Black Poetry : Occupy the Mind

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    Occupy the Mind

    Pause with the sweet funk and cause freaks to jump and
    Leap like dark frogs and bark like dogs puppies then ran
    I’m a guy itch with a high pitched voice doing a real scan
    On the computer, use stealth crap to amuse myself and crew
    Do very strong damage when I carry on and manage to
    Rip microphones and strip domes like bar dancers who grew
    To be hookers, fast like a jet son so things get done quick
    Around here and clowns fear this new job because they slick
    True slobs, nitwits are fired you don’t git hired dang application
    Say you can’t rap to a nation so dude scrap the conversation
    Cats deviate from rhyme how you gonna create and design
    Plus be great online when hate is on your mind best to decline
    This jive fool ish is swimming in my head like a live pool
    Of fish all my life I dealt with tall strife that junk ain’t cool
    Smoking not allowed the joking I’m proud of it’s a gift
    Comes to kisses share and share alike have to deal with
    The care and hype of being in love and fleeing as a thug
    My world spin when dealing with my girlfriend need a hug
    Nerds don’t compare they like birds in the air flap wings
    While I strap on bling and fans clap for this thing when I cling
    On microphones, and bring home money its called the sting
    Starring Robert Redford, my name will resound for ages because
    I’ve written and hidden pounds of pages stay on stages without flaws
    Prevailing with whores on alien shores can’t afford to pay for sex
    They play complex their first words are “hey dude I’m on the kotex”
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    awesome write