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    Does Obama Selection To Be President Represent Black People Success In America?

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    So I guess the question become, is it by selecting Obama to be president does it imply that Black people in America is responsible for selecting Obama as America President to be and does it mean that Black people in America has reached America Mountain Top of change of being the victims of America cunning, discriminating, injustice, Racist and Prejudice spirit coming from America against the collective all of Black People?

    Well I guess that is the prime issue that need to be debated by Black people in America and nothing else because not until Black people are free from those civil shackles will Black people can stand proud and make the claim of having successfully reached the mountain Top of America Civil Justice in America and when ever Black People can Divinely make that claim of being Civilly victorious in America, the doors of injustice will be welded shut and the prison doors will be opened wide and freedom will be the experience of Black people held unjustly in America prison, which mean all Black prisons will go free.

    Also by the selection of Obams to be America President does it mean that America will Divinely express repentance for the Enslavement of our Afrikan Ancestors and that Reparation will no longer be an issue in need of being demanded and/or debated, does it? Does the selection of Obama as America mean that there will be no more Drugs available to our Children and there being a need for them to sell and use that mental poison as a mean of psychological escape and as a mean of survival, is that what an Obama presidency will provide to the collective all of Black People?

    Does the selection of Obama mean that Capitalism will no longer be an America acceptable economic system and that there will really be a redistribution of America spirit and possessions and will equal quality education be now available to all who desire of such a quality education without the barrier of social economic class? Does the selection of Obama to be America President represent for the first Time the Children Of The Middle Passage will be given the respect to have the freedom of choice to be an American or not and will the children of the middle passage those who choose to return to their mother and father land will be allowed to do so with dignity and respect by acknowledging and assisting those children of the middle passage Right to become the next established State in Afrika with their Reparation in their possession, is that what Obama Presidency will represent and implement?

    If Obama selection does not represent and will implement those Natural Universal Rights of the collective All of Black People in America, those who are here by way of the Middle Passage, then do tell, what does the Obama Presidency will mean to the collective all of Black People with Enslaved Ancestry in America? So tell me, is the Obama change is to mean to the collective All of black people in America just profane pride with no substance and bragging rights with no Natural Universal Rights and will the Divine cost of freedom for the Children collective all will be paid or will the complaint be that the cost is to high for America to pay and so Obams is to be accepted as the In-Kind payment for all of the abuse, raping, murder and mental lobotomy inflicted by America upon the collective All of Black People in America here by way of the middle passage.

    The Honorable Marcus Garvey is given a disservice when put in the same category of the Negro Civil Rights Integration/ Assimilationist in America because you see, Civil Rights ascension in America is not the collective objective and goal of Black people in America here by way of the Middle Passage, granted to some Negroes that is the cost they beg of America to pay but not the Black Nationalist Garvey Pan Afrikans advocates, it is that segment of that collective all that demand Freedom, Liberation from America and with America debt to our Enslaved Ancestors to be paid in Full, as so stated above is this essay on what Obama selection to be America President is to mean to the collective All of the Children Of The Middle Passage In America.

    Now, to all who are great Debaters you should know that there are some issues that is in no Need To Be Debated and whenever the Natural Universal Rights of a collective people have been violated it would be down right self disrespectful for such a people who has been so victimized to indicate a desire to debate an issue whose conclusion is fore gone and experimental verified and validated after Five Hundred years of the mere presence of Black people in America without a choice.

    Therefore whatever you see of the collective All of Black People in term of the spirit many of us have been forced express and there is Time the display of such a spirit come to be in violation of many of America unjust laws that drive many Black people to go temporary insane and it cause many Black people to act under the Mind that has been caused for us to have, that cause us to do things we as Black Collective Divine Beings would not do in an ordinary Divine Environment established and influenced by Divine Black Beings whose rule of conduct would have been Naturally set by the collective All of a Black Nation in possession of their Divine Mind.

    So only when Black fragmented people ruled by the Human Being Mind do you see a want to debate the issue of America Civil Rights and demoted Justice, centered around the want of having the Right to develop America Black Communities it being the equivalent to freedom and America Justice, seeking only the privilege to compete in America in order to advance to achieve our coveted wants that sooth our vain Ego and to perpetuate the Black social economic stratum caused by our stay in America, so I ask, is this to amount to the success you want Obama presidency to represent?

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    President Select Obama will do what he is allowed to do as America President and for him to deviate would put his life in jeopardy, so I would see why the Negro American Assimilationist would set the Bar of Justice for them at such a low level so it would be to secure the few who consider themselves to be in a Class of prosper that is over and beyond the the class of the collective All of Black people in America, here by way of the middle passage, so the question become, is such a want of the Negro American Assimilationist worthy of Debate in comparison to the Desire of the Garvey Black Nationalist pragmatist?

    There is no Divine success to be had of the collective All of Black People in America, in order for the collective All of Black People to reach their mountain Top, such a climb must be up the Black Afrikan Mountain of reclaiming of our Divine Mind and doing what is necessary to dismantle the Tribal System of Black People and to have Afrika to become Afrika again and to have the collective All of Black Afrikan People to be Reunited Again, so the mountain Black People is to climb is not located in America and White Folks Religion, the Mountain for the collective All of Black Afrikans to climb to reach the Top is located in Afrika.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    So the question to you Black Folks happen to be, who selected Obama to be President, was it White folks or Black Folks?

    So is it not a fact that Black folks collectively came to participate in the Obama election process after the fact of Obama been chosen to be America President or do you believe America Politics are all based upon chance and good Luck?

    So, did the Negro Assimilationist play their role in helping Obama before or After the Obama Selection Process and which is the most powerful role to have been played out in causing Obama to now be the President Elect, selectively?

    Can You Understand Those Questions, Beloved?


    Chief Elder osirisakkebala
    The Pan Afrikan Inter'National Movement
    [email protected]