cro Magnum communities built the pyramids, developed a sophisticated system of geometry, invented a complex system of writing and made accurate measurements of the size of the earth and charted the relationship between the planets and the sun.
    Carl Sagan a great defender of academic orthodoxy admitted there were books in the Library at Alexandria (Egypt) that traced human history back 100,000 years. Those books were supposedly destroyed in a fire. This seemingly innocent statement by the late Dr. Sagan appears to be confirmation of the possibility that orthodox history is a deliberate deception. If the books were all destroyed where was Carl getting his information?
    The apparent problem with letting go of the hairy proto-human Cro Magnum theory is that it completely undercuts the Darwinian theory of evolution. Without Darwin and the notion of survival of the fittest there is no justification for elitism, imperialism, colonialization, prostelization and the exploitation of resources in non-western countries. It is not hard to imagine that the foundations that fund historical and scientific research might find the subversion of these ideas to be unworthy of funding.

    If it is true that Yoruba culture interacted with Egyptian culture an examination of Egyptian history should help illuminate the Ifa Creation Myth. If it is also true that Western academic accounts of Egyptian history are politically and racially biased the best alternative source is clearly the oral accounts of the Egyptians themselves. The pre-Islamic, pre-Christian, and pre-Judaic religious traditions of Egypt still exist. Indigenous Egyptian religion has survived in Egypt in much the same way that Yoruba religion survived in the Diaspora, by going underground. In the past ten years a small number of indigenous Egyptian religious elders have started to speak publicly about the oral legacy left by their ancestors. Among them is Abd'El Hakim Awyan who has assisted in the preparation of a several books that provide a glimpse into traditional Egyptian oral history.
    In The Land of Osiris by Stephen S. Mehler, Hakim Awyan makes it clear that Dynastic Egypt was based on the culture of Khemit and he says the culture of Khemit is of unmistakable African origin. The civilization of Khemit was made up of indigenous African families who were not "superior outsiders", they did not come from Atlantis and they did not arrive in Egypt from another planet. The word Khemit means "The Black Land". The use of the word Egypt was a Greek invention coming from the Greek word Aegptos that is a corruption of the Coptic (Egyptian) phrase Hit-Ka-Ptah meaning "the place of projection of the God Ptah". In the Egyptian Creation Myth Ptah created the world. The Egyptian landscape was designed to create a symbolic map showing the geometric patterns (Odu) responsible for the creation of the visible universe. The Egyptian proverb that has become a cornerstone of Western esoteric thought says, as above so below. Creating structures in stone that mirror the structures of Creation amplifies the power of Creation insuring fertility, harmony, abundance and peace; based on the belief that life works.
    Hakim Awyan says the Sphinx is over 50,000 years old and that the pyramids located near the Sphinx are considerably older. Islamic scholar Abu Zeyd el Balkhy has located hieroglyphics in Egypt that say the pyramids at Giza were built at a time when Lyre was in the constellation of Cancer suggesting the structures are 73,000 years old. This perspective on Egyptian history means the Pyramid at Giza was built during the era of Cro Magnon culture described by the Egyptians as the time of the "Gods" (Neters). The shift between Cro Magnon and Homo Sapiens represents the most radical mutation in the historical record. The shift is so extreme it is scarcely mentioned by contemporary anthropologists because it threatens the fundamental notion of mutation as a response to environmental change. To make matters worse for the defenders of orthodox history the Egyptians and the Sumerians both claimed to have developed the ability to engineer genetic changes in biological life forms. If our Cro Magnon ancestors deliberately created a new species we call Homo Sapiens it would not be unreasonable to discover that the new species deified those who were responsible for their creation. Many Christian theologians have difficulty accepting the idea of evolution. The acceptance of the Egyptian explanation for the development of the modern human life-form would involve accepting the notion that genetic engineering was developed by "heathens". The difficulty in accepting an idea does not necessarily make the idea false, but there does not seem to have been any effort made to confirm or negate the validity of ancient Egyptian texts discussing the process of genetic alteration. It is one of those ideas that is so threatening to the commonly held belief in the nature of things that it fails to register as an idea worthy of serious study.
    Hakim Awyan is adamant the pyramids were not constructed for use as tombs. They were built to accumulate, absorb, and transmit inter-dimensional forms of energy referred to in Yoruba as ase. The pyramid at Giza is not a tomb, its not a grain storage silo, its not a stone monument with an encoded secret message, it is not a beacon for extraterrestrial space craft, it is a machine. The purpose of the machine was to absorb ase from the earth and ase from the sky, transforming it into a usable form essential to the stability and fertility of the culture.
    Christopher Dunn is a trained machinist with no formal training in the study of Egyptian culture. Early in his career he read Petrie's book on the measurements and tolerances observed by Petrie as part of the construction of the Giza Pyramid. Dunn examined Petrie's data and decided the only reason for such small ranges of variation in the physical dimensions of the structure was because it was built as a machine with a specific function and that function would in some way be inhibited by less strict attention to exact measurements. Dunn decided to back engineer the structure based on the premise that any viable theory concerning the function of the pyramid would have to explain all the architectural features and anomalies. Following twenty years of study Dunn published his conclusions in a book called The Giza Power Plant, Technologies of Ancient Egypt. In his summary he makes the following statement:
    "If my power plant theory was based on evidence from a singular exhibit or a few artifacts, critics and skeptics could rightly attribute that evidence to pure coincidence. However, I have amassed a plethora of facts and deductions based on sober considerations of the design of the Great Pyramid and nearly every artifact found within it that, when taken together, all support my premise that the Great Pyramid was a power plant and the King's Chamber its power center. Facilitated by the element that fuels our sun (hydrogen) and uniting the energy of the universe with that of the Earth, the ancient Egyptians converted vibrational energy into microwave energy. For the power plant to function, the designers and operators had to induce vibrations in the Great Pyramid that was in tune with the harmonic resonant vibrations of the Earth. Once the pyramid was vibrating in tune with the Earth's pulse it became a coupled oscillator and could sustain the transfer of energy from the Earth with little or no feedback. The three smaller pyramids on the east side of the Great Pyramid may have been used to assist the Great Pyramid in achieving resonance, much like today was use smaller gasoline engines to start large diesel engines." - page 219
    If Dunn's theory is correct it would appear the pyramids are the culmination of a much older technology and there is evidence to suggest this is the case. To understand the evidence requires some understanding of ideas developed by Nicolas Tesla. When Thomas Edison first invented the light bulb the filament burned out quickly and the bulbs only lasted for a couple of minutes. Tesla suggested the use of alternating current, which was the break through concept responsible for giving birth to the electronic age. During the course of his research Tesla observed phenomena associated with electricity that was not electro-magnetic and seemed to function as a plasma or gas. Because there was no theoretical basis for this observation in physics Tesla examined and extended ideas originally developed by Thomas Maxwell (discussed in part one of this series). Without going into a technical explanation Tesla called the unknown phenomena radiant energy and believed the energy represented a transfer of power from dimensions outside the visible universe. He was able to design machines that separated radiant energy from electrical current. (The same process described by Dunn as the basis for ancient Egyptian technology.) The machines were able to access an inter-dimensional power source without having to mimic structures the size of the Pyramid at Giza. He was able to build transformers that accessed radiant energy and used it as a power source with access to unlimited amounts of free energy. He used his inventions to design a detailed system of delivery of free utilities for the entire planet. Tesla's laboratory in New York was destroyed by arson at a time when he was thought to be inside the building. Fortunately he was elsewhere but the message was clear. Tesla continued his research in seclusion (Financed by Mark Twain).
    In very simple terms Tesla theorized that electro-magnetic energy coming from the sun carries the plasma he called radiant energy. This plasma is stored under the surface of the earth moving along magnetic grids influenced by polar magnetism and gravitational pull from celestial bodies. In ancient religious texts a bird symbolizes radiant energy coming from the sun and either a snake or a dragon symbolizes radiant energy absorbed by the earth. Anyone who has spent time in the rain forest will know that lights looking like a camera flash bulb can be seen periodically lighting up the trees. These flashing lights are natural manifestations of an inter-dimensional transference of radiant energy and they are universally identified by inhabitants of the rain forest as "spirit birds". Serpent power from the earth occasionally becomes visible in the form of ball lightning that periodically appears along fault lines following an earthquake. When serpent power becomes visible inside a cave it looks like a long undulating red snake. The ancients appeared to have noticed a unique phenomenon when the radiant energy of the sun entered the mouth of cave and co-mingled with the serpent energy of the earth. The places were this junction of natural forces occurred were identified as sacred sites (Igbodu). The phenomenon that occurs can best be described as the manifestation of pure unformed consciousness. Our ancient ancestors observed this phenomenon and made an amazing discovery. They noticed that anyone standing in the presence of unformed consciousness influenced the manifestation of the radiant energy, which amplifies any thoughts directed towards it. They also discovered this amplification could be projected on to the natural landscape by channeling it towards underground water tables (The bend in the river at Oshun's shrine in Oshogbo). At some point more than a 100,000 years ago our ancestors started building mounds in an effort to replicate this natural phenomenon. The development of these mounds occurred all over the planet and led to the understanding of accessing natural power sources that eventually manifested itself in the construction of the Pyramid at Giza.
    Because of their age, very little is known about the people who have come to be called "mound builders". What is known is deduced from the paintings and carvings they left on rocks and inside caves. The shamans who developed this early sacred technology are always depicted with shaved heads and carrying a serpentine staff crowned by a bird exactly like the Osun staff carried by initiates of Obatala. In some drawings they appear to be wearing white robes. There is no way to tell where and when this priesthood originated, but it is clear from the archeological record it was a global society affecting every continent on the planet. (Mounds explored by the Smithsonian Institute along the Grand Canyon and near Cleveland yielded African artifacts just prior to World War II, to date none of those artifacts have every been put on display.)
    It was the task of the early shamans of the bird and the serpent to insure only those with good character and good intentions had access to the radiant energy manifesting as unformed consciousness. To this day the society of Obatala initiates are considered to be guardians of moral and ethical behavior. They enforce this mandate through the traditional Yoruba judicial process called Ogboni. In Ogboni meetings the Obatala elders are the senior priests and priestess. The male Obatala initiates worship the radiant energy of the earth (serpents), which is considered feminine, and the female Obatala initiates worship the radiant energy of the sky (birds), which is considered masculine. Between them the world is born. The Ogboni temples have the same floor plan as Egyptian temples; an outer open courtyard, leading to a covered inner courtyard leading to the inner sanctum. The inner sanctum is the place of manifestation of radiant energy and only accessible to initiates. In Egypt the radiant energy of the inner sanctum is directed from the Pyramid at Giza to the various temples through underground waterways. If Yoruba culture has been influenced by Egyptian culture there should be pyramids in Nigeria as part of the fundamental structure of Ifa spiritual technology. There is a pyramid shaped mound in Eredo surrounded by a wall seventy feet high and one hundred miles long. Local tradition associates the earthworks with Bilikisu Sungbo, which is the Islamic name for the Queen of Sheba. The British archeologists investigating the site refuse to believe it is associated with the Queen of Sheba because they do not understand the word Bilikisu Sungbo is a title and not the name of a person. Hakim Awyan says the royal position of the Pharaoh in ancient Egypt was granted by matrilineal selection, which means the priestesses of the royal court selected the heir to the Egyptian throne. The priestesses who were a part of the selection process worshiped the cow and the cow is represented in Egyptian sculpture resting its chin on the head of the Pharaoh a symbol of "making the head" or initiation. The cow is sacred to Hathor and Hathor is the Egyptian equivalent of Iyaami Osorango, the women who have direct involvement in the selection of Kings in Yoruba culture. The temples run by female devotees of Hathor typically were surrounded by large circular fences most notably the temple compound in Yemen located due east from Ethiopia which is also a temple of Bilikisu Sungbo. This means we have a Yoruba temple in Erdo of Egyptian design honoring an Ethiopian Priestess. Archeologists have no clue. (This anomaly will be discussed in a future installment of this article)
    Back to the point, Christopher Dunn has confirmed Hakim Awyan's statement about the function of the pyramid from a technological point of view. Both Tesla and Maxwell have provided a theoretical explanation that supports Dunn's description. Hakim Awyan obviously does not need any validation to carry forward the wisdom of his ancestors, but those who study culture and history might want to consider the validity of oral tradition as a way of understanding history as opposed to the more popular method of trying to get history to conform to popular prejudice.
    According to Egyptian Creation Myth the universe came into existence through the ejaculation of Ptah. Science calls this the "Big Bang", the expulsion of all the potential energy and matter in the Universe generated from a single source of infinite density. In Yoruba this singularity is called Oyigioyigi meaning the "Eternal Rock of Creation", the stone from which everything is born (the reason stones are sacred in Yoruba culture rocks are the Eternal Mother). If you take an ordinary rock and blow it up all you have left is scattered debris. The reason we do not have scattered debris from the Big Bang is because the initial moment of existence resulted in the manifestation of a universe in which none of the present laws of physics were in evidence. That is because the temperature was so intense none of the atomic structures that give form to the evolutionary process were able to stabilize. In the beginning the Universe was pure unconditioned radiant energy called ase in Yoruba. The universe existed in this state for a fraction of a second then started to cool (ori tutu). The cooling process created a medium for the containment of sound waves generated by the initial explosion. These sound waves are called Oro in Yoruba meaning Word of Power and are referred to in the Torah as the Word of God. Sound creates invisible geometric patterns that permeate time and space (currently called string theory in physics). These patterns create invisible structures for increasingly complex manifestations of ase eventually leading to the manifestation of physical matter. These structures are the foundation of consciousness and the basis for the Yoruba belief that everything in the universe has ori. The primal geometric patterns were described by Plato based on his studies in Egypt. Later in history these patterns became the basis for Islamic Temple art. The sound from the primal moment of Creation is still detectable on radio telescopes and recently the Hubble telescope captured images of a band of light emanating from the moment of Creation. The wave band from the explosion created by the big bang is perfectly resonate with the shafts in the Pyramid at Giza and has the effect of amplifying these sounds as they are directed towards the Kings Chamber and the Queens Chamber. The Pyramid is a magnet for the absorption of the sound of Creation. Yes, our ancient African ancestors were that sophisticated and we are only beginning to re-discover their ageless wisdom.
    As the universe cooled sub-atomic particles developed as infinitesimally small reflections of the galactic geometric patterns created by the Big Bang. These patterns are all spherical in form with a variety of plus and minus electromagnetic polarities existing within the sphere. As the universe cools these patterns replicate with increasing degrees of density. Ifa refers to this process as the descent of ase from Orun (The Invisible Realm) to Aye (The Physical Realm). The structure of these forms can be examined by studying Platonic geometry. But this is only half the picture. Form is sustained by dynamics meaning a system of energetic propulsion moving the form through the cycle of life, death, transformation and rebirth. The infusion of form with dynamics is mapped in the markings of Odu, which are two-dimensional symbols of a three dimensions energy exchange (described in part one of this article). Odu patters are a template representing the various ways unformed radiant energy (ase) moves between the visible and the invisible realms of Being. Visualizing the geometric patterns created by sound infused with radiant energy created by constant motion implicit in the structure of Odu generates a visual map of the essential nature of everything that exists in the physical universe. In Ifa the component of sound is added to Odu through the use of ofo ase meaning the power of incantations. In Ifa the understanding of these principles comes from Orunmila who is known by the praise name Elerin ipin meaning witness to Creation. The discipline of Ifa is the ability to grasp and make use of the fundamental principles of manifestation. It is sacred science.
    The Shape of the Pyramid at Giza is the construction in Stone of one of the basic geometric patterns manifested by sound. The shafts in the pyramid are the openings for the radiant energy described by Odu. If you understand these two principles you have the ability to transform reality. The pyramid is a machine used to help form and shape the earth itself insuring stability and fertility by accumulating the fundamental energy source of Creation and then consciously directing it (ritual) through underground water channels where ever you want it to go. The entire Giza plateau is honeycombed with underground tunnels used to move water. These tunnels extend for hundreds of miles into the desert. Egyptologists pretend they don't exist. The pyramid is a terra-forming machine built to enrich the planet we live on. The sacred technology used to operate this machine is still evident in Nigeria among the Yoruba initiates of Ifa. The Awoni are initiates living at the palace of the Oni (king) in Ile Ife who saying daily prayers for the elevation of all Ifa and Orisa worshipers. These prayers are spoken over underground water systems. The same technology has been preserved in European occult traditions in the myths associated with the Holy Grail and is the source of the folklore associated with wishing wells. (This will be discussed in detail in future installments to this article)
    Ancient Africans, long before the Creation of Pyramids and long before written history, discovered the principle of capturing primal radiant energy in underground temples built with walls of alternating layers of organic (dirt) and inorganic (rock) material. These underground temples were placed on energy lines inherent in the structure of the earth itself and aligned with astral bodies to absorb radiant energy from both heaven and earth. The connection between these two forces of energy is symbolized throughout Africa as a staff in the form of a snake with the image of a bird at the apex of the snake. In Yoruba culture the elders of Egbe Obatala who are the guardians of this ancient African wisdom that predates both Yoruba and Egyptian culture. The staff of Obatala survives in Western culture as the symbol of the Caduceus used to represent the medical profession.
    Ifa teaches that every force in Nature has an equal and opposite reaction. The closer modern science comes to rediscovering the mysteries of our ancient ancestors the more insidious becomes the opposition to that discovery.
    On the day after Nicolas Tesla died all of his research was confiscated by the Department of Navel intelligence and has not been seen since. This could be why Egyptology is smothered in such nonsensical rhetoric; people who build modern empires and eventually buy television networks do not support the idea of free energy (remember the recent stock market scandals, they were all about creating obscene profits from public utilities).
    Ifa myth like all sacred literature born of Spirit is both a reflection of real history and a key towards understanding the inner dimensions of the human struggle to grasp the meaning of self and world. If we take another look at the Ifa Creation Myth and interpret the waters of the earth as the unformed consciousness of the human spirit we are blessed with the revelation of a true awo (mystery). Just as the magical ritual of Obatala creates land on the planet, the ritual and discipline of Obatala worship creates land in the midst of the chaos in our unconscious self. It is a formula for what psychologists call self-actualization. Obatala created a land called Ile Ife meaning the House of Love. In the endeavor we call historical research that is known as a big clue.
    Odu and the Ifa Concept of History, Part IV -
    The African Perspective
    by Awo Fa'lokun Fatunmbi

