Black People : Obama's Ferguson Commission a Joke: Why Liberal Proposals and "Solutions" Don't Cut It


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Sep 12, 2009
by Bruce A. Dixon

The Interim Report of the Task Force for 21st Century Policing is the crunchy, fluffy wish list
of big city cops and consultants who helped bring us the current police and prison state,
assembled by the corporate-funded nonprofit sector which launched President Obama's
career. With only 600 -odd days left in this administration it's a gesture of contempt toward
the communities most affected by the machinery of our police and prison state.

“Liberals and conservatives together have called the world's largest prison system into

Modest revisions made to this article on Thursday, March 5, the day after its original

The report from Barack Obama's “Task Force for 21st Century Policing” the official White

House response to widespread public disgust at the unpunished police murder of Michael
Brown is out. And it contains --- wait for it – a lot less than meets the eye. The task force is
composed of 3 police chiefs, 2 African Americans and a Latino, a head of one of the 50 state
agencies responsible for training and certifying cops and their shops, four of corporate
America's and the administration's favorite nonprofit organizations, and a couple academics
, one a former Clinton and Obama Assistant Attorney General and the other a Yale Law
School “social psychologist.”

The gist of it is that everything will be OK if we can just ”build trust” between cops and

communities by adopting better rules of police conduct, hiring more black and brown cops,
making them parts of the communities through “nonenforcement strategies” like coaching
basketball leagues, moving slowly toward “independent investigations” of excessive force
complaints, and encouraging police to act a bit less like occupying armies. Tracey Meares, the
task force's social psychologist, calls this approach “proceduralism.” It's been the credo of the
liberal wing of America's police establishment for some time.

Proceduralism assumes the problem is a relatively few bad corrupt, brutal and/or racist

apples among cops, who are inadequately trained, ineptly supervised, and somehow led to act
like occupying armies by the absence of proper guidelines and leadership.

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