Chief Elder Osiris : Obama Father Day Dishonesty

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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There are Black people that reside below the Middle class stratum in America and those Black People will take issue with Obama Father Day speech.

    First of all, the Arrogant loaded with disrespect coming from the phony White Liberal institution of the Media, to imply, indicate, and suggest to be the barometer for acceptance of Barack Obama to Black People, we who are the Children of the Middle Passage, DETEST SUCH A MOVE..

    First of all allow me to share with you for myself, that Obama is not qualified to chastise Black men, he has not walked in our shoes of Chattel Slavery psychological effect, and racist Injustice and Jim crow Racist Prejudice Segregation, along with being used to create enmity between the Wombgender ( Woman ) and Staffgender, ( Man ) which brought about the destruction of the Black Nucleus Family, such a behavior of accusation will not be tolerated by Divine True Black Men, Fathers some are and Fathers some are not, sure there are exception in every rule, but here I am sharing about the rule you have set forth about Black Fathers.

    Obama, unless he has a Divine Transformation, he will be the most effective decoy for change for Black People in America since Chattel Slavery changed the Black family Structure and our Sociological behavior Domestically in the family.

    Here is my Message to Obama and the rest of the Bill Cosbys in America, you have come upon the America Scene at the behest not of Black People but of White Jewish People, your Message does not resonate well with the Dignified True Garveyites in America.

    Yes, there is an element of Strong Divine Black Nationalist that have freed ourselves away from the dragnet of Self denial, self disrespect and have recapture the Mental conditioning of our lost Divine Subconsciousness, which give us the ability again to honor the Family, even in this harsh Racist Prejudice against the Black man environment

    I care nothing about the Social, Civil, political, domestication of today afrikan Americans, they who walk blindly in the newly foot steps of an individual that foster False Pride based on Wishful Belief and Wanting White Acceptence in an Environment that Control and Dominate the Belief System of the Afrikan American, so you expect such a Mental Handicap Afrikan to not be intrested in participating in criticle analysis of a Biracial man that satisify both of the Afrikan American Fantasy World, he being Two into One, black in appearence and White in belief, now claiming to be qualified to Justly and Objectively critique the Black Family that is no more in America, with America being the cause of that Black Family present Status in America which Obama now claim expertise in being qualified to critique the Black Family Unit in America.

    So, there is an element of Black Folks in America that fully know and understand what type of Lobotomy has been performed upon you Mr Obama and you now serve as a Racial Manchurians candidate, out to deliver the final blow against the Black Man, in an effort to destroy what little is left of respect between the Wombgender and the Staffgender , the Black Men, those Fathers you now attempt to Sociologically, Domestically, and biologically infuriate into change, they are Black Men, Fathers of Children many forced away from Home by a System that intentionally drive the Dividing Wedge into the Black Family Structure, the Black man deserving to be respected by the Wombgender, he having been forced to be in a place the Black Man did not choose to be.

    Contrary to all of White folks studies the Afrikan American has adopted to crucify the Black men as Fathers, bu Divine Nature, the Black Man is beholding to his Family structure, even though forced to appear to be the Black Family villain.

    If you have a need to criticize Black Men, you should be Man enough to call us into question privately, because we have a ear full for you as well Mr. Obama, you speak as if you are an authority of the Black man pain and Suffering today and yesterday, caused bot by his neglect of his Family but by the cause of a contrived systematic act by White folks to destroy what Naturally was a cohesive Black Nucleus Family Structure, now he the Black Father / Man, now been made to be a stranger to his Family and Wombgender, as you stand on your hand White Jewish Made soap Box, spewing out garbage about the fathers, they being Black Men, as if those Men have never had Love for the Family and is gone at will from the family and not by coercion and for the betterment of the family he Love, such garbage you speak about the Black Man the Father, is of such, that a Fool would turn away from.

    The Black Male, every since the Slave profiteers invaded our Home Land , Afrika, and kidnapped our Mothers and Fathers at a very Young age, we have been under attack to prevent us from having Favor with our Wombgenders, the Load Stone of the Famil, break her will and devotion to her Staffgender and you would have in the making of the destruction of the Black nucleus Family, which now give you cause to have as a political issue of expedience to criticize the Black Man as Father..

    You Mr Obama, now represent a system long ago declared War against the Black Staffgender and has continued up until this day, as we all witness War being waged against our Children without saying a **** Word or doing a **** Thing about it and here you are standing in the arena of Religious Mental Persecution of Black People, calling yourself chastising Black Men.

    No Sir Mr Obama, that act you have just pulled has revealed your Mission in this so call Political Game, depicting you as being the candidate of Change, but unto Black People of self dignity, you are put there to serve as the candidate of Doom to Black Men, not so to succeed, the True Garveyites Black Nationalist, even of One, if need be, some of us have read you loud and clear and all of the White racist Media Sanction of Approval of your Racial action to destroy Black People identity, such will reveal you to be seen as you Truly are in America, the Preacher of racial assimilation and the actor of Deception.

    Yet I still choose you to be President of America Mr. Obama, because you fit the mold and would be just what Black Folks wishing for change need, the Change Black Folks calling themselves Afrikan American, are hoping you bring to them, being that the change you advocate as you state, does not descend no lower than to the Middle Class America, which exclude a hex of a segment of Black People in America that is now a victim of America Melting Pot of Limited Economic domestic change for black people Victims of America Still..

    The time is out for Black Emotional Following behind something that carry the blow against Black Men, Black Pride, and Black Self Determination.

    Be Kind to Your Self

    Chief Elder

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    If anything can prove that you are a man of conviction it's this post. Lol
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    In the fantasy of Afreekan Unity
    :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:



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    this post is a CLASSIC!!!

    Yup, he is pandering to his People (the dirty, phoney jew) and hios other NEW people. (on his mammas side) An old Sister friends called me and was LIVID about this. She is taking her vote elsewhere. I wonder what those that say we should not question anything he says or does have to say about this?:em3200:
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    Uh-oh, Great post Brother. The die is brother Neely has stated Barack has been vetted and passed with flying colors. He sits in the same elected body where the rapist, bastardizer strom thurmond once sat,lest we forget, jefferson,washington, helms ...and he didn't even mention these scoundrel. They tell me he is brilliant, I understand that brilliance is in the eye of the beholder/listener, what he appears to be is opportunistic and unleavened. He has become the Great White Hope! surprise, surprise, didn't expect that hope to come in the form of a brother. LOL
    I have said occasionally that his connection to my enslaved generations is through his wife, he has not walked in my shoes, yet he feels compelled to address our true education and not a word about the white supremacist racist who provided it. Barack should always remember we were taught father hood by rapist and murderers. These thieves robbed us blind left us naked on the historical sideline and now wish preach to us about appropriate behavior.
    I know that many here believe that this is a watershed moment in amerikkkan history, I agree, from this point forward white supremacy is going to grow exponentially, hidden by the large shadow cast by the potential enabler and chief.


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    I was talking about this last evening with a friend of mine..

    asked him if it was so hard to beleive that we were great ....

    he was happy for obama.....

    if obama cared so much about us he would use some of his book sale money to do something... his non action toward our struggle is all i need to c..

    he won't never say that spit around the real....

    he couldn't make me lose no favor for ya'll .. that's a no, negative .. not gon happen...

    I know why u want him to win but even when people get let down they'll find something else to blame.. instead of embracing the truth which has been shared.....