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    observation description
    (all over the late skies)
    by romus simpson

    above the world a plane scatters a
    soft omen of smoke through the canopy of dark leaves
    god with a pinch of dusk between his fingers
    stirs voluptuous roses & fire into the evening sky
    we follow in wonder inventing the places we miss it come
    more white smoke into the open for six slow minutes like
    an easy hand dragging through bright mauve sand
    & finding a treasure of marble beneath

    all over the late skies
    other jet planes drew white clouds
    that lingered like the oblivious thinning eye of
    any man on public transit in the slur of the waning day
    who became high in that rising incense
    against the fine fire & azure dusk
    that pristine smoke high & rumored az space
    whose vision drifted across the orange cat eye marble roof
    of the evening lit world & searched the ceiling there
    found no way to the sun

    friday evening at the university
    the empty cathedral campus a mojave desert shawled in dali clocks
    buildings mute & dark like abandoned grain silos in the holocaust dusk
    count staccato & flame themselves across miles of nebraska prairie
    their windows half luminous with the first passion fires of constellations
    sentinel silos & soldiers three countries away marking time
    the negro hand of the sky came slowly from a southern grave
    each passage & way an ominous maze of soundless absences
    statues in the library courtyards let a taut hand go
    the moon built gradual silver into long spaces that ended in starlight
    mile wide iris moon rose behind october ivy like a hungry yellow eye
    an occasional dark hurrying someone too far away to call to
    parking lots adrift in a sea of leaves & slow lights
    a custodian’s pushcart in a restroom doorway lingers breathless
    & me a stranger
    very late going to the vacant dorms

    planes tonight half full of beautiful sleepy people
    are small glinting errors in the half smoke 7pm
    empty trains somewhere riding the last of the day’s track
    pass through tunnels that are slow blinks in the october dusk
    city bus makes its obligatory trek through campus
    a lone woman faceless az a south african dusk floats in the window
    the bus machines by
    the leaves whirl & follow
    its lights flicker like the eyelids of the dreaming

    across the vacant metric shadow moonscape
    the trees are now great yawning storms flecked in silver
    they conspire in arabic to overrun the day with islam
    & night happens in the wide streets like rain
    the wall of it an unheralded blue hush unleashed overhead & east forever
    current of stars frenzy then slow my song into languid jazz
    symbol moon shimmers stirring under the quiet drummer’s gentle brush
    night clear with omens & opaque & vast as a country’s memory of war
    nation of eyeless crows in prayer on the telephone wire
    i pass & strum the fence at the faculty offices dreaming brazilian guitar
    saxophone always a beautiful language in my head like
    swahili prayers searching the austere ceilings of an ancient kenyan mosque
    if you are anywhere
    or are painting tonight
    if you are lonely enough to let your late window sing
    if you can see this cloud of blues i breathe falling like
    a tenuous sea around me
    prepare a place for me
    touch me slow
    i am coming in from the night to look you in the eyes