Black People Politics : Obama Myanmar Visit Conspiracy Theory.

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    ..been a while since my last conspiracy theory thread.. ( .. as a creative person that spends a great deal of time creating connections between ideas I can't tell sometimes if what I'm seeing is just an excellent story idea or the real thing.. often times, it's both.. anyway.

    Nigeria : - Conspiracy Theory... Nigeria

    ok.. two of the movies nominated for Oscars this year participate in hit jobs on the reputation of Nigeria.. The first one is District 9.. which...

    Play this video while you read the post:

    Here's the First piece:

    A visit to a little know place for reasons completely disconnected from anything talked about in the election.. it does not line up at all with Obama's priorities.​

    And now the 2nd Piece:

    The director of the CIA.. whose job it is to lie, cheat and steal on behalf of the American people is quiting because he cheated on his wife? They can keep whole wars secret, but he can't keep this secret? This is complete BS. It sounds more like he is breaking ranks and jumping ship possibly because he wants no part of what is about to happen.​

    The 3rd piece is the circumstances surrounding the assination of JFK. The parallels are interesting:

    both interferred with the Military Industrial Complex.. and both messed with the social structure of american power.. which is a primary component of political power.. meaning.. there are platforms to power built atop every one of the lines that divide us. Obama's presidency has clouded that picture and combined with the Internet to render the party that operated as the primary instrument of war profiteering and corporate control of the American/World politics.​

    Now put it all together:

    American history states that they most effective way to deal with truly formidable challenges in politics is with the gun. Every great turning point in our history as a nation has been decided with the gun. Lincoln and JFK come to mind.. MLK Malcolm, and many many others come to mind also. Let's not forget what we know about all of this.

    At this point the best thing for Obama to do is to upgrade his security and not take any unnecessary risks.

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