    An examination of history based on the oral traditions of Egyptian and Yoruba culture presents a radically different view of the accomplishments of our ancient African ancestors than the information presented by the mass media and is in stark contrast to the paradigm propagated by orthodox academic dogma. From the perspective of Ifa spiritual discipline this conflict in historical perspectives can cause serious problems. Communication with the ancestors (egun) is a fundamental component of the Ifa liturgical process. We run the risk of limiting our own good fortune by failing to appreciate the depth of wisdom available to us through serious dialogue with those who have come before us. If we do not believe the ancients were able to use stones structures to generate energy we will never ask them to tell us how it is done. If we do not believe the ancients where able to create inter-dimensional portals we will never know what is on the other side of the veil. Our understanding of the past informs us about who we are and inspires our vision of who we can become. The "official" version of history would have us to believe that Africa was a "primitive" place isolated from the rest of humanity until it embraced Christianity, a place that remains unable to govern itself and unable to develop its natural resources. The lie has been told so often and so well that anyone proposing an alternative perspective is suspect.
    In part three of this series the suggestion was made that Nicolas Tesla may have re-discovered some of the lost technology developed by ancient Egyptian culture. Tesla claimed that many of his insights came as the result of dialogue with inter-dimensional beings, an interesting admission coming from one of the pioneers of the electronic age. Tesla was granted hundreds of patients and they were all virtually based on first time drawings of his original ideas. This means his inventions manifested in his own consciousness as fully developed concepts needing no corrections or alterations. Given Tesla's description of his own internal process the question arises, was this skill the result of his personal genius or was it the result of the effectiveness of his communication with Spirit? I suspect it was large doses of both.

    According to Ifa ancestral wisdom we become who we are by standing of the shoulders of those who came before us. If our understanding of our ancestors is distorted, we cannot begin to know who we are let alone build on our ancestral heritage. Ignorance is fertile ground for manipulation. A manipulated life fails to develop to its fullest potential. When I first started studying Ifa over twenty-five years ago, I was told that Ifa no longer existed in Africa. My first trip to Africa completely dispelled that lie and subsequent trips have left me humbled and astonished by the amount of wisdom and understanding that is available from elders who are largely ignored outside of their own communities. If you believe Ifa is no longer practiced in Africa, or if you believe the Ifa practiced in the Diaspora is somehow "better" than the wisdom that exists in its place of origin your expectation will only confirm your shortsighted belief. If you assume something does not exist you will never find it, even if you bump into it.
    Ifa says those who cannot call the names of their ancestors going back seven generations cannot seat their ori (consciousness) in the world. In an effort to understand where we have come from it is necessary to look seriously at and understand the legacy of past generations. Taking a serious look means challenging the propaganda and misinformation that shaped the consciousness of those of us who were manipulated by a Western "education". Our institutions of higher learning are set up to support industry, industry in this country is dependant on the exploitation of global resources, and exploitation requires justification. The conflict between justification and illumination is a financial struggle and those who are interested in reinforcing justification have the economic advantage.

