Chief Elder Osiris : Obama Is the symbol of black Folks belief

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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    What I notice about Black people today is that we are so excited about the obama theme, Change, and how all excited Black people are about Obama, which is alright, if that is the level that verify the type of mind you are in possession of today, which indicate no tremendous growth in term of the distance from the mind we started out with since the turn of the era of America Segregation, in other word, the Black mind has not experienced a dynamic growth since we were conditioned to embrace the social contract of Racial integration / Assimilation, that level of mind is where the Black Mind is now stuck and now come Obama offering you another social contract that has to do with Racial differences denial, and the denial of the fact that you are Black people in the world, a natural phenomena that the social theorist had no play in causing the phenotype of the once Divine Being to be.

    So here Black people are in America, an America that is now experiencing one of the worst economic change that it has ever experienced which is sure to have the most devastating effect upon the lives of Black people in America, so the change that America is experiencing today is what prove to you that all Change is not a representative for the Greater Good of all things to be effected by Change.

    Yet Black people are overwhelmed over the Change Obama has in words represented to be for America, not Black people but for America, as if to say all people in America is of equal standing, social, economic, educational, political and religious in America and what ever the ill affect America is experiencing, it effect us all equally.

    So a change that is coming to America is going to be for the Middle Class in America and that should bring some socioeconomic balance to American society living condition and that is the change Black People in America is now embracing and showing all belief, faith, hope with an expectation for charity to come their way in a bucket of Change that does not include the working lower class and non working lower, lower class of Black People in America and the sad part about it is that there are some Black so call Afrikan Americans who seem to believe that to be alright with them, because that is the quality and level of mind you have to work with at this Time in your life.

    So tell me, who own the presidency in America, is it the citizen of America, is it your privilege to vote for president in America that give you the deciding authority over the office of the President, tell me who is it or what is it that own and control the office of the president in America, because whomever or whatever it is, that is what has the power to evoke change in America and not the person that occupy the office of the Presidency in America, that person serve to be a pawn of the power that control that presidential office and it is most certainly not the people of America.

    Whoever or whatever control the money in the world is the the source of force that control America Government and all other Governments of the world, so whomever become president of America does not serve as an individual power capable of causing change for the Greater Good of all people under the America Government.

    America does not print money any more, that privilege is not in the authority of the federal reserve, a private representative of the Banking system and an entity of the world Banking system, privately own, there is any to come is where your change is to come from which pertain to your life living condition in the world as it is now structured.

    So your belief, faith, hope expecting charity and change from Barack Obama, it is your level of mind that have you choosing to be lied to and deceived rather than you moving off of your Black Behind and going to work to cause the change that would serve to be the liberation of all Black People regardless of Socio/Economic Class in America and the world of Black People.

    Listen, this Divine Truth is no put down of Obama, Hell our Life condition is much Greater than Obama claim for his politics change and he is claiming to bring change for your life as president of America, tell me when have you Black people taken a look and See at America condition in the world today, you can not See the True picture of happening in America with the level of mind growth you now function in today, so yes, everything Obama tell you about your Black life you are only able to compute it with the stunted growth of a mind you now function with and you get all pissed off when you hear there be Black Folks that are functioning with a freed up mind that is allowed to grow back into its Divine mind level of functioning, which qualify you to be able to See as well as look at what is happening in the world today.

    You hear the term Illuminati and many of you have your own take of what it mean, well it is a fraternal group of esoteric people who are in control of the monetary system in the world and your mind, meaning that they control all politics which they established for the purpose of giving the people whose mind that they control the impression that they are the people who choose the officials to operate what you believe to be the people government, when in fact the people is an instrument of a few people government.

    So you wonder why and how it is that Black People got in such a lowly position in the world today and it is all because you lost your life way by losing your Divine Mind, so what do Black people do today, well you move about pretending to be somebody you know nothing about because the mind Black people now operate under is under the control of those people who rose to power over the world using the information left to you Black people, you who now marvel over the work and information stolen away from you and you have been made not to recognize your own stuff, you now seeking a change that is of not the level of that from which you Black Folks have fallen.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    So I ask, have you Black people ever stop and ask yourselves why it is that there is the liberal faction of white America who seem to be so mesmerized over Obama, even to the level their admiration rival you Afrikan Americans, which is no negative reflection on Obama, he is just doing what he has learned politician must be able to do in the political climate of America and the world, because you see, all politics regardless of where it is played, it remain to be the same in term of its rule of engagement, which is to dumbfound the public into believing that they play a powerful role in electing their high power officials, from local governments to the National and international level.

    So you see, the quality of Change that must come to the life living condition of Black People must come from the people whose life is in need of quality and Divine Change and it is that type of change that will not come from inside of a evil constructed government playing political game with the people lives, especially Black Folks lives.

    So here you are in tour psychodrama condition, wanting Obama to be your savior, you gone blind and deft to the point that you can not hear Obama telling you that he has come to represent the middle class and rich of America and not you in much need Black Folks, you being the drone workers in a Capitalist System of deceiving governance in America and wherever else Capitalist Systems are in action in the world.

    Sorry to tell you beloved, but Obams is not the savior Black Folks are in need of today and he is the first to let you know that he is not, as Obama coming has caused it not to be popular to acknowledge your Blackness in America and to believe that Race does not matter in America today and because of the level of mind you now function in, you question not anything Obama represent to you today.

    Yet my desire as I have always said concerning Obama, is to see Obama elected to become America Afro-euro American President

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind to your Self, Beloved


    Chief Elder