Black People : Obama Summons Africa to Washington to Talk Trade (and How to Cut Out China)

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    by BAR executive editor Glen Ford
    All of Africa’s leaders “in good standing” with the U.S. will gather in Washington, this weekend. On
    the continent, AFRICOM is boss, with a mission “to stymie, at will, the integration of Africa into a
    multi-polar world in which China is the center of gravity.” China’s trade with Africa far exceeds the
    U.S. However, “just as the Americans strong-armed the Europeans into sanctioning Russia, the U.S.
    will soon flex its AFRICOM muscles against China.”

    AFRICOM exists to ensure that mutually beneficial African trade with China and
    Brazil results in no shift in African nations’ political orientation, and is perpetually
    subject to curtailment by the U.S.”

    Leaders from the vast bulk of Africa’s nations have been summoned to Washington, this weekend, for
    a three-day U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit under the theme “Investing in the Next Generation.”
    According to the White House, the guest list includes all those leaders who are “in good standing
    with the United States, a definition that excludes Zimbabwe, Sudan and Eritrea. Not coincidentally,
    the three shunned states are the only African nations that have rejected any relationship with
    AFRICOM, the U.S. military command that now dominates the continent.

    AFRICOM has everything to do with the question of who will comprise the “Next
    Generation” ofAfrican leaders, and whom their trading partners will be. In the course
    of just six years, AFRICOM has reduced the armies of the continent to appendages of
    the Pentagon, dependent on the United States for training, financing, equipment,
    intelligence – even troops’ salaries and the medical care of soldiers and their families.
    African heads of state are acutely aware of their own commanders’ intimate ties to the
    AFRICOM sugar daddy. Ultimately, soldiers are loyal to those who finance and equip

    The African Union, itself, is incapable of mounting even the most modest “peace
    keeping” missionswithout AFRICOM’s comprehensive support. The AU’s biggest
    operation, in Somalia, is entirely paid for by the U.S. and Europeans, and directed by
    the CIA. Therefore, when the White House says that invitees to this weekend’s summit
    must also be “in good standing” with the African Union, it is with confidence that the
    AU’s list is identical to its own.

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