    The Ifa Creation Myth indicates there was an extended period of peace and harmony on the earth, a time when a global priesthood venerated the Spirit of Light (commonly called Sun Worship) known by a wide range of names in virtually every early culture known to history manifesting in Yoruba culture as Obatala. If the Egyptian and Sumerian records are accurate, this period in history lasted for at least 70,000 years. If we consider the fact that most of the technology used in the contemporary world was developed in the past hundred years, the potential for developing unimaginable technology over a period of 70,000 years staggers the imagination. In the words of Arthur C. Clark, "Any significant advanced technology is undistinguishable from magic." Western culture denigrates magic, and as a result anything in the historical record that appears magically is immediately dismissed as untrue. The knee-jerk criteria becomes "if we can't do it, they couldn't do it". As a result perception becomes self-fulfilling prophecy. This is a problem of ori (consciousness). The mind that creates a problem is not the mind that can fix the problem.

    If you can appreciate the possibility that the Pyramid at Giza was a power plant, then many of the pieces of the archeological record start to fit together in a coherent pattern. One of the difficulties in seeing this pattern is the belief that history is linear. The linear model is based on the belief that time moves forward making culture and civilization progressively better. The notion of unconditional cultural progress is the result of the influence of Darwinian theories of survival of the fittest on the political theories used to justify the exploitation by those who have monopolized the development of superior weapons of mass destruction. One of the earliest manifestations of the effect on politics of Darwinian theory was Hitler's notion of a "master race". German academics in the early years of the twentieth century argued that the development of sophisticated weapons gave Germans the moral right to rule the world. There excuse for invading Austria, Poland and France was that each of these countries represented a threat to national security. Slight provocations were used as an excuse for military action. In retrospect we now know that most of the provocations were engineered by the Germans themselves to create the illusion of a threat. Before going to war Hitler burned the Reichstag (German parliament) and blamed the fire on "radicals" which at the time was a code word for people of Jewish ancestry. If the purpose of life were to dominate and control others the Darwinian argument would be valid. If the purpose of life is to live in harmony with the environment and make the earth a better place then the argument is insane.
    Ifa as well as most indigenous spiritual traditions teaches the idea that history moves in cycles of growth and decay. This is a fundamental concept necessary to any understanding of Odu. Ifa oral tradition teaches that every Odu emerges from its opposite, for example:
    I I II II
    I I II II
    I I II II
    I I II II

    Eji Ogbe becomes Oyeku Meji

    The single lines represent light the double lines represent darkness. All light fades into darkness and all darkness emerges into light, a fundamental principle in nature. Be clear; Darkness is not evil. Darkness is the absence of light. All mater starts to decay once it comes into existence. The process of decay the symbolized in Ifa as the movement between light and dark. Ifa also teaches the spiritual principle of rebirth, meaning all darkness becomes light. The linear view of history negates the possibility of rebirth as a Force of Nature. This perspective is not consistent with reality and can only be imposed on ori (consciousness) through deliberate manipulation, distortion and control. Understanding the dynamics of transformation is an essential element in any effort to deflect the influences of manipulation, distortion and control. The study of Odu is the study of the ways in which transformation occurs, for example the following sequence represents one of the ways light moves towards darkness.
    There are an infinite numbers of ways in which you can track the movement of Eji Ogbe to Oyeku Meji and back from Oyeku Meji to Eji Ogbe. The point is that everything in existence is in a constant state of flux, moving in cyclical patterns from source to its opposite polarity and back to source. Nothing in Nature is unambiguously progressive, including the development of culture. Most earth-centered spiritual traditions speak of at least three previous cycles of development, extinction and re-birth. In the Ifa Creation Myth, the earliest of these cycles is referred to as the time when Obatala ruled the world with a silver sword.

    During the period of Obatala's ascendancy as a primary organizing principle in culture there were amazing developments in what can be described as an earth-centered, environmentally friendly, energy efficient forms of technology. If this technology was based on an objective understanding of the inner mysteries of Nature it should be possible to rediscover the same principles and put them to use for the benefit of life on earth. An examination of the history of science indicates this is exactly what has occurred. Robert Oppenhiemer was the director of the Manhattan Project responsible for developing the atom bomb. At a press conference following the detonation of the bomb in Japan, Oppenhiemer was asked how it felt to be the first person to create an atomic bomb. In response he said; "I was the first person to do it in modern times." Why would he say such a thing? The test sight in Nevada has transformed large tracks of sand into glass as the result of the above ground detonation of atomic bombs. This artificially produced glass does not occur in nature as a natural phenomenon. Geologists report the existence of artificially created glass fields in deserts around the planet. The glass is thousands of years old. What they fail to mention is the only known method for creating the glass. (This will be discussed in detail in the next installment of this series)
    The pressing question for anyone who prefers illumination over manipulation is this; what is the awo (mystery) understood by Ancient Africans that enabled them to create a technology so sophisticated it appears magical (meaning fanciful) rather than real? The answer to this question is at the foundation of the African worldview on the nature of reality and the source of continuous transformation in the universe.

    The ancient Egyptians described the earth as two twelve sided pyramids joined together at the equator. This is virtually the same structure used by Buckminster Fuller to build geodesic domes. The Egyptians were not referring to the visible spherical shape of the planet; they were describing the invisible energetic pattern that supports the internal structure of the earth. There is no known record of how they came to their conclusion, but there are numerous examples of temple art depicting the grid pattern that infuses the planet with radiant energy (dragon lines ase). In the 1970's J.J. Hurtack, Ivan Sanderson and Christopher Bird, independently rediscovered the energetic grid described by the ancient Egyptians. Their work was largely based on research conducted by three Russian scientists Yyacheslav Morozov, Valery Makarov, and Nilolai Goncharov who theorized the planet was a giant crystal radiating electromagnetic impulses along detectable routes. These lines correlated with the earth's fracture zones (earthquake faults), ocean ridges, atmospheric pressure zones, known travel routes of migratory animals and the site of ancient megalithic stone structures.

    In his book The Keys of Enoch J.J. Hurtack describes the grid pattern as an icosahedron (a spherical shape with twenty flat surfaces). Based on his research he theorized that there were ten places of maximum intersection of the grid lines that run along the equator in a zig zag pattern (above and below the equatorial line). He describes these points as inter-dimensional openings or portals to invisible realms of existence. Ivan Sanderson called these anomalies "vile vortices" because the history of these power spots indicates a pattern of strange disappearances from the visible realm of three-dimensional time and space. Sanderson identified one of these vortices as the Giza plateau.

    In 1984 Bethe Hagen and William Becker identified twelve anomalous power spots forming a zig-zag pattern along the equator. This pattern is consistent with the grid pattern found in Egyptian temple art and is the pattern that was used as the basis for Pythagorean geometry and Plato's theory of forms. When the early Greeks invaded Egypt and established the library at Alexandria, the esoteric tradition of Thoth as preserved by the Egyptian priesthood was cultural appropriated becoming transformed into the Greek esoteric tradition of Hermes. Virtually all of the ancient stone temples located around the planet are in perfect alignment with the power spots identified by Hermetic science. This suggests that the early temple architects were operating from a universally shared worldview based on common objectives and engaged in a collective effort to implement those goals. The Egyptian records on this matter are obscure, however in the Hermetic tradition we find a clear expression of the use and function of the planetary grid.

    Hermetic documents describe seven fundamental principles of manifestation: the principle of mentalism (the idea that everything in the universe has some form of consciousness, called ori in Ifa), the principle of correspondence (the idea that everything in the material realm is a reflection of its source in the invisible realm, called Eji Oko the farm of heaven and earth in ifa), the principle of vibration (the idea that everything in the universe is in a state of constant motion, called ase in Ifa), the principle of polarity (the idea that everything exists in relationship to its polar opposite, represented in Ifa by the single and double lines of divination), the principle of rhythm (the idea that everything moves through cycles, expressed in Ifa as the movement between ire and ibi), the principle of causation (the idea that everything exits in relationship to cause and effect, called ayanmo meaning my spiritual tree or destiny in Ifa), and the principle of gender (the idea that everything has expansive and contractive qualities, called Okunrin male and obinrin female in Ifa). The fact that all of the fundamental concepts of Hermetic science have direct correlations in Ifa is further confirmation that the Greek system of metaphysics has African origins. Hermetic science, as it was developed in Greece. influenced the development of "objective" science throughout Europe. If Hermetic science is based on African science, the notion that Africans were "primitive" (meaning unable to develop technology) has no basis in the historical record. The only way to propagate the lie is to distort the facts. Prior to World War Two western academia taught the idea that European culture originated in Egypt. German politics found this idea unacceptable and postulated the idea that European culture started in Greece. The basis for the German argument was their repulsion over the idea of a non-Aryan source of culture. The German model remains the dominant paradigm in Western academia.

    The Egyptian, Greek, and Yoruba mystery schools were based on the premise that the principles of manifestation were best learned and understood through direct contact with Nature. This contact took the form of guided initiation designed to reveal particular aspects of the fundamental aspects of Creation in an experiential way. Based on their understanding of the earth grid all three of these traditions believed that phenomena generated at those places along the grid where energetic lines crossed represented an amplification of otherwise invisible forces in Nature. Hermetic tradition refers to these intersection points as Domes; in Yoruba they are called Igbodu.

    In an article titled Ley Lines and The Meaning of Adam by Richard Leviton and Robert Coons reprinted in Anti-Gravity and the World Grid, by David Hatcher Childress, the authors summarize the Hermetic tradition on the history of Domes.
    "According to Dome theory, when the Domes appeared on Earth they activated lines of light and energy already present in the etheric skeletal web of the planet. The Domes were Ships brought here as a response from what is called the Architect of Cosmic Destiny and in line with past proposals and future events for Earth. Technically, it's not accurate to say the Domes came and went because they exist spatially in between spirit and matter. However, they were present on Earth three times in planetary history. It is also not accurate to construe the Domes as mechanical material vehicles according to our customary understanding; they are more like transdimensional magnetic/energy facilitators overlaid on the physical landscape. In the first Dome Presence, there were no humans on Earth; in the second Dome Presence, there was primitive human life; and during the third Dome Presence there were some humans who could clearly see the Domes and understand their function. What these early humans say is recounted in various ancient mythologies (notably the Irish and Sumerian) as the House of the Sky Gods."
    The Hermetic tradition identifies the Domes as natural power centers activated and enhanced by inter-dimensional beings variously called Gods, Angels, Neters, Orisa, Elohim (Biblical reference to Gods plural) and a variety of other names in virtually every culture on the planet. In Yoruba culture this process is described as the journey of Obatala from Orun to Aye who travels from the invisible to the visible realm on a chain. According to Ifa Creation myth the first activated Dome is called Ile Ife. Ifa Creation myth also indicates that Ile Ife on earth (aye) is a reflection of the Ile Ife in heaven (orun), reflecting the Hermetic idea of as above so below. Odu Ifa refers to this principle as Eji Oko, meaning the first farm of heaven (orun) with the inference that the farm of heaven is the inspiration for the farm of earth. To this day the central market in the city of Ile Ife is believed to be the portal between aye and orun, or the road leading from the farm of heaven to the farm of earth.

