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    Too little too late but better little now than never....DROP THE ROCK
    I think its a good idea.....what say ye???

    A White House official told Yahoo that President Obama is prepared to use his pardon power to grant clemency to “hundreds, perhaps thousands” of people who have been jailed for nonviolent drug crimes. The report said that the administration is making moves that will help it handle the increase in petitions that Mr. Obama is planning to sign off on before he leaves office. Last Tuesday, White House counsel Kathryn Ruemmler said Obama has directed the Justice Department to improve its clemency recommendation process and recruit more applications from people behind bars for drug law violations..

    The White House’s new moves would follow in the footsteps of a January announcement that the Obama administration would taking the unprecedented step of encouraging defense lawyers to suggest inmates whom the president might let out of prison early, as part of its effort to curtail severe penalties in low-level drug cases.

    In December, President Obama commuted the sentences of eight federal inmates convicted of non-violent drug offenses involving crack cocaine. Mr. Obama said the eight men and women had been sentenced under an “unfair system,” including the 100-to-1 sentencing disparity between crack and powder cocaine offenses that was reduced to 18:1 by the Fair Sentencing Act of 2010.

    In the past year, Attorney General Eric Holder has made a number of forceful public statements against mass incarceration in the U.S., promising significant rollback of mandatory minimums and harsh sentencing guidelines. Yet, despite his administration’s declared support for substantive criminal justice reform, until now Obama has used his power to grant clemency less frequently than nearly all other U.S. Presidents.

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    Obama Plans Clemency for "Hundreds, Perhaps Thousands" of People Sentenced for Drug Law Violations | Drug Policy Alliance

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    Actually, Mr. Obama is picking up where he left off a couple of months ago, but he's doing better than Bush:

    "Obama has now approved a total of 43 commutations during more than six years in office. Eggleston noted that Obama's predecessor, George W. Bush, had commuted 11 sentences during his two terms."

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    ... er'r body trying to shake the money tree :facepalm: Yeah, I read this elsewhere and thought the samething. Forget the fact that that wasn't her...