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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Tell me Black People here in America by way of the Middle Passage, who should be the people to determine when America is ready and is prepared to get beyond Race, is it to be the Jewish people, is it to be the Arab people and is it to be the Caucasoid People, the Afrikan American ?

    Always as usual, when a decision that directly affect the lives of Black people, we being the topic of concern, Black people Mind, about the matter that affect us, does not count, yet here come this strange man whose father is Black and his mother is white, but all that he say is in favor of White, Jewish, and Arab people, nothing Good he has yet said about Blacks in America, people who are here and did not play a part in our travel arrangement.

    Why is everybody appearing to be so surprise about the way the Democratic primary campaign has turned and after the damage has been done, the principles involved in bringing up Race to the solid Prejudice rank and file Americans, as if they can not see Obama for themselves, and I am not talking about the Afrikan Americans here, I am talking about those White and consider themselves to be white Americans, they knowing that underneath all of America phony integration/assimilation front, The foundation upon which Americans stand is from the influence of the Racist Powerful element that govern America, and all of the World governments, and now, even Afrikans government.

    So, you Black People who can not see what White America has and is doing to your Afrikan so call Black candidate, Obama, then you are Afrikan Americans that are driven by your Religious belief and its tenets, Faith, Hope, and Charity, which require for you to go blind and not see your Black selves, for who you really are, and in regard to Obama claim for you to Love everybody, even your enemy, they with a record of abusing and disrespecting us black People, but oh no, we do not have a say when it is that America has earned our decision for her to go beyond Race and the Racist differences America has been made to become, toward Black People, Americakans being Prejudice in their behavioral practices toward the Children of the Middle Passage.

    Yes, America is guided and influenced by the power of Racism and it is the White Americans, if you propose the question of Reparation to them, asking should America pay Reparation to our Enslaved Ancestors, who was confined in an institution that the Americans constructed and implemented, the institution of Chattel Slavery I speak of, that institution that serve as the reason and cause for Black People to be in America without official Government papers, other than that which sanction our Enslavement in America, ask white Folks about Reparation being the responsibility of America to pay to our Enslaved Ancestors and they will respond with a resounding No, and you have Obama telling you Black People it is Time for America to get past Race, without admitting responsibility for there being a Race problem in America.

    If there is anybody that is to decide when it is Time for America to get past the Race problem in America, it happen not to be Obama, but the children of the Middle Passage, we who are not Blind and can See our Blackness.

    Any so call Afrikan Americans that is so Blind an can no longer See their Blackness and now lead the charge against our Enslaved Ancestors receiving their just pay for America crimes committed against them and that pay is to be regarded as Reparation, then beloved, I invite you to behold the Traitors to the Black Race.

    So beloved, somebody need to alert Obama that there are black folks in America who are in America that did not come to be here as he, and that there is a dispute Black Folks have with America that he can not declare is over, not until the children of the Middle Passage say that it is over and America can not get past the Black dispute with America, until that dispute is settled and the settlement must be with the payment of our Enslaved Ancestors Reparations and the children of the Middle Passage for the first Time in over Four Hundred Years must have the Freedom to remain in America or to return back to our Enslaved Homeland and our Return must not be as settlers returning but with having the Divine Right to become the next established State in Afrika, with our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, a process never to have been exercised by the Children of the Middle Passage, we desire no one to sponsor our Return but our Enslaved Ancestors, using their Reparation to put into motion for us to reclaim Afrika and to reunite the Black Nation, a Task that is possible to achieve and must be achieved, because the Life and Death situation that the Afrikans are in today in Afrika, require that we Children of the Middle Passage must Return for the sake and Liberation of Afrika and the Black Afrikan People in afrika.

    Race is not going anywhere in America, not until America pay to our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation and Our Right to Return is Realized by the Children of the Middle Passage, they that have not gone Blind of Self.

    Obama is beginning more and more to look like a Negro Afrikan American, yet he still has my support, with my eyes wide open and I can see my Blackness.

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of you

    Chief Elder
    The First Way Institute Of Black ( Afrikan ) Mysticism/Reparation/Repatriation
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    Race is not going anywhere because the old vanguard of America is still in power. Any look at America will reveal that it is still the "OLD MONEY" that is still running this country...and with it, their "OLD PHILOSOPHIES and teachings." So as W.E.B. Duboise and others have stated; "Race will still be the big issue for the 21st century." Why so?...because in order to rid the system of it everything has to be over-hauled. Every school book, every judicial law, every housing and economic structure, every medical concept and every religious foundation as well as the media. This is reality and the very denial of it by our people as well as theirs will only keep the institution of racism and white supremacy alive and well.

    I used to have a picture of the klu klux klan hanging a brother and on the other side it was a picture of the police beating down a brother....and underneath it it said; "The song has ended but the melody lingers on." I can relate to that because it is very true. It reminds me of the fact that our historic slave masters have been dead for a few hundred years now and yet we still carry their names which allows their legacy and supremacy to live on....I don't understand that at all! There should not be a Wilson, Johnson, Smith or anything on this forum or anywhere in our communities and yet it is. This only goes to show that, "if we have not even reached the point in consciousness to give that "dead whiteman" back his name and claim one of our own that has historical, cultural and spiritual significance as it relates to our own reality, then how do I expect anything more from us?".

    How do we in our right African minds take a white man's name to our grave with us and allow his legacy to live on by having it carved on our tombstone as if it is us when in fact it is him?! There are many levels of death and I understand them all, for I was on them because nobody told or taught me....what's your excuse?