    Ifa Creation Myth describes the Silver Age of Obatala as a time when Orun (the invisible realm) was much closer to Aye (earth), a time when Orisa walked the earth. The Creation Myth of all earth-centered traditions describes the Golden Age or the Silver Age as a time when the Gods walked among humans. It has become popular in New Age literature to infer that these references mean the planet was at one time visited by extraterrestrials (beings from a different planet). This may or may not have happened. My elders in Africa make clear references to contact they have had with extraterrestrials, they are also clear that beings from a different planet are not Orisa. The Orisa are inter-dimensional forms of consciousness that can and do manifest in physical form on the earth. The Orisa are not short humanoids with Grey skin and large eyes. The reason the New Age Movement has miss-identified this aspect of ancient history is based on a myopic view of the past that refuses to accept the possibility that ancient cultures were capable of saying what they meant. The Internet is overloaded with speculation on the meaning of UFO's, Crop Circles, and Alien abductions. None of this is a mystery to our African elders. Illumination of these apparent mysteries will not come through wild speculation; it will inevitably come through humility.

    Greek cosmology describes the Domes as transmitters of two forms of radiant energy. One form flows from the center point in an expanding spiral pattern (the Golden Mean), symbolized in the Ifa Creation myth by the snail shell. The other form flows in a straight line connecting all the power spots on the grid, symbolized in the Ifa Creation myth by Obatala's staff. The existence of two forms of energy explains why Obatala gets drunk. If only the male expansive energy connecting the power spots existed, the planet would overheat and become a small star. In symbolic language the expansive energy would burn out of control or get "drunk". The polarity between the male expansive energy and the female contractive energy allows the planet to cool in a way that provides an environment for the manifestation of human life. The lines are described in the awo of Damballah. Two serpents hold together the universe; one holds the sky the other holds the oceans of the earth. Here we have the polarity between sky or fire and earth or water. Two forms of energy sustaining creation.

    In the Hermetic tradition the Domes are described as appearing at regular intervals in a set pattern. This does not mean they all radiate the same quality of energy. The influence of celestial bodies on the planet creates an overlay on the grid pattern. For example the Giza plateau is located on a major ley line. The three pyramids at Giza are a reflection of the stars in the Constellation Orion. The radiant energy emanating at Giza has male and female qualities influenced by the effect of specific stars on the manifestation of that energy. In Ifa the discipline of studying the cosmological influence of power (ase) on Domes (igbodu) is called gede usually translated to mean astrology. The word itself reveals the true inner mystery. Igbodu is from the elision igbo odu meaning the womb of the forest. Gede is an elision of ge dide meaning female ase (the power of fertility) stands up, or in the context of igbodu emerges through the invisible portal. In Africa many of the sacred sites designated as igbodu go through seasonal cycles of activation and dormancy. These seasonal cycles are a manifestation of celestial influence marked through the spiritual discipline of gede. This means that gede is not the astrology of personal fortune; it is the astrology of planetary energetic patterns of manifestation. In Odu Ifa this mystery is described in terms of the time and place when specific Orisa arrived on the earth. The relationship between Esu's shrine at Alaketu, Obatala's shrine at Ile Ife, Oshun's shrine at Oshogbo and so on, is not history so much as it is a reference to an earth mystery identifying the quality of ase (energy) passing through the landscape from this power sources.
    Most of Western science rejects the notion that planets have inter-related influence. There is one significant alternative view. The current model of the relationship between quantum physics (the structure of the atom) and astrophysics (the structure of the universe) is based on string theory. This theory is based on the idea that sound waves created by the Big Bang (the initial explosion of Creation) resulted in the manifestation of invisible lines of energy connecting everything in the universe. These strings are sometimes referred to as wormholes. A true understanding of wormholes would give science the ability to travel to distant places in the universe at rates faster than the speed of light. The ancients referred to wormholes as Star Gates. Hollywood as usurped the Star Gate symbol insuring that it remains an element of science fiction. Nonetheless the ancient references are there for those who have the vision to read them correctly. String theory is a modern re-invention of the sacred science developed in Africa before being appropriated by the Greeks.

    Researchers in England who began studying ley lines in the nineteenth century noticed that the lines between the Domes also marked the existence of underground waterways. This is not a coincidence. The expansive energy emanating from the Domes influences the movement of underground water just as it influences the migratory patterns of animals. Water also serves the purpose of amplifying the effect of the inter-dimensional radiant energy that flows from the Domes. In simple terms the Domes are inter-dimensional terra-forming technology put in place by Spirit and developed by those human elders who were able to see and understanding the nature and function of that technology. The ancient priests and priestesses of Obatala understood this relationship and it became a fundamental element in the creation of their worldview. Historically there was a progression of development of their understanding. The Domes or power spots were initially located and marked with a stone and or a dirt mound. The stone was placed in such a way that the sun hit a particular spot in the landscape when the Dome was activated. An underground chamber was built to concentrate and release small amounts of radiant energy (white light or ala). The radiant energy would manifest as pure unformed consciousness. This means the light can take on the quality of those shamans and priest who project their consciousness on to the light. The chamber operated like a cosmic mirror (symbolized by Oshun's mirror) amplifying the intentions of those who stood before it. This is the reason why the initiates of Obatala put so much emphasis on good character. Igbodu is exactly like a computer, garbage in garbage out, or elevation of spirit in elevation of spirit out. Oriki developed as a way of imprinting radiant energy with sound vibrations (called ofo ase in Yoruba) that would sustain fertility, peace, elevation, enlightenment and harmony. The light projected into the ungrounded water and carried throughout the landscape takes the effect of these incantations for long distances creating a land ruled by a silver sword, the sword (symbol of consciousness) of elevation. We know this because the process is still being used in Ile Ife. To the extent that this is not done in the Diaspora is the extent to which we still have things to learn from our elders in Africa. To the extent that this process was disrupted in Africa by Christian missionaries is the extent to which the Christian denigration of African culture becomes self-fulfilling prophecy.

    As the priestly understanding of Domes increased the stone structures used to mark them became more elaborate and complex often involving the placement of massive rocks transported long distances. The list of theories offered to explain the rock moving techniques used by our ancient ancestors is extensive. The problem with most of the theories is that those who make them are unable to reproduce the results; they are unable to move stones of the size and weight used to build megalithic temples. There is one notable exception, and that is the castle built in Homestead Florida by Edward Leedskalnin in the early years of the last century. In an article by Christopher Dunn in Atlantis Rising Magazine the accomplishments of the Latvian immigrant are compared to the building techniques of the ancient Egyptians:

    "An immigrant to the United States of America, Leedskalnin devised a means to single-handedly lift and maneuver blocks of coral weighing up to 30 tons each. In Homestead, Florida, using his closely guarded secret, he was able to quarry and construct an entire complex of monolithic blocks of coral in an arrangement that reflected his own unique character. On average, the weight of a single block used in the Coral Castle was greater than those used to build the Great Pyramid. He labored for 28 years to complete the work, which consisted of a total of 1,100 tons of rock. What was Leedskalnin's secret? Is it possible for a five-foot tall, 110 pound man to accomplish such a feat without knowing techniques that are uncommon to our contemporary understanding of physics and mechanics?

    Leedskalnin was a student of the universe. Within his castle walls, built of coral blocks weighing approximately 15 tons each, he had a 22-ton obelisk, a 22-ton moon block, a 23-ton Jupiter block, a Saturn block, a 9-tib gate, a rocking chair that weighed 3-tons, and numerous puzzles. A huge 30-ton block which he considered to be his major achievement, he crowned with a gable shaped rock."
    Leedskalnin claimed his technique involved an understanding of magnetism in relationship to the flow of force fields (ley lines) along the surface of the earth and the ability to use those force fields to eliminate the effect of gravity. Beyond that he remained silent. The Government made repeated efforts to learn his secret and he refused to give any of the details. The Castle is currently a museum open to the public and the official history of his remarkable accomplishment says he moved the entire structure from Shangri-La Florida to Homestead Florida by using his secret to load the massive stones on a truck. No truck every built can hold 30 tones of rock, making the accomplishment truly amazing and the official explanation less than adequate.

    B.J. Cathie a prominent contemporary researcher into the phenomena associated with the earth grid offered an explanation of Leedskalnin's Castle.
    ". . .there exists an all-encompassing global grid with direct harmonic relationship to the speed of light, gravity, magnetics and earth mass. All major changes of the physical state are brought about by harmonic interactions of these manifestations. The controlled manipulation of these forces would make it possible to instantaneously move mass from one point to another in space/time.
    . . . measurements from Coral Castle yield harmonics related to Light and Gravity. The distance between Coral Castle, and Grid Pole A (in the north), dispel any doubt about the site being an ideal position to allow Ed Leedskalnin to erect the huge blocks of coral with relative ease. Measurements indicate the harmonics necessary for the manipulation of anti-gravity." -
    If Cathie is correct in his analysis, Leedskalnin's methods would eliminate the need for the use of a truck. (i.e. movement coupled with time displacement). Such a possibility is so far outside the normal range of contemporary human experience it invokes easy skepticism. In an Article titled "Acoustic Levitation of Stones", Cathie describes the experience of a Swedish doctor named Jarl who traveled to Tibet in 1939 to treat an ailing Lama (Buddhist Priest). During his visit Jarl was invited to witness the construction of a wall leading to the entrance of a cave located 250 meters above the ground. Directly under the mouth of the cave the doctor observed a semi circle of 19 drums arranged in a 90-degree arch around a large stone.
    "When the stone was in position the monk behind the small drum gave a signal to start the concert. The small drum had a very sharp sound, and could be heard even with the other instruments making a terrible din. All the monks were signing and chanting a prayer, slowly increasing the tempo of this unbelievable noise. During the first four minutes nothing happened, then as the speed of the drumming, and the noise, increased, the big stone block started to rock and sway, and suddenly it took off in the air with an increasing speed in the direction of the platform in front of the cave hole 250 meters high. From time to time a stone split, and the monks moved the split stones away. Quite an unbelievable task."
    Dr. Jarl was sent to Tibet on behalf of the English Society. While in Tibet he filmed the rock moving process. When he returned to England the film was confiscated and has never been shown in public.

