Chief Elder Osiris : Obama Has The Same Effect Upon Afrika

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    Obama Has The Same Effect Upon Afrika, As Religion, Chattel Slavery, And Colonialism Do Today.

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Obama is as beauty to Afrikan People, he is beauty in the eye of the beholder and most Black Afrikans, look for beauty on the outside instead of on the inside and that is why Afrika and the Black Afrikan People will not ever get no respect, nor will we ever judge for ourselves in determining what is best for Afrika and Black Afrikan people.

    Because you should see, we are always allowing those we be trying to get something from, tell us what is best for us Black people, and most Time the advise that be coming from the enemy of Afrika and Black Afrikan people, is that Black Afrikan people must allow someone else beside ourselves, Think for us.

    The advice that come from Obama is consistent to the advice given to the Children of the Middle passage, which is to forget about the act of Chattel Slavery and what it did to our Enslaved Ancestors and to the Descendants of those Enslaved Ancestors, telling us that Race does not matter and that being Black in America is not our problem.

    It will be the foolish Black Afrikan, in Afrika and away from Afrika, that will accept the notion that what our lives are experiencing in the world today, well it is all our fault, from beginning of our oppression up to now.

    That meaning, what ever the life of the Black Afrikan is experiencing today, it is all the fault of the Black Afrikan, so I am here to share with you, if you Black people continue to feed off of such an obvious propaganda, then I share with you, such mental weakness will be your fault and the life the Black Afrikan is living today will continue to be the life of a foolish Afrikan with ignorant intelligence.

    So I appeal to you Black Afrikans, you who have been told and still is being told that Religion is not your problem, Chattel Slavery is not your problem, colonialism is not your problem and your Black pigment is not your problem, so all that your Black Afrikan Life is experiencing today, happen to be because of something the Black Afrikan has done to the life of the Black Afrikan, and the world is to go unpunished and not to bear the blame for what has happen to Afrika and the life of the Black Afrikan.

    What a pity and a shame of the Black Afrikan, if we continue to allow the oppressors and their agents to continue to feed us such lies with intent to deceive the Black Afrikan Nation, and we be foolish enough to continue to feed off of such oppressors deception concerning the present state of Afrika and the life of the Black Afrikan living condition today.

    Beloved, for one Time in your Black Life, look to See the present condition of Afrika and the Black Afrikan living condition today, and then tell me what you see is caused by the action only, of Black Afrikan people, and that we only have ourselves for being of a Divine Nature to blame for allowing ourselves to allow Afrika and the Black life of the Afrikan to get into the present condition that we are living in today.

    Beloved, if you allow such a self condemning claim about your Black Afrikan Selves, then you are more of a Foolish Dunce than one could have ever imagined, do you not have eyes to look and a Mind to See?

    Because if you do not, then you have been made to be a slave for those whom you look to for your Help and they are those with a history of lying, Deceiving, and abusively oppress the Black Afrikan Nation.

    Tell me, if the colonizers of the Black Afrikan Nation is not to be blamed for the present condition of Afrika division and self hate, and if the constructionist of Chattel Slavery is not to be blamed for implementing the institution of Chattel slavery, then who in the Hell is left standing to bear all of that Blame that has Afrika and the Mind of Black people in such a condition that we now worship the oppressors God, Afrika is a Divided Continent, Black people included, running around in Afrika revering their Tribal sociology and their separate land boundaries, claiming to be separate countries among your Black Afrikan selves.

    The Black Afrikan in America, here by way of the middle passage suffering from the same type of indoctrination against themselves, taking advice that we must forget about our past and that the change we need is to integrate and assimilate our Black Afrikan selves into the body and life style of the Black people oppressors, which imply to the descendants of our Enslaved Ancestors, Chattel Slavery should not and does not matter to the victims of that devilish institution and that Sovereignty of independence with power and control to make decision for our Black Afrikan Lives must not be a goal of ours, because it only will cause Black Afrikan People to be a problem in the World and to ourselves.

    Beloved, if you continue to buy into that lying garbage, then the life of the Black Afrikan deserve to get what will continue to come to that Black Life and for you to see what your Black life has gotten so far by following the advice coming from the oppressors and their Black agents.

    I invite you to behold the present state of condition of the Black Body life living condition and the condition of Afrika is today, and on that Divine sight of Empirical factual evidence, do I present the case of the Black World to the Black Afrikan People.

    Beloved, I know you do not want to look at such a missive as this, but what you want is not what you need, it is what you need that should be what you want, beloved.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.



    Chief Elder

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