Black Muslims : Obama, Yusuf and 2012

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    Obama, Yusuf and 2012


    In the Shetau there is a story of a Prophet by the name of Yusuf, which means Beloved. Yusuf was the favorite son of his father Jacob/Israel. Out of jealously because of his favored position, the eleven other sons of Jacob decided to do something to remove him from their company and thus not be faced with the favoritism of their father. In order to do this they bring him on a trip with them, fake his murder and sell him into slavery to Egypt, the House of Bondage. While in Egypt he comes under the care of a man called the Aziz. After enduring many trials involving the Aziz and his wife Zulaikha, and spending some time in jail, Yusuf is brought before the highest court in the land to reveal the meaning of Pharoah's Dream.This he does, telling him years of plenty will be followed by years of famine, and he is then elevated to the highest position, next to Pharoah himself. After achieving this elevated position and undergoing a process of reconciliation, he brings his family in to Egypt, establishes them in the land of Goshen, or Plenty, and they prosper and grow.

    In this day and time, modern day Egypt, the House of Bondage, is America where the people have been enslaved. The ruler of this wicked system is Shaitan himself. Obama's election to the presidency falls in line with this shetau. During a time of famine, the current economic crisis that the country is now facing, he will exercise power and save the life of the people, that is reverse the economic downtrend. Also, according to the shetau, he will establish his people, Israel "Prince of God/ Ascended to God", in the land of Goshen. Goshen denotes prosperity, meaning that with his election there will be economic, as well as general prosperity for Nubian people.It will be a time for Nubians in America to ameliorate their overall condition. It will also be a time which will see an increase in social equality among Nubian people, meaning those of diverse social and economic backgrounds will come together and work collectively. This is brought out in the shetau by Yusuf's reconciliation with his brothers.

    While Yusuf brought posperity to and save the lives of Israel, after his passing, leaving office, there arose another Pharoah which knew not Yusuf, and this Pharoah is the Pharoah of the Opression, when Israel began to be enslaved in Egypt. Obama's term is over in 2013, with the next election occuring in the year 2012. The significance of 2012 is beyond the scope of this post, however suffice it to say it represents a turning point in, and a change in not just world but universal history. 2012 is the beginning leading up to 2020. With Obama's election, we Nubians have entered a Yusuf period, where we will prosper and flourish, a period which will see increased racial consciousness and cooperation. The fact to remember, however, is that this is still Egypt, and though Yusuf is running the system, Shaitan is still at the head. This Yusuf period is a gift from the Most High Allah/Re Herakhte and the Ancestors, giving a time of peace and calm in which to prepare for the final events of the great controversy.

    Remember after Yusuf died, the opression began, and after that Musa the Deliverer came and true emancipation came to Israel.

    P.S. Dont be fooled into thinking that because Yusuf/Obama got elected there is hope for us here, there is not. This is a period which will allow us to prepare for the greater conflict ahead. Our hope lies not in this system of things, but in the coming world government. Read Surah 12.
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    thrivin' spiritually/physically/emotionally/financ
    where failure is not an option
    yes 2012

    has relevance
    very much so

    change is a universal rule
    transmutation if you may
    but sometimes they forget to include
    the trans part

    no matter how you word it
    the next four years will be interesting