    To assert the notion that the power spots of antiquity were developed by a global culture from a single vision of interconnected spiritual and material relationships requires hard evidence to be credible. An archaeocryptographer (person who makes surveys of ancient structures and cities) named Carl Munck has used satellite photographs and on sight measuring techniques to make the case for a unified network of sacred sites. Carl Munck believes that in order to understand the enigmatic structures built in antiquity we must first understand the "mathematical precisions of the earth". The basic elements of his system of analysis include counting the number of obvious features at a given site, locate the position of the site in relationship to the Prime Meridian which he believes was originally located on the Giza Plateau, then correlate the position to other know monuments in the grid. For example, Munck analized the Kukulkan Pyramid at Chichen Itza in the Yucatan penisula of Mexico in an article by Laura Lee.
    ". . . the pyramid shows us nine terraces. This is the first number we use to assemble our formula for the decoding process. The second number is 365 Kukulkan has four staircases, one on each side of the monument, on each staircase are 91 steps. For the four, that totals 364 steps with the top platform of the pyramid being the 365th step, giving us our second number 365. There are four sides, and four staircases. We now have all the numbers shown by the architect and put the decoding formula together: 9 terraces x 365 steps x 4 sides x 4 stairways = 52,560. 52,560 is also arrived at by multiplying the numbers in the ancient grid coordinates for Kukulkan: 119 degrees x 42 minutes x 10.51620248 seconds 52,560."
    In the process of surveying ancient sites Munck discovered that the grid coordinates were carved into the stone monuments using an early form of writing called Ogam (looking similar to hash marks used to count in sets of five i.e. four vertical lines crossed by a single horizontal line). Munck has published a number of highly technical volumes of data recording the result of his global surveying effort. His work is further confirmation of a global culture based on the veneration of the Sun and the use of natural earth centered technology for both scientific and spiritual elevation.
    Egyptian oral tradition suggests the large stone pillars and obelisks
    located across the planet were used for sending messages across the grid. The idea sounds unlikely if you're not familiar with the "vibrating telephone" developed by Nathan B. Stubblefield in 1888 and installed as Kentucky's first public communication system. Stubblefield located ley lines throughout the rugged Kentucky landscape. He developed a system for accessing power from the grid and used that power to send messages back through the grid. Stubblefield located places were the ley lines crossed (Hermetic Domes) and inserted iron rods wrapped with copper wire insulated with cotton. Using this simple method he was able to draw electricity from the earth that he used to power transmitters and receivers he called "ground telephones". The messages were sent through the earth without the aid of wires and the sound quality was superior to the conventional phone systems used at the time. He also used his understanding of the grid to create lamps that needed no bulbs and no electrical outlets other than a connection to his rods. Gerry Vassilatos describes Stubblefield's work in his book Lost Science.
    ". . . Mr. Stubblefield experimented with the buried power receiver and a system of telephone sets. He found it possible to send vocal signals through the ground to a distant receiver, referring this system as a "ground telephone". Telephoning through the ground became routine for this remarkable man.
    Signals sent through the Stubblefield method were notable for their reported "great clarity". What is strange about this system is its elegant simplicity. Stubblefield's transmitting system evidences an almost crude minimalism, which offends some researchers, while surprising others.

    Numerous private and public demonstrations of this first system were made in Murray, Kentucky (1886-1892), where his mysterious "black boxes" were seen. Two metal rods were stuck into the ground a few feet apart from each distantly placed set. Speech between the two sets was loud and clear despite distances of 3500 to 6000 feet." - page 95
    After making several unsuccessful attempts to get financial backing for his system, Stubblefield went into seclusion developing his ideas and applying them to the rural area where he lived. All of the components he used for his inventions were made from simple materials available to our ancient ancestors. In parts of rural Kentucky he is still considered something of a folk hero where traces of his system remain in tack.

    There is some speculation that the projection of sound by the ancients was enhanced by the use of crystals. Large circular crystal plates have been found throughout Egypt and are typically described as "altar objects". It is interesting to note that Oke Itase the sacred mound in Ile Ife identified, as the home of Orunmila, is an outcropping of silicone crystal chips directly above an elaborate system of underground water channels. It is the place where Egbe Ifa continues to say prayers and make ebo.

    Egyptian oral history also suggests that sound generated by the size and shape of stones located on the grid were used for healing both physical and mental illness. Many of the ancient temples in Egypt have niches the approximate size of a coffin. Archeologists look at them and assume they were cut as burial slots. It is more likely they were used as healing tables like the padded beds found in a contemporary doctor's office. Again, if the idea of sound therapy would seem fanciful if it were not for the research of Dr. R. Raymond Rife. In 1920 Dr. Rife invented an ultraviolet projection microscope. The invention was effective in capturing images of cell structure with far greater magnification than is currently possible with high tech electron microscopes. In simple terms the telescope used ultra-violet light projected through prisms in a way that lost none of the clarity and focus generated by other systems of high magnification. Dr. Rife was the first to capture images of the various viruses that are the cause of a wide range of illnesses. While watching these viruses under his projection microscope he discovered the viruses were affected by sound and could be effectively dissolved through the use of sound waves. He did extensive research identifying specific waves, frequencies and amplitudes needed to cure specific viral infections. His research was confiscated by the government and is currently unavailable. If his research were in fact an effective means for curing viral infections the use of sound therapy would literally destroy the pharmaceutical drug industry. The sale of prescriptions drugs represents 18% of the American gross natural product. This statistic begs the obvious question.

    Rife was not alone in his effort to find alternative healing methods that were prevalent in ancient times. If the ancient Egyptians used sound therapy at their temples, the use of sound would function in conjunction with the natural therapeutic effect of the energy flowing along the grid lines of the earth. Dr. William Reich discovered that he could generate the energy found along the ley lines by constructing a box using alternating layers of organic and inorganic material (i.e. alternating layers of metal and wood). This simple idea generated what he called Orgone energy and Reich spent most of his career as a doctor studying the positive and negative effects of Orgone energy on physical and mental health. He also discovered that if he projected Orgone energy into the sky it would affect the weather. The government confiscated Reich's research and he died in jail awaiting trial.

    When Reich first starting building his therapeutic boxes he discovered that the temperature inside the box was higher than the temperature outside the box. According to current laws of physics this would be impossible. He demonstrated the effect to Albert Einstein who was stunned by the revelation and was unable to provide an explanation. The use of alternating layers of organic and inorganic material is the structure of the Ark of the Covenant (i.e. alternating layers of wood and gold built to specific geometric proportions). The ark was supposed to be used as a medium of communication with the Elohim. Biblical scholars tend to translate the word Elohim to mean "God", the actual translation is "Gods", plural. The ark was in fact an energy accumulator used to access inter-dimensional realms of being in the same way that Hermetic Domes, along the power grid were used as inter-dimensional access points. Western historians would have us believe that there was only one ark and that it was first created by Moses. In fact the ark was a common device used among the Egyptians and a number of boxes identical in size and structure to the Ark of the Covenant were found in the tomb of King Tutankhamen. Six of these boxes were taken from Egypt to Europe by the Knights Templars in the 13th Century and are believed to be buried under the Templar Chapel in Rossyln Scotland. The history of the Ark of the Covenant traces its movement from the Temple in Jerusalem to an island in Ethiopia and eventually to a small church in Axum Ethiopia. (The reason for this move will be discussed in a future installment)

    If the sacred technology of the ancient world was based on an in depth understanding of nature, it should be possible to reproduce the accomplishments of our ancestors that are reported in the myths and legends of antiquity. A survey of visionaries who stepped outside the conventions of the Western worldview suggests that the rediscovery of ancient metaphysics has generated a long list of effective alternatives to mainstream science and technology. This raises the question of why has so much time and effort been devoted to the suppression of these re-occurring discoveries and what is the big secret that academia wants to keep hidden from the general public?

    The commonly held Western worldview is deeply rooted in what is generally referred to as the scientific method. It is based on the idea that objective scientific theory is only valid if it can accurately predict the consequences that result from the interaction between specific forces in nature. For example if heat is applied to water it generates steam and the liquid is transformed into a gas. Anyone who observes the application of heat to water will witness the same effect. This formulation of the scientific method produced the industrial revolution that has transformed the consciousness of the entire planet. The method was unchallenged until a scientist named Wigner suggested that the consciousness of the observer had an effect on the results of a scientific experiment. He noticed that physicist who believed light was made up of particles created experiments that proved light was made up of particles, while physicist who believed light was made up of waves created experiments that proved light was made up of waves. Stephen Hawking says; "The eventual goal of science is to provide a single theory that describes the whole universe". Such an endeavor is called "unified field theory". As a step towards creating unified field theory scientist became very interested in conducting experiments in a vacuum. The use of a vacuum was believed to eliminate the possible influence of invisible forces on a particular experiment. A vacuum is essentially an enclosed space in which all gas, including air, has been pumped out. Much to the dismay of Western science, it was discovered that vacuums generated an electromagnetic pulse. It was assumed that this energetic pulse was a residual effect of radiation from the sun. In an effort do eliminate this radiation from the vacuum the enclosed space was drained of all heat until it reached the point of zero degrees Celsius. The theory was that freezing the vacuum would dissipate the radiation. At zero point temperatures scientist still discovered the existence of electromagnetic pulses inside the vacuum. If the temperate countered the heat from the sun then the electromagnetic energy had to come from somewhere and the only possible source of radiation was a inter-dimensional transference of energy. Having the key to this inter-dimensional window creates access to an unlimited source of free energy. Pick up any textbook on electrical engineering. The textbooks all have tables showing the wave patterns of electrical currents at different temperatures. When you get to the place on the chart marked zero degrees there is an asterisk, which directs the reader to a footnote. The footnote says the data related to zero point electromagnetic radiation is classified by the United States Government for reasons of national security. No joke. What is so dangerous about understanding a fundamental law of physics?

    The electromagnetic impulse generated by zero point vacuums is pre-atomic in structure. In other words it is made up of fundamental units of energy that come together to form matter. These pre-atomic units are called gravitons and they are responsible for the effect of gravity in the universe. Gravitons move from the fourth dimension to the third dimension as a result of planetary and stellar spin. Scientist first discovered this phenomenon during the Apollo missions to the moon. Using Newtonian physics NASA engineers calculated that the Apollo craft would leave the pull of the earth's gravity at a distance of 221,586 miles from the earth and be pulled towards the moon by the moons gravitational field. This calculation was important for creating the sling shot effect used to gauge when the craft needed to fire its buster rockets. The actual point at which the moon started to pull the craft was a distance of 202,827 miles. The 19,000-mile discrepancy was the result of gravitons generated by the spin of the moon moving between dimensional realities. After this discovery was made many of the top executives at NASA including Werner von Braun resigned and went into private industry. Very strange.

    When he was twenty-three years old Einstein claimed to have solved the mystery of Unified Field Theory. If he did, it means he understood the relationship between inter-dimensional reality and gravity. Shortly after making the announcement concerning his discovery Einstein claimed his theory was inaccurate and withdrew the data relating to his theory. The top scientists in physics as well as the top scientist in NASA know the ancient mystery of African sacred technology and they are determined to keep it a secret. How do we know they know? The data collected by Russian scientist marks the flow of electromagnetic pulses along the ley lines based on technical readings using sophisticated equipment. Based on their research the strongest Dome center in the United States in located in Washington DC. The original streets of the city are laid out in a way that mirrors the flow of earth energy from the center point of the Dome. Exactly at the center point of the Dome the founding fathers built Washington's monument in the shape of an obelisk. .

