Omowale Jabali : Obama vs McCain Madness

Discussion in 'Omowale Jabali' started by Omowale Jabali, Oct 8, 2008.

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    Since I was working late tonight I did not see the live broadcast and later saw a replay of the first hour before deciding to give it a break.

    One thing that I did notice from some analysts is that both McCain and Obama mentioned Warren Buffett's name in regards to likely candidates for Treasury Secretary.

    I have been throwing this name around for several weeks and trying to do so without coming across as Obama-bashing.

    I also posted a thread explaining a "Money Web" which graphically explains major contributors to both Obama and McCain. Republicans are calling for a federal investigation into Obama's campain finance contributions. Surely this is to find contributions exceeding federal limits.

    Both Obama and McCain have recieved contributions from Goldman Sachs "bundlers" porior to Buffett recently buying a large part of GS stock at a discount.

    Warren Buffett as U.S. Treasury Secretary?

    Thats like the Fox guarding the chicken coop. Them chickens wont even come home to roost because the Fox with eat all the eggs as well as the mother hens.