Chief Elder Osiris : Obama, The Serpent In The Black world

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    Obama, The Serpent In The Black World.

    There Is Much More Where This Come Fro.
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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Might Hear You.

    You beg for something in hope it will come and you hope it will be to your liking and what do you get, A so call black president, and you believe that you black people have arrived in white America, and you thought that you would have the same rights in America that white Americans have.

    No beloved, such quality of justice is not for you to have in America, Black president or not, as you should be able to see, white folks still have control of the Black mind, have you spinning and grinning and shouting for happiness, because you believe that a Black president is going to change your Black life from being convicted with injustice, and will bring justice to your Black life.

    White folks did a number on us Black folks by presenting to you Obama, as your president, as you Black people identify with America, yet you black people have been given one that is smooth with his movement, slick wit his tongue, and is adorable in appearance, yet in such a costume, there is a serpent that is affiliated with lies and deceit.

    It is the foolish Afrikan who can not see the signs of the Time, and if you can not see, then you can not know the evil that approach you, acting and behaving as if to be your friend, when in fact is the serpent that is attacking the Black life.

    Obama is a liar and deceiver, attributes of the Devil, Satan, Lucifer, he is the Black serpent among the Black world, as such a world go lacking from being able to see, and in this evil world, if you can not see, you become food for the liar and deceiver, as the serpent devour you with the llusion of kindness, as the serpent know that he has around him nothing but delusional black so call Afrikan people, a people to blind to see the Divine truth.

    Here is Obama the serpent, oh yes, Black people every where in the world has taken the black president of the united States to be their president as well, the black president of the Black world.

    Beloved, Obama is not a black president, he is come to be your destroyer, as you bow before him in all of your ignorance and stupidity, having no Divine mind so you can see the serpent that he is to Black people.

    Obama come to be the puppet on a string, control by the Luciferian fraternal cabal, he has no respect for Black people.

    Obama, the serpent in the Black world, causing all kind of danger to come to the black life while serving as president of America, he drop bombs in Afrka without reluctance, he disrespect our Enslaved Ancestors by attempting to belittle the Sacredness of Reparation, he stirs the Melting pot of Racial Assimilation, not for the good of Black people, but to admonish our black Race.

    How can anyone call themselves Black, can allow such a serpent come into their midst and mesmerize them to he point that they have not the ability to see the sign that verify that Obama is a danger to Black Afrikan liberation salvation.

    There is no question about it, there has to be an international up rising of Black people, but for what, certainly not for a promise from the devil, certainly not for the devil justice and freedom, not for a better life, not for a progression of the Black Life.

    The only thing that will justify an international up rising of Black Afrkan people, is to demand and collect our Enslaved Ancestors and Afrika colonization, Reparation.

    Libya is Afrika and Qaddafi must be taken by all Black Afrikns to be the King of Afrka, and no people Black with pride will allow to see themselves lay back and alow the serpent to assassinate their king.

    Woe is unto you black so call Afrkans, if you allow this continuation of Afrika sovereignty to be invaded without an effort to prevent such action

    There must be a restoration of Afrka and the Black Afrkan Naton, anything less, become the fact of our shucking and jiving, have no respect for self and is a Black people without a goal in life, which affect the life of a Black Afkan Naton.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.


    Chief Elder
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    The election of Obama cannot be denied of its historical magnitude. Blacks in America suffered long, and hard during the periods of slavery,Jim Crow laws, racism, and civil rights abuses. Racism and civil rights abuse still exists and I don't think it's going anywhere soon due to human nature. The election of Barack Obama does not change the past (nothing can), but it does make a clear statement that America is a different nation then it was 60 years ago. No rational person thought that the election of a black president would all of a sudden abolish racism,and it's unfair to lay what people think at the foot of Obama. Before Obama got elected,I like most people believed that I would not see a black president in my lifetime. People died believing this very thing.

    If anything,the election of Obama actually showed the true face of American whites,and blacks. Some blacks just isn't happy no matter what. But we decry the actions of whites when they hinder our progress. As for some whites in America their true feelings was brought to the surface. I recently read where (I forget what magazine it was) that looked at Ku Klux Klan membership rates since 2008. The Klan has grown by nearly 20,000 members in that year and a half. I also came across a statement made by a higher up Klan member that said that they were making money off the election of a black man.

    We all should keep in mind that Obama's election did not,and does not signal a new day in the land of America. This has been a popular notion since Obama's election that racism would be swept away,and black would be showered with equality. And to blame him for some of our inane thinking is wrong.

    Can you prove this, something in the way of proof other than indictments would be nice?

    If you're talking about Libya, that's politics. Also,are you aware the underwear bomber was a black Nigerian? I've been to Africa,several times during my military career,and the black skin of my friends didn't save them not one bit when the were robbed and beaten by Africans. It comes down to us or them,that is what we expect for the person we elect. To protect us,and look out for our interest. I know this comment does not sit well with you but that's reality.

    Define what, and who is black?

    Why should we do this for Libya, and not for the other African countries that are infested with whites? I'm asking why be selective?