    For those who are interested here is the secret that is being suppressed:
    This is the awo or mystery that enabled our ancient ancestors to build the pyramids.

    Cut a stone in the shape of a ball. Attach magnets to the ball at the equator. Spin the ball. At high speeds the spin generates a Mesmer field, which in western scientific language means anti-gravitational. Anything you place above the ball will have no weight. You move huge stones simply by moving the ball. Couple this with an astute understanding of the effect of sound on gravity and you have all the tools you need to build Coral Castle, or the pyramid at Giza. The museum at Coral Castle has a circular stone slab with magnets attached to the outer parameter. This was Leedskalnin's secret; the secret he said was a rediscovery of the methods used by ancient architects to build megalithic stone temples. Gravitons come into being in the third dimension in bundles of four, two strong units (expansive or male) and two weak units (contractive or female) this is the fundamental structure of one leg of the Ifa oracle. In part one of this series I suggested that Odu was zero point energy. The marks of Odu represent all the possible manifestations of zero point energy moving from the fourth dimension into the third dimension. Odu is a map of the way in which pre-atomic particles form physical reality. Is this a coincidence? I don't think so.

    The denigration of African spiritual technology clearly has a racist component. It also has a political component related to the fear of African spiritual technology by those political houses that want to maintain their control of global resources by denying humanity access to a true understanding the mystery of Nature. How far back does this conspiracy go?

    The Montauk Indians in Long Island New York claim they migrated to the United States from Africa long before the arrival of Columbus. Their traditional homeland is near a lake at the end of Long Island that is an access point to one of the major underground waterways on the east coast. The common ancestral name of the Montauk elders is Pharaoh. They built their homes along the Long Island Coast with rock in the shape of Pyramids. Just before the American Revolutionary War an America Scientist lived with the Montauk Indians for six months so he could study their language and oral history. He complied a complete dictionary of the Montauk language and took extensive field notes. When he returned to his home in Virginia he claimed to have lost the dictionary and all of his notes. The man's name was Thomas Jefferson. Prior to World War I the US Park Service dismantled all the pyramids built by the Montauk Nation on the Long Island shoreline. The United States Government has never given the Montauk Nation Native American Status they continue to fight for this right to this day. Their traditional homeland is currently being used by the Military as a research center for non-conventional weapons (i.e. weapons based on the theories of Nicolas Tesla) and for the development of technology used for mind control.
    Can anyone imagine what impact there would have been on the American economy if it were known that the Africans who were forced to come to the United States had access to a sacred technology that was superior to the technology of the oppressing culture? There is a reason why the early laws related to slavery made it a capitol offense to practice traditional African religion. I firmly believe the reason was rooted in a fear among the Euro-America elite regarding the inherent power of Odu.

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    Is Animal Sacrifice (ebo) Important?

    Animal Sacrifice is the single most controversial ritual practice performed by practitioners of African based religions such as Lucumi, Haitian Vodou, and Traditional Ifa. Outsiders have long said that animal sacrifice is not necessary because the need to sacrifice animals to our spirits has been subverted by modernity. And while, for some, the cost of animals may not be much of an economic sacrifice there is more to the performance of animal sacrifice beyond the simple economic expense.
    Many priests have written about the importance of animal sacrifice and some have even defended animal sacrifice in the U.S. court system (e.g., the Church of Lukumi Babalu Aye, 1993) to protect legally our rights to practice our religion. We, as a community, have spent a great deal of time and effort educating the public by writing for those people who don’t practice an African based religion. These efforts are usually designed to explain the how’s and why’s of animal sacrifice – or to defend these practices as “logical” and spiritually necessary. However, today I am writing this article not for the public – but for practitioners. I found that many practitioners themselves do not fully understand the reasons for sacrifice and some even believe erroneously that a priest can – through sustained spiritual development – reach a point in their own so-called spiritual evolution that would make animal sacrifice unnecessary.
    I would like to begin our discussion by talking about why we perform animal sacrifice. Animal sacrifice does not provide us with ase – ase only comes from Olodumare and the Orisa. Nor do we give blood to the Orisa to give them ase as they are already the keepers of Olodumare’s divine energy. We do not give blood to the Orisa to give our tools or “shrines” ase or even to give our lives ase. Believing that ritual sacrifice gives our Orisa ase is due to a misunderstanding not just of ritual sacrifice but also of ase. Even so, there is a relationship between ase and blood sacrifice – which is probably where this misunderstanding began.
    But before we can grasp fully the true connection between sacrifice and ase we must understand what an Orisa “pot” is and what it is not. It may be surprising to hear, but Orisa pots are not shrines in the classic Greco-Roman sense. Even so, I am guilty of using the word “shrine” (and I really dislike “fetish” as an alternative) myself. However, I do so because English lacks the vocabulary to describe the ways that Orisa “shrines” are understood in a Yoruba context without using long clunky phrases. Orisa pots are “incarnations of the Orisa from Orun to earth.” Meaning, Orisa pots are not altars, they are not representational, they are not symbolic – they are manifestations of the Orisa – and their ase – themselves. Blood sacrifice does not give your Orisa ase, as the divine keepers of Olodumare’s ase it’s the Orisa who give us ase – not the other way around. What sacrifice does is nourish the Orisa’s ase that isintrinsic to their existence – which then gives the ase inherent in Orisa pots more efficacy, power, and presence.
    But there’s more to animal sacrifice than actively recharging an Orisa’s cosmic ase-battery. Animal sacrifice also nourishes us with the meat thereby completing the cycle and affirming our connection to our earthly and heavenly egbe (community). Sacrificing an animal nourishes the spirits (with blood) and the community (with meat) thereby indexing the powerful link between humanity and the Orisa as they are both nourished by a single ritual process. Offerings of fruit, amidu, and even drinks all recharge our Orisa’s ase but they perform this task slowly and with coolness. Blood sacrifice, on the other hand, recharges an Orisa quickly and with heat.
    It is – in part – the intensity and “heat” produced from animal sacrifice that makes animal sacrifice mandatory in all Orisa and Ifa initiations. Simply put, if you were initiated without the act of animal sacrifice your Orisa was not fully birthed and by now your Orisa has dissolved back to the earth from which it came. Blood is not just symbolic of “birthing,” the intensity of blood sacrifice also has a practical purpose – it charges – or electrifies – the struggling ase of a newly incarnated Orisa so that it may endure on earth. The act of sacrifice jolts a newly birthed Orisa with the electricity of life and charges the Orisa “ase-battery” quickly and fully. Indeed, this is also why some priests believe that your Orisa should be given blood once a year – it keeps the ase of your Orisa nourished and efficacious. Orisa birthed without blood are left uncharged and unfinished which leaves them to dissipate into back into the earth. Ritual sacrifice during initiation is mandatory. Anyone who performs an initiation ceremony without blood – and calls it Ifa or Orisa worship – is a fraud. Not only does the performance of blood sacrifice connect the new initiate to their community but it also nourishes the ase of their newly birthed orisa giving sustainable power.
    While most people understand that animal sacrifice is necessary for initiation I have found that many people do not have a solid grasp on the ceremony of sacrifice. It is Ogun and his sacred metal that make sacrifice possible – therefore at the moment of sacrifice Ogun gets the “first taste” of all animals given to the Orisa. Indeed, I have heard the sacrificial knife called “the tongue of Ogun.” This means that after every sacrifice a small drop of palm oil should be placed on the blade of your knife to honor the ase of Ogun which made the offering possible. Additionally, in West Africa – unlike in the West – the size of the animal sacrificed is rarely fixed. Instead, it correlates with the number of people that the animal needs to feed. The animals do not carry ase – the Orisa do. The animals do not give ase to a newly birthed Orisa – they merely activate or charge the ase already inherent in the Orisa. Therefore, a goat does not carry more ase than a chicken – why? Because animals do not carry ase anymore than we do, Orisa do. If you need to feed four or less people, sacrifice a chicken. If you need to feed five or more people, offer a goat. It’s really that simple.
    Even so, there are occasions when larger animals such as goats or pigs are necessary, but not for the reasons you many think. For example, in my lineage we require that a person give four goats to their Ifa before they can receive and Igba Odu. This doesn’t mean that your Ifa must have a certain amount of ase prior to receiving the Orisa Odu, even if it’s often worded as such. This means that that Ifa priest must have feed the community – that is, served his community – several times prior to being vested with Odu because Odu by her nature is communal and designed to protect and empower the Ifa priest’s community. Of course, it’s for these reasons that Ifa priests should be made with a goat and many Orisa priests are. But it’s important to understand that the sacrifice of larger animals during initiations are not to give your Orisa more ase (they already have all they need from Olodumare) it’s about the new priest feeding and serving, their community in a symbolic and real way.
    I hope this gives us, as a community, things to think about. In this blog post I wanted to show that 1) animal sacrifice charges ase – it does not bestow ase 2) animal sacrifice is necessary for initiations, and any initiation done without animal sacrifice is an unfortunate scam, and 3) the size of the animal given during ceremonies has to do with how many people need to be fed or as a symbolic gesture indexing a new priests service to their community – not because some animals have more ase than others.
    Awó Fáladé Òsúntólá
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    Afrikan Alchemy

    Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark
    Amazing Revelations of the Phenomenal Power of Gold
    by Laurence Gardner

    Throughout the past century, and especially since the days of Albert Einstein, scientists have been searching for the Holy Grail of modern physics, which they classify as a unified Theory of Everything. This has led to some amazing discoveries and the emergence of a whole new language, which includes superstrings, quarks, and superconductivity, along with an awareness of hitherto unknown planes of existence beyond our own familiar space-time.

    In the field of quantum mechanics, scientists have recently confirmed that matter can indeed be in two places at once. It is now established that, through quantum entanglement, particles millions of light-years apart can be connected without physical contact. Space-time can now be manipulated; teleportation is becoming a reality; gravity-resistant material is heralded for air transport, and virtual science has led to a greater understanding of hyper-dimensional environments.

    When discussing the attributes of monatomic gold and platinums in Genesis of the Grail Kings, I remarked that it would not be long before the potential of these noble metals was announced for environment-friendly fuel cells. These, I suggested, would supersede fossil fuels for transportation and other practical purposes. At the same time, I touched on their future use in the medical arena, particularly in the field of cancer treatment. More especially, we looked at the gravity-defying attributes of these exotic, white-powder substances, and at their abilities to superconduct and literally bend space-time.

    The truly astonishing fact about the enigmatic white powder of high-spin gold and platinum group metals is that it is not actually a new discovery. The ancient Mesopotamians called it 'shem-an-na' and the Egyptians described it as 'mfkzt', while the Alexandrians venerated it as a gift from Paradise, and later chemists such as Nicolas Flamel called it the Philosophers' Stone.

