Black People : Oct 25th Nation's Largest Volunteer Day! - Get Involved!

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    Make A Difference Day is coming up. October 25th.

    Every year thousands of volunteers and activists across the country plan seperate and joined volunteer projects to help those in need.

    It works like this: YOU and your friends, PTO, fraternity/sorority, university, co-workers, golf buddies, gossip crew, church, temple, mosque, Ile, Barber/Stylist Shop, Club friends - whomever get together and decide on a project that you would like to take on. You idea can impact the disabled, children, families, the homeless, low-income individuals, young entrepreneurs, families with fathers or mothers in prison - you think, you can do it! you can deal with environmental issues or take on big business - just do something!!!!

    If you want to, you can go to and find a project idea if you're not to good with formulating your own ideas, or you can join someone else's project in your city! The point is that you get involved.

    If you have a really good idea you can apply for a USA Weekend / Paul Newman Award/Grant to conduct your project. Thats $10,000 cool grand to get the ball rolling. Yeah, sounds nice.

    I have been doing Make A Difference Projects for about 2 years. Get involved & Impact the world around you.

    Oct. 20th Make A Difference Day

    Make sure you register your project so it gets added in the national count (even if its a small project like donating canned food - register!!)