Black People Politics : OBAMA to "Republicans_I didn't create TRUMP.. your hate towards me did!


Jul 2, 2003
I really... really... like how Obama outlines what is so obvious and well known about the Republican Party!



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Apr 7, 2013
Do we give Hillary Clinton any credit for Trump? Donna Brazil stood up to say that the Democrat elections were RIGGED against Bernie Sanders and for Hillary. He didn't stand a chance.

Also, Hillary previously made sure that she was in control of all money. People had to come to her for campaign money instead of the traditional DNC Democrat campaign committee, because she had the money, not them. This was arranged before she announced her run for the Presidency. This according to the news.

Do you rate this as, "Yay Hillary! Yeah, but… unethical or a crime against the American voting system? More popcorn please.

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