    At all stages of its history the sacred "powder of projection" was reckoned to have extraordinary powers of levitation, transmutation, and teleportation. It was said to produce brilliant light and deadly rays, while at the same time being a key to active physical longevity. In today's world, the Institute for Advanced Studies in Texas has described the substance as "exotic matter", and superconductivity (one of its primary characteristics) has been claimed by the Center for Advanced Study in Illinois as "the most remarkable physical property in the universe".

    It is clear, however, from the documentary evidence of ancient times, that the attributes of superconductors and gravity defiance were known, even if not understood, in a distant world of priestly levitation, godly communication, and the phenomenal power of the 'electrikus'. In Greek mythology the quest for the secret of this substance was at the heart of the Golden Fleece legend, while in biblical terms it was the mystical realm of the Ark of the Covenant - the golden coffer, which Moses brought out of Sinai, and was later housed in the Temple of Jerusalem.

    Irrespective of all this, the earliest historical record of 'mfkzt' powder is probably the most telling of all. It appears in a very specific guise in the Egyptian Pyramid Texts - sacred writings which adorn the 5th-dynasty pyramid tomb of King Unas at Saqqara. Here is described the locality in which the King is said to live forever with the Gods, and it is called the Field of Mfkzt - an ethereal location associated with an otherworldly dimension called the Realm of the Blessed.

    Given that mysterious processes concerning gold have an alchemical ring about them, and since the monatomic 'powder of projection' (although made from noble metals) is classified as a 'stone', let us consider the writings of the 17th-century alchemist Eirenaeus Philalethes. This renowned British philosopher, revered by Isaac Newton, Robert Boyle, Elias Ashmole, and other Royal Society fellows of his day, produced a work in 1667 entitled Secrets Revealed. In this treatise, he discussed the nature of the Philosophers' Stone, which was commonly thought to transmute base metal into gold. Setting the record straight, Philalethes made the point that the Stone was itself made of gold, and that the philosophers' art was in perfecting this process. He stated: "Our Stone is nothing but gold digested to the highest degree of purity and subtle fixation ... Our gold, no longer vulgar, is the ultimate goal of Nature".

    In another treatise entitled A Brief Guide to the Celestial Ruby, Philalethes pronounced: "It is called a Stone by virtue of its fixed nature; it resists the action of fire as successfully as any stone. In species it is gold, more purer than the purest; it is fixed and incombustible like a stone, but its appearance is that of a very fine powder".

    Some time earlier, in the 15th century, the French chemist Nicolas Flamel wrote in his Last Testament, dated 22nd November 1416, that when the noble metal was perfectly dried and digested, it made a fine "powder of gold", which is the Philosophers' Stone.

    Returning to ancient Egypt, we find further references to 'mfkzt' at various sacred locations. One of these relates to the treasures of Pharaoh Tuthmosis III, as reproduced in a bas-relief at the temple of Karnak. In the metals section, there are a number of cone-shaped objects. They are explained as being made of gold, but carry the rather odd description, "white bread".

    It was at Karnak where, in about 1450 BC, Tuthmosis III founded his metallurgical fraternity of Master Craftsmen, with 39 members on the High Council. They were called the Great White Brotherhood - a name which, it was said, derived from their preoccupation with a mysterious white powder of projection.

    The powder features again in an Alexandrian document called the Iter Alexandri Magni ad Paradisum. This was an old parable of Alexander the Great's journey to Paradise - the kingdom of Ahura Mazda, the Persian god of light. The account features the enchanted Paradise Stone, which had numerous magical properties and was said to outweigh its own quantity of gold although, when transposed to a powder, even a feather could tip the scales against it!

    The powder's association with light was discovered again by the archaeologist Sir William Flinders Petrie in 1904. Researching the mountain wilderness of Sinai for the Egypt Exploration Fund, he discovered a hitherto unknown Egyptian temple at the summit of Mount Serâbît (better known as Mount Horeb, from the Bible account of Moses and the Ark of the Covenant). Here in this complex of halls and shrines, there were numerous inscriptions relating to 'mfkzt', accompanying a variety of hieroglyphs for light. Also, in line with the Karnak reliefs, presentations of conical bread-cakes were apparent in the Serâbît wall carvings. One of these was a representation of Tuthmosis IV in the presence of the goddess Hathor. Before him were two offering stands topped with lotus flowers and behind him a man bearing a conical object described as "white bread".

    Another relief portrays the treasurer, Sobekhotep, presenting a conical loaf to Pharaoh Amenhotep III. In this respect, however, Sobekhotep is described as "He who brought the noble and precious stone to his Majesty" - and he is called "The Great One over the secrets of the House of Gold".

    In all cases where the 'mfkzt' powder of projection is allied to gold, bread and light, and classified as a 'stone', it is also related to fire. Interestingly, these things are all brought together in the Old Testament book of Job, which states: "As for the earth, out of it cometh bread; and under it is turned up as it were fire. The stones of it are the place of sapphires, and it hath the dust of gold".

    Another biblical text, from the book of Exodus, also discusses this mysterious combination - but in a form which moves one step nearer to the 'bread' connotation by describing the white powder as a type of food. It appears in the story of Moses and the Israelites at Mount Horeb in Sinai, when Moses is disturbed to find that his brother Aaron has collected the gold rings from the Israelites and forged from them a golden calf as an idol of worship. The account relates that Moses took the golden calf, burned it with fire, transposed it into a powder, mixed it with water, and fed it to the Israelites.

    This story has long baffled theologians because heating or burning gold with fire does not, of course, produce powder; it produces molten gold. Later in the story, however, it is explained that the fine powder could be wiped with frankincense and made into bread cakes, which the old Septuagint Bible calls "bread of the presence".

    All of this is mixed and mingled with accounts of fire on the mountain, and the express importance of the Ark of the Covenant - the golden coffer which sent out deadly spears of lightning from between the wings of the cherubim which surmounted its lid. In keeping with the bread of the presence, these bolts of Ark-light were similarly referred to as "The Presence" (seemingly, the presence of God), and the Greeks called it the 'electrikus'.

    Back in old Babylonia, the enigmatic white powder was called 'an-na', meaning 'fire-stone' and, when made into conical cakes, it was 'shem-an-na' - denoting cone-shaped or 'highward fire-stone'. According to the Bible, the Israelites referred to the bread-powder as 'manna', which sounds somewhat similar. It is explained by Flavius Josephus in his 1st-century Antiquities of the Jews that the term 'manna' was actually a question, meaning, What is it? - and the book of Exodus confirms this, stating: "They called it manna because they knew not what it was".

    This is totally in line with 'mfkzt' allusions in the Egyptian Book of the Dead (alternatively called the Papyrus of Ani). This 18th-dynasty scroll from Thebes, acquired by the British Museum in 1888, is extensively illustrated and around 76 feet (over 23 metres) in length. In this ancient ritualistic work, the pharaoh who seeks the terminal enlightenment asks, at the completion of each stage of his journey, the repetitive question, "What is it?"

    Other similar texts date back to the 3rd millennium BC, and it is clear from the Mount Serâbît reliefs in Sinai that the Egyptian kings were ingesting the white powder of gold from around 2380 BC. However, only the metallurgical adepts of the mystery schools (the Master Craftsmen) knew the secret of its manufacture, and the ultimate High Priest of Memphis held the title of Great Artificer.

    The Terminal Enlightenment (or, as the Greeks called it, the 'gnosis') was an ideal of perpetual quest. As against the physical body, one was also reckoned to have a 'light body', which similarly had to be fed so as to be nurtured and grow. The light body was called the 'ka' and, although essentially an intangible feature of life, it was said to remain active in the Afterlife. The food of the ka was light, which generated enlightenment, and the generative substance of light was the 'mfkzt' white powder of gold.

    Holding this information in mind, while remembering that all aspects of such discoveries have been a constant source of bewilderment for historians, theologians and even scientists, we can now move forwards in time to our present era. Taking our leave of the Middle East, our story will continue for a while in America where, quite by chance, the mysteries of this long forgotten science were rediscovered quite recently. Not only did 'mfkzt' re-emerge to find its place at the forefront of quantum physical research, but the stories of the Ark of the Covenant; the accounts of lightning, levitation, and other godly attributes of the ancient texts, quite suddenly became modern scientific reality.

    From 1995 the story of this initial discovery was reported in lectures and press articles by the Phoenix cotton farmer David Hudson. He explained that his soil suffered from a high sodium content, which caused the surface to be hard and impenetrable by water. To combat this (back in 1976), he was injecting sulphuric acid into the ground so as to break down the crust to a manageable consistency, but on testing soil constituents that were not dissolved by the acid, one particular material had a most unusual quality. When heat-dried in the Arizona sun, it would flare into a great blaze of white light and totally disappear. Under spectroscopic analysis, however, the substance registered as 'pure nothing'!

    Following unsuccessful tests at Cornell University, a sample was sent to England's Harwell Laboratories in Oxfordshire for neutron activation analysis - but even they could not obtain a suitable reading. Eventually, with assistance from the Soviet Academy of Sciences, it was determined that the mysterious glowing white substance was composed entirely of platinum group metals in a form hitherto unknown to science.

    In the course of continued research, the material was regularly heated and cooled, with a resultant fluctuation in its gravitational weight. It was also discovered that, at a certain temperature, the substance would fall apart to become an impalpable white powder - at which point its weight fell dramatically to 56% of its starting weight. Further heating then transformed the precious substance into a wonderfully clear glass, at which point the material weight returned to its original 100%. It was seemingly impossible, but it happened time and time again!

    Totally bewildered, the scientists continued their investigations. When they repeatedly heated and cooled the sample under inert gases, they found that the cooling processes took the sample to an amazing 400% of its starting weight; but when they heated it again, they found it weighed less than nothing - way below zero. When they removed the sample from the pan, they discovered that the pan actually weighed more than it did with the material in it. Even the pan was levitating!

    This was precisely in accordance with the old Alexandrian alchemical text, which had discussed the golden Paradise Stone over 2,000 years before: The material could outweigh its original quantity of gold, but when transposed to powder, even a feather would tip the scales against it.

    The substance was also determined to be a natural superconductor with a null magnetic field, repelling both North and South magnetic poles, while having the ability to levitate and store any amount of light and energy within itself.

    At that stage of development, Hudson met with Hal Puthoff, Director of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Austin, Texas. In his studies of zero-point energy and gravity as a zero-point fluctuation force, Puthoff had determined that when matter begins to react in two dimensions (as Hudson's samples were doing), it should theoretically lose some of its gravitational weight.

    Hudson was therefore able to confirm Puthoff's theory in practice, explaining that when entering a superconductive state the monatomic powder registers only 56% of its starting weight. Also, that when heated it can achieve a gravitational attraction of less than zero - at which point the weighing-pan also weighs less than it did when empty.

    Since gravity determines space-time, Puthoff concluded that materials such as this powder would be classified as 'exotic matter', and would be capable of bending space-time. However, it would then be resonating in a different dimension, under which circumstance it should become totally invisible. Again, Hudson confirmed that this was precisely the case; the sample certainly did vanish from sight when its weight disappeared.

