Black People Politics : Obama Legacy: Why Secret Trade Negotiations? Because TPP & TAFTA are NAFTA on Crack & Evil Steroids

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    by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

    Thanks to WikiLeaks, a chapter of the secret agreement being negotiated by the White House has been made public. It will enshrine corporate profits as sacred rights, above the ability of local governments to make health, safety, wage, and “buy-local” regulations, and enable corporations to patent drugs, trivial techniques, diseases and living organisms.

    Back in 1995, a Democrat in the White House told us the North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA would create hundreds of thousands of new US jobs.

    What it actually did, along with billions in corporate welfare to Big Agribusiness, was send cheap genetically modified corn to Mexico, the land where humans first domesticated corn a thousand or two years ago. The cheap US frankenfood corn contaminated the genome of original Mexican corn varieties, and sent Mexican corn prices so low that local farmers couldn't pay their bills. Millions were driven off the land into the cities, looking for work to keep their families alive.

    NAFTA also gave US subsidies to US businesses wanting to relocate to the new belt of factories along the Mexican border that sprang up to take advantage of a new and desperately cheap workforce there, and thoughtfully provided employers protection from even Mexican health & safety regulations. When those business picked up and ran to the Philippines, Bangladesh or China a few years later, unemployed Mexicans crossed into the US by the millions, again seeking to keep their families alive. The long racist tradition of a two-tier US labor market made it almost natural for employers to add a new bottom tier for immigrant labor.

    That's what NAFTA gave us: lower wages and higher unemployment on both sides of the US-Mexican border. Goods and capital now cross those borders freely, people and prosperity, not so much. Now it's 2 decades later. Another Democrat in the White House wants another pair of trade treaties, the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Trans Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA). But this time, we have two decades of experience on what these trade deals are, and how to stop them. And they can be stopped.

    Though Barack Obama says they will be job-creating beasts, the terms and progress of the negotiations are classified, which means there is no LEGAL way for citizens to learn what is being negotiated. The only way the public has gained any knowledge of what's in the agreement, and how the talks are progressing has been for WikiLeaks to obtain and publish a chapter of the proposed TPP agreement.
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