Black Poetry : Ode to Siren


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Apr 10, 2009
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Ode to Siren

On the salty cool breath of a Monsoon’s eve
The echoes of your whispers are still carried to me
And my heart rebels
but my mind slightly starts to concede
And from my mouth unto the earth my song of woe is received
As it travels from the air, throughout the deeps of my leagues

Last night I dreamt of you, and yet still I believed
That you were immaculately carved to exist only for me
How naive?
From upon my seas ....
Still I called to thee...
An alluring and enchanting melody....
Even as dawn beckoned a new day to be
Lighting the ocean exposing all of me
Way down to the marrow of what “I” be

Like Indie Arie the, “Ready for love,” feeling takes over me
As all I can do is pray you, “Say Yes,” like Floetry
You’re in my veins like a brand new drug to me
With cravings stronger than heroin could ever be
My mind keeps going back to thoughts of, “we”
Which brings my mind to sensual thoughts of “he”
And drags my mind to impassive thoughts of “she”
But moreover my partial intrusion
No exposition needed to further delusions
Trust I’m thoroughly versed in this short story’s conclusion

And yet my receptors continue to scan
Where they just adjectives, verbs, and nouns from a decent man
Faded memories, and dreams influence decisions
That’s got my heart in stuck in this same position
Like a car with a blown up transmission
A final checkmate, or fatal vehicular collision

Of what I want, and what in my heart I know is to be
At first sight, I was especially drawn to thee.....
As the alluring mariner, I called you from the ship to my seas
As I moaned your name upon a lonely seductive breeze

Like a moth to a flame
Like a sunflower craves rain
But realistically the truth remains
What I desire whole-heartedly
Is something in this lifetime, that could never be
Truth be told we are in two different nautical leagues.

So skip straight to the credits on this love story
It ends with all guts, and no passionate glory
It always makes me sad
And wish for what she had
But no need to stay mad
Cause we’ll keep meeting every night on that astral plane
Dipping in and out of my sensual and sexual dreamscape
As Erykah Badu keeps singing in the background
About a love that didn’t work this time around

And to my oceans I will flee
And in my dreams I will see
What I wish was to be
And to my waters I will weep
My song will run deep
And be my ode to thee
As sorrows will sweep
Across every sea
And reach every league
All of eternity
Beautifully laid out just for me
through da depth of ya soul i see
while thy love has taken over thee
last night i dreamth of you
like da starz of the northern glow
my heart flooded with wishies

In my song i sing as it echos abound
resoundly to earth floors as da sea dance
for your arrival the waves whisper ya name
softly in melodies devine
only my ears hear thee from da air mass
ready for love to be loved by you

Rainbowz a glow from da showers of summer
as the shores weep in da bandonment
the skies rumble and clash in perfect view
what was i thinking , as i let me heart stumble
again by the mere of ya crisp sound
when reality it wasn't about me but you

I really enjoyed this piece you really brought out da depth in it wow
it just kiss me and wrap around me ya pen is powerful sista.


i don't have the words you know

all i can offer is "the pain killer" here

i felt this in the depth of my soul

i can appreciate this

the what if's

i learned long ago

to let go don't let it fog the focus what is, is

peace um

did i say i felt this already



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