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    Received this email from MoveOn.Org:

    Obamacare enrollment starts TODAY! Spread the word!

    Despite every effort by Republicans to stop Obamacare—including forcing a government shutdown—today millions of uninsured Americans can start enrolling in affordable, quality health coverage.

    This is a huge deal. It's happening despite the millions of dollars conservatives have spent to keep people uninsured, despite the whopping 42 times House Republicans have voted to undercut Obamacare, and despite the fact that Republicans have shut down the federal government.1

    It's happening because MoveOn members and many allies fought long and hard to win meaningful health care reform. You made today possible, and you haven't given up.

    Are you uninsured? Click here to search for affordable health insurance.
    Even if you're already covered, help us make sure everyone you know signs up for health insurance. (You never know which of your friends might not be insured.) And you'll not only help people get life-saving health care; you'll stick it to the Republicans who've made it their mission to see that Obamacare fails.

    Can you share this image on Facebook right now?

    Starting today, more than 35 million uninsured Americans can enroll in affordable health insurance. No one will be turned away for having a pre-existing condition. And most people who don't have insurance today will be able to pay $100 or less per month for coverage.2

    Conservative groups—funded by the billionaire Koch brothers—are spending millions of dollars on a massive misinformation campaign to try and convince people not to sign up for health coverage under Obamacare. They're running television ads, and sending staff to college tailgate parties to give out free beer koozies emblazoned with the words "opt out."3 Today, they've even shut down the government in their quest to deny millions of people affordable health care.

    They think we're stupid. That's why we're about to prove them wrong in the best way possible—by making sure that everyone we know is enrolled.

    Can you help make sure everyone benefits from Obamacare—and stands up to Republican intimidation—by sharing this image with your friends on Facebook right now?

    Or, forward this email to everyone you know.

    For the past four years, MoveOn members have led the fight for progressive health care reform—filling town hall meetings for the public option, blanketing newspapers with letters to the editor, making tens of thousands of phone calls, and raising millions of dollars (all in small donations!) to make sure Congress passed a plan that would make health care affordable for millions of uninsured people.

    So today—the start of the Obamacare enrollment period—is a moment to celebrate our victory, and to double down on making sure that everyone who can, benefits from Obamacare, no matter what the right wing tries next to derail it.

    Starting today, we're running our own pro-Obamacare ads on the Facebook pages of 18 to 30-year-olds, and in newspapers at big state schools and community colleges—paid for by small-dollar donations from members like you.

    At the same time, we're holding Tea Party Republicans accountable for recklessly driving our country into a government shutdown. MoveOn members who live in Republican congressional districts are showing up today en masse at their representatives' offices—delivering tea bags and signs to let them know we've had enough of the Tea Party.

    The rest of us, meanwhile, will help prove the value and popularity of Obamacare by getting everyone we know to enroll. Click here to share this graphic on Facebook to let all your friends know that it's time to enroll in Obamacare.

    And if you're uninsured, click here to find a health insurance plan.
    Think of it as payback to the Koch brothers, John Boehner, Ted Cruz—and every other Tea Party Republican who's tried to stop Obamacare.

    Thanks for all you do.
    –Victoria, Mariana, David, Mark, and the rest of the team
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    I hate Obamacare