Chief Elder Osiris : Obama Is A No Win Situation For Black People

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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    This is my last comment about Obama before the election, which I am not feeling over confident about despite all of the polls coming out in Obama favor and it is because I refuse to allow myself to be suckered into believing that America Racism is subsiding against Black Folks and that America Prejudice against Black People is no longer valid in its practice and by the coming of Obama Claim for change America is becoming a New and changed America and will serve to the better for Black People.

    Not so beloved, it is not ever to be for Black People to receive a life of parity regarding opportunity in America, there is not to be equality of Rights for Black People and there will not ever be Justice to be received for Black People in America because for the True Americans to allow those opportunities to become the Change in the Social Contract in America with Black People it would mean that White Americans no longer aspire to be the the governing body and the determining factor in America and that beloved is a decision Americans no longer have because there are external forces that determine the politics of America and even if they have decided that this strategy of change Obama is allowed to preach to you to be allowed to become the new social appearence of order for America, it still will not be for the benefit of Black People in America.

    Obama is not a winning situation for Black People in America, even if he could be a double agent for the likes of a Reverend Wright and a Farrakhan, because the goal and objective of the so call new Black Nationalist and the Militant and radical Black Liberation Theology is a doctrine to Black America and not to Black People even if a covert acceptance by Obama it would not change the Black people dynamics in America, because total Liberation for Black People is not to be realized in America regardless of how much we wish for it to be it is not meant to be, because Liberation for the so call Black Afrikan in America is to be a liberation away from America and to take place in Afrika for the Afrikan.

    I know this is not what you want to hear at the eve of your anticipated Obama victory and I am not attempting to be a stumbling block to your celebration because as I have indicated to you throughout the Obama campaign, I to desire an Obama victory with an anticipation that it will be a victory that will give cause for you to eventual open your eyes and see the true destiny of Black People as long as you remain to be an Afrikan American, then the choice you will make concerning you and America will be an uninfluenced choice which will eliminate you from having any justified complaints about America Spirit toward Black People.

    It is said that Black People rather to marvel in their illusion concerning America than to face the Reality of the Black situation in America and as long as there are so call Black Leaders giving to you a phony Black Liberation Theological Doctrine to believe in then Black Folks are happy in their state of suffering and living a life in America that is based upon anticipation and not actual Liberation away from America.

    An Obama election could be an action that could lead to Black Folks being able to see the merit in the call for our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation.

    An Obams victory could serve to have Black people to see a need for their liberation away from America, so if there is any messianic connection to Obama then that would be the purpose Obama is to be of service to the so call Black Afrikan In America because there is only only one type of Liberation that will serve to the benefit of Black People in America and that is a liberation that will give to you an indisputable experience of Justice for Black People, so a Divine appreciation of Justice is not to be founded for Black People in America, the Melting pot of such a people in America maybe, but not for Black People in America.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    There are charges now coming out linking Obama with Farrakhan, reminding America of Obama connection with Reverend Wright, claiming he has an oratorical gift more related to the Ministers of the Nation Of Islam, an association with Ayres the Weather men Radical, claiming Obama having known of an Aunt that is in America illegal and is questioning Obams Citizenship in America, implying that all such charges disqualify Obama from becoming President of America, meaning that if you want to become considered for the presidentcy of America you most certainly can not be Black or have Black tendencies, because Americans elect only White Americans or something close to it but not someone that is Black and there is nothing changing about America when it come to Americans electing their President.

    If Obama run for the presidency has done anything of real service to America it has highlighted the standard required to be an American running for president and that standard most certainly does not include being Black in America with an opportunity to become President of America and to many Afrikan Americans such a standard is alright with them because you are committed to the Melting pot of America, yet to some Black people in America the standard to be an American is to self defacing and rather to remain Black in America than to become a so call Black Afrikan American.

    So when Obama is elected President should he be, you can look for Obama to hold true to his promise that he has made to the Middle Class and Wealthy Americans with no promise made to the Lower Class Black and poor people in America, the Class of the down trodden, the real workers and foundation that hold up a capitalist system, a system that does not allow a equal distrubution of the Wealth of a capitalist Nation to reach the lower class in America.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.



    Chief Elder

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