Chief Elder Osiris : Obama Is A Poor Representation Of A Black Man Being President Of The United States Of

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    Obama Is A Poor Representation Of A Black Man Being President Of The United States Of America

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From

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    Should Black people expect to receive special consideration and treatment coming from a Black president, and in view of our present condition in the world, don’t we deserve it?

    Hell yes, did we not receive special attention and treatment when evil entered our Mind house?

    Tell me, why is it that nobody want to, but need to, talk about those events that destroyed a Black Nation and Divided a Land and people that The Jewish angels of evil so ordered to be done.

    So, when they entered Afrika and Enslaved our Ancestors and colonized Afrika, as you Black so call Afrikans can say, it was all good, because it was Black people who were being mentally disfigured.

    Beloved, the Jews chose Obama to be president, not you Black people, those Jews who now refer to themselves as the Children Of God, and now Most Black people do not challenge such a claim, we bow to such a people making the claim, and it is Lucifer The Human Being Mind that have black people not knowing who in this Hellish world that we are.

    The Divine Truth, Black people despise the Divine Truth and now is criticizing it being shared with the back world today.

    There is no need for you Black Unhyphenated Afrikan Americans to generate a reaction to what I am about to share with Black people, because a political response to the Divine Truth will only verify the obvious about the Black Unhyphenated Afrikan American, which is, being without the Divine mentality, will have you not to know the Divine Truth about Lucifer politics of life.

    Most of us Black people, only believe what has been taught to us about Lucifer politics of life, and it has proven to be lies and deception to the Black world.

    Beloved, it is now Time for those of us who confess to be Universally aware, and such Divine knowledge is incorporated into what we refer to our Blackness, and require us to Think and to know in complete terms why it is important for us to know the wholeness of our Black Body life.

    Such Divine knowledge will have you to know that there is, not now, and that there will not be ever, a Black Woman or Man as president of the United States of America, as we know it to be.

    Whether you know it or not, the people parading around as Jewish people, those people who make claim to be the True Children of God, well they are, to their God of their creation, which make it to be that they are the real thief of our Divine Mind, and has stolen out identity on this so call Earthly planet.

    The so call Jewish people are today, the rulers of the world, yes, I have said it, and to you who do not know, which happen to be most of all of Black so call Afrikan People, the Jewish people happen to be the leader of the Caucasian Race.

    So, what you have in the Jewish White House is not a Black president, but a hand me down, imposing as a Black president and he has now founded himself to be in the Devil Den of Caucasian Satan the Devil, angel of Lucifer, he being The world potentate that is orchestrating all of the Evil that is upon the Black Race, using Satan the Devil to carry out Lucifer decree, which is that the Black Divine Race is not to be allowed to rise again.

    So, what does the Jewish Authority do, they make you Black people a hand me down president and refer to him as a Black president, even when you know that he is of the mixture of what once was Divine, and what is Evil, which is the Jewish rendition of the Caucasian Race, they who do the Jews evil bidding in the world.

    Today, Obama is in trouble with his Jewish Handlers and his days are numbered for him to be in that Jewish White House in America.

    No really, stop and Divinely Think, and allow yourself to see who it is that managed to win your trust and favor, even to the tune of you singing that the Jewish people are more your Black kin than anyone else.

    So much so, until you have some unaware Black so call Afrikans making claim to be the real Jew, a sure sign of how deep our ignorance of self goes.

    Tell me, who is it that is more adamant against our Enslaved Ancestors receiving their Reparation, none other than the financier of the action of the institution Chattel Slavery.

    Go ahead, and take a look, it is the Jewish Authority that has had their hand in bringing down the Black Nation, they had to do so, in order to be able to sell to the world that they are special people before God, so special, until they make claim to be the True Children of God, when they know **** Well who it is on this planet that is the Divine Beings, and it is Divinity that is in Relationship to the Divine Essence rather than Religion.

    So, Obama would not be where he is if not for the Jewish lords, they who represent the Law of God and God being none other than Lucifer the Human Being, the Jewish Form of Authority over the Caucasian Race.

    The so call Jews are in control of America politics, thus meaning, in control of that White House, and all who occupy it, and even have from Time to Time, taken up resident in that house, representing to be, president of the United States Of America.

    The Truth, Black people do not have the quality of Mind that can accept what is Divinely True, and such a Divine Truth coming from others who are not Jewish and Caucasian, with roots in the Mother of all Land Mass on this planet, the place call Afrika and the original people of that Land, now referred to as Black so call Afrikan People, it is difficult for most Black people to know that the root of Divinity reside in the Black Divine Beings.

    No, Hell No, there is no Black Being that is suppose to be able to share such information on such a level until it reveal the Divine Truth about the Forces of Evil, those who are committed to destroy the Divine Being Race.

    Well, you had better abandon belief and get acquainted with knowing, because that is the only way you will be able to see that which I share with you, is Divinely True, and Lucifer is betting on your ignorance to continue to over ride Divine intelligence.

    So Lucifer have most of us through our ignorance, to ignore that which I share with you, and it is Black Folks ignorance of self that is what sustain the power and authority of Satan the Devil, and Lucifer, the three being the spirit of the Human Being, and not the Divine Being.

    So, there is no way that the people now referring to themselves as the children of God, can allow most Black folks ignorance, to slip away.

    So, what they do, they give to you a hand me down so call Black president, one who does not even qualify to be Black, and if you do not qualify to be Black, that mean that you do not qualified To Think With A Divine Mind, and I ask of you, observe the Black so call Afrikan Human Being, and see what has been allowed to happen to Afrika, in the presence of this Time.

    All because most of us Black so call Afrikans, now worship Satan The Devil (Caucasian Authority) and Lucifer, (the Jewish Authority) both constitute being the Human Being of this World and the controller of it today.

    So, Obama can not and is not in a position to do anything specifically for the Black World, In America , nor in other parts of the world, that is away from Afrika, nor in Afrika, he is just a Jewish hand me down Negro Mulatto president taking orders from Satan the Devil and Lucifer the supreme authority in the world today, Lucifer being the Jewish Authority.

    Here you have a supposedly Black President and the negro will not dignify the issue, Reparation, by addressing it to the world.

    Reparation reveal the fakers around us, they who speak out against Reparation are those who disrespect our Enslaved Ancestors.

    The pope is the religious potentate representative of the Jewish Hierarchy, he in the external Religious world, is the personal representative of the Holy Father, Lucifer, the God of the World, All Earthly power emanate out from the Illuminati fraternity of which Lucifer serve as the God-Head of Light to the World, Light of deception, meaning the false Religious God.

    So observe the president as his Time is in a decline to be president, because the relationship between him and the Jewish Lords are not what it started out to be.

    Ne Kind To Your Self, Beloved.



    Chief Elder

    [email protected]