    What was being said here was not simply that the substance could be moved out of perceptual vision, but that it was literally transported into an alternative parallel plane - a hyper-dimension of space-time. The proof of this was ascertained by attempting to disturb and scoop the substance with a spatula while it was invisible, so that it would be positioned differently when it returned to a visible state. But this did not happen and the substance returned to precisely the same position and shape that it was last seen. Nothing was moved or disturbed in the invisible interim because it had not been there. In short, it was not invisible: it had actually altered its physical state and had transposed into another dimension.

    It was like the difference between a conventional stealth aircraft, which cannot be detected by radar, as against one which can literally disappear into another dimension. This then is the superconductive dimension of the Orbit of Light or, as the Egyptian tomb records called it, the Field of Mfkzt.

    In the early 1990s, articles concerning stealth atoms and superconductivity began to appear with great regularity in the science press. The Niels Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen, the USA Department of Energy's Argonne National Laboratories in Chicago, and their Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee all confirmed that the elements discovered by Hudson certainly existed in the 'exotic' state. These included gold and the platinum group metals: iridium, rhodium, palladium, platinum, osmium and ruthenium.

    When filing his patents, Hudson had the substances classified as Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements (ORMEs), and the scientific terminology to describe the monatomic phenomenon is Asymmetrical Deformed High-spin. The substances are superconductors because high-spin atoms can pass energy from one to the next with no net loss of energy.

    Manipulation of space-time also became a subject of special interest, leading to an astonishing May 1994 announcement in the journal Classical and Quantum Gravity. Written by the Mexican mathematical scientist Miguel Alcubierre, it stated: "It is now known that it is possible to modify space-time in a way that allows a spaceship to travel at an arbitrarily large speed by a purely local expansion of the space-time behind the spaceship and an opposite contraction in front of it - a motion faster than the speed of light, reminiscent of the warp drive of science fiction".

    This was followed a few months later by a related article in the American Scientist. In this study, the physicist Michael Szpir showed how Alcubierre's concept did not violate Einstein's theory that no object can travel faster than light. He explained that, when in warp mode, the craft would not actually be travelling at all. The theoretical acceleration would be enormous, but the true rate of acceleration would be zero.

    Here then was a form of speed-of-light travel that required minimum time and minimum fuel. Only the necessary chunk of space-time would ostensibly have moved from in front of the craft to be relocated behind it by means of contraction and expansion respectively. But what was the necessary device to make this possible? The Alcubierre article explained that "exotic matter will be needed to generate a distortion of space-time".

    With information from the Ohio Aerospace Institute, Britain's BBC News science editor, Dr. David Whitehouse, subsequently reported: "The idea relies on the concept that, to physicists, space is not empty ... Space has a shape that can be distorted by matter ... The starship would simply rest in a warp bubble between the two space-time distortions".

    So, what is the 'exotic matter' to which Alcubierre referred? It is matter which has a gravitational attraction of less than zero. Szpir described it as "matter with the curious property of having a negative energy density, unlike normal matter (the stuff that makes up people, the planets and the stars), which has a positive energy". The necessary exotic device is an operative superconductor, and it had already been ascertained that the Phoenix 'mfkzt' was exotic matter with the ability to bend space-time.

    Reverting once more to where we began, we can now take another look at ORMEs in relation to its regular ingestion by the Egyptian pharaohs and Babylonian kings, to see precisely how these monatomic elements were used to feed their light bodies, with some astonishing results.

    In the May 1995 issue of Scientific American, the effect of the platinum group metal ruthenium was discussed in relation to human DNA. It was pointed out that when single ruthenium atoms are placed at each end of a short strand of DNA, the strand becomes 10,000 times more conductive. It becomes, in effect, a superconductor. For some time, chemists had suspected that the double helix might create a highly conductive path along the axis of the molecule, and here was confirmation of the fact.

    Similarly, the Platinum Metals Review has featured regular articles concerning the use of platinum, iridium, and ruthenium in the treatment of cancers, which are caused through the abnormal and uncontrolled division of body cells. When a DNA state is altered (as in the case of a cancer) the application of a platinum compound will resonate with the deformed cell, causing the DNA to relax and become corrected. Such treatment involves no surgery; it does not destroy surrounding tissue with radiation, nor kill the immune system, as does chemotherapy or radio-therapy.

    The medical profession entered the high-spin arena when the biomedical research division of Bristol-Myers Squibb announced that ruthenium atoms interact with DNA, correcting the malformation in cancer cells. (Monatomic gold and platinum metals are in effect 'stealth atoms', and it has now been ascertained that body cells communicate with each other by way of stealth atoms through a system of light waves.) What the new science determines is that monatomic ruthenium resonates with the DNA, dismantles the short-length helix, and rebuilds it again correctly - just as one might dismantle and resurrect a dilapidated building.

    It is known that both iridium and rhodium have anti-ageing properties, while ruthenium and platinum compounds interact with the DNA and the cellular body. It is also known that gold and the platinum metals, in their monatomic high-spin state, can activate the endocrinal glandular system in a way that heightens awareness, perception and intuition to extraordinary levels. In this regard, it is considered that the high-spin powder of gold has a distinct effect upon the pineal gland, increasing melatonin production. Likewise, the monatomic powder of iridium has a similar effect on the serotonin production of the pituitary gland, and would appear to reactivate the body's 'junk DNA', along with the under-used and unused parts of the brain.

    It is of particular significance that, irrespective of all today's costly and extensive research in these areas, the secrets of the highward fire-stones were known to our ancestors many thousands of years ago. They knew that there were superconductors inherent in the human body; they were the elements of individual consciousness which they called the 'light body' (the 'ka'). They knew that both the physical body and the light body had to be fed to increase hormonal production, and the ultimate food for the latter was called 'shem-an-na' by the Babylonians, 'mfkzt' by the Egyptians, and 'manna' by the Israelites,

    The magical powder of projection was manufactured by the priestly Master Craftsmen of the temples (the Guardians of the House of Gold) for the express purpose of deifying the kings - and it re-emerges today as the primary new substance in fields ranging from cancer treatment to stealth aircraft. It will also provide the essential 'exotic matter' required for warp drive space travel in hitherto insurmountable dimensions of space-time.

    In Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark, the story of monatomic 'mfkzt' is told in detail from the earliest times to the present day, with specific reference to the importance of the biblical Ark of the Covenant. There are many mysteries associated with this enigmatic coffer - not the least of which is the manner of its original creation at Mount Horeb. The book of Exodus explains that, when Moses destroyed the Israelites' golden calf, God issued a specific directive forbidding the manufacture of graven images which represented any living creature on earth or in heaven. But then, immediately after this, God seemingly instructed the craftsman Bezaleel to construct the Ark of the Covenant, specifying (in complete contradiction of the directive) that two golden cherubs should surmount its lid. What then (if not angels, as commonly thought) were the arcane cherubim? How did they have the power to produce the devastating Ark-light of the presence, which wreaked such havoc on the subsequent battlefields?

    Through our present understanding of high-spin elements, it becomes apparent that the biblical Ark (along with similar devices in Egypt and Babylonia) was directly responsible for the scientific manufacture of the monatomic fire-stone, while also providing its own storage facility for the substance - hence the Ark's levitational and superconductive powers.

    From the time of Moses, the Ark's history can be followed to the Temple of Jerusalem. There, as described in the Septuagint, King Solomon used its powers to "provide bread for the household of the King of Tyre", who supplied in return ships, horses and chariots for the Royal House of Judah.

    Subsequently (despite what many have written to the contrary), the Ark can be tracked for another 2000 years to its astonishing role in the history of the Knights Templars in Europe. Its last historical record comes from the early 14th century and, from this, its final resting place is determined - a resting place which could never have been understood until this present era of quantum physics and the superconductor research of high-spin monatomic elements.
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    Hi brother, i will try to post something when i get off work tonight 9:30. Ose is Oshuns odu Irete heavy on the Mothers. Oshun being the head Iyaami, this is heavy feminine energy. Ose denotes abundance irete determination
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    your lucky day i had some free time at work.
    ose irete speaks of receiving unexpected abundance and the need to be generous with it or lose it. this is a very good odu. the metaphysical principle is abundance leads to determination. Ose from the elision o ase, the owner of ase (ashe, ache axe). Irete from Ire ate, or ire (good fortune) on the mat. diviners sit on a mat so it is the invocation of good fortune. It doesnt get much better than this. However, as I said in earlier post, the Mothers don't like stingy, so you must be generous with this blessing from the Mothers. Ebo to Olokun for money. Ebo to your Ori and your closest ally's Ori also (along with head cleaning). Ebo is a pigeon and whatever else your Ori asks for. Also ebo of money. Make a significant contribution to the charity of your choice. This odu is also known as "Ose bi irete sile aje." aje as in money. If planning anything like business venture, new relationship, etc. move on it with confidence. It comes with Ifa medicine in the form of a soap for bathing and instruction to mark ose on the wall in efun and irete in camwood some other things. But if you're not initiated and/or have nobody to do it for you, then just go to the ocean and praise and pray to Olokun, leave a little something and make the donation to the charity. Ebo are specific to each individual at the moment of divination so these are only outlines of possibilites.
    Falling off a hill

    Falling into a ditch

    He that fell into a ditch

    Would teach the rest coming behind a lesson

    Cast divination for Òsé

    The one that was taking Irete
    to the house of wealth

    He was asked to perform sacrifice

    He was asked to offer pigeons as sacrifice

    With a lot of money

    They offered the sacrifice

    it is one of the friends that discovered a business

    The two of them set off for the place

    They became rich

    And life pleased them

    They then started to dance and rejoice

    They were praising their Babaláwos

    Their Babaláwos were praising Ifá

    They said it was as their Babaláwos had said

    Falling off a hill

    Falling into a ditch

    He that fell into a ditch

    Would teach the rest coming behind a lesson

    Cast divination for Òsé

    The one that was taking Irete
    to the house of wealth

    He was asked to perform sacrifice before leaving

    The two of them heard about the sacrifice

    ·ô acquainted Iretewith a method of making wealth

    One’s ally would definitely introduce one to a method

    of making wealth

    One’s ally

    Ase ooo

    Each Odu has many verses which are chanted and the client will stop the awo when they feel one is speaking to their problem or question. the awo will also have an idea. could be either way or both. but if this verse speaks to you, that is you are starting, thinking of starting, etc., a business venture (or anything related) with a partner, you have the right partner and it is the right time and it will be succesfull but ebo is a must to lock in the good fortune.

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    This is just too perfect. This Odu came up in my reading last Sunday, and ebo was made in the form of two white pigeons to my Egungun. I was also informed that my journey is inextricably linked to my walk with my Egungun and Ifa, and that I will have to receive at least one Hand of Ifa.
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    that's good. If you need hand of Ifa i do them traditional style and not so expensive.

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