Black Poetry : Ode to my Black Skin.

Carolyne - The geneticists say that all the human improvements of Mankind are recorded and can be read in the DNA of the genes and blood, each change representing 20,000 to 30,000 years of evolution. They've read 79 changes in the Asian. They've read 98 such changes in the European. But Behold ! They've recorded 198 changes in the African. That means we can trace our historical legacy on planet Earth back further than anyone else, being first. So, when you get to thinking that you are a deviation from someone else, you can stand tall knowing that they and all others are a deviation from you. Humanity owes all its life to the black skin given by black Mother Africa to the first human feet to walk this planet. Thanks for Her residence in you Carolyne. Hallelujah! HH

Beautifully stated! I love this scientific reference. Thank you for this insightful comment. I appreciate. :)
I am the darker sister with the smooth
chocolate complexion; the tinted shade
competing with the night.
I am trapped in a disadvantage: strolling
the quiet streets with my head lowered
to the ground- with fear smudged on
my thick melanin.
Convicted to a life sentence of constant
worry because of the color of my skin.
Living with questions never to be asked.
Marginalized and subjected to all forms
of racial profiling, baseless stereotypes
and injustices in a failing system.

My mind is a civil war that never ends.
My mind is overpopulated by remorse,
incarcerated by painful images of my
deceased sisters and brothers now
reduced to just hashtags and statistics
of yet another black man/woman
killed by the police.

I am the vintage black mother wearing
the faces of Angela Davis and Rosa Parks,
reciting a woeful dirge, chanting the eulogies
of my ancestors in the language of Harriet
Tubman, Sojourner truth and Maria Stewart.
I mourn the loss of humanity and constantly
drowning in a cesspool of tears for my
children with pain etched on my face and
worry wrinkling my brow each time they go
out because I am afraid that they may be shot
at or worse, killed.

I am the mourning dove in the fields lamenting
my lost husband and all the strong black men
and women who were violently beaten into
submission with convicting confessions,
brutalized and annihilated because the color
of their skin somehow made them look like
dangerous criminals or thugs.

I am the 21st Century tired, angry black woman
matching through the streets in search of justice,
protesting the unfair treatment of my race.
I wear this black skin with pride; unapologetic to
ignorant racists, hate and all forms of injustice
filtrating society.

My black skin is gold, magic, artistic, poetic
and embroidered with a rich history that
flows through the plains of mother, Africa.
I wear the crown of my ancestors passed
down through generations like a Queen.
Resilient, a warrior with an undefiable spirit.

My black skin doesn’t represent evil.
My black skin doesn’t implicate that i am
a thug or a dangerous criminal.
My black skin doesn’t mean that i should be
mistreated, degraded, discriminated against
or treated different from the rest.

I am just a black woman roaming through
your conscience, haunting you every night
with my cries of justice!
I am unapologetically, black and refuse to
be judged or treated unfairly because of the
color of my skin.
I am human with blood flowing through
my veins, just like you.

Big props for caring and sharing this post with all of us here too!


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