Black People Politics : Obama, Corzine, and Shadow Banking

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    Voters really do not have a POTUS choice in 2012. You have a _preselected_ choice between a scoundrel [Romney] or another scoundrel [Obama]. Romney's ties to Bain Capital are becoming common knowledge:

    But Obama is even more of a financial threat to the common man because of his love affair with Wall Street.

    Here are a few brief videos of Biden and Obama bragging about how they depended on John Corzine to help them craft financial stimulus policy:

    Why are Obama and Biden so in love with Corzine? Well, keep in mind that Goldman Sachs was Obama's most generous corporate donor in 2008 and Obama rewarded them by appointing several of their former execs to key positions in his administration. Corzine was CEO of Goldman Sachs before he left [actually he was forced out] to be CEO of MF Global. He resigned from MF Global when they went bankrupt in 2011.

    Only in America could a CEO who got forced out of one company manage to become CEO of another, then run that one into bankruptcy, then be hailed as a financial genius by both the POTUS and his VP ...

    After running MF Global into the ground, Corzine weaseled himself into the senate, with a lot of help from Obama and Biden as the videos above make quite clear.

    As a US Senator, Corzine predictably managed to get on committees for Banking and Budget.

    Here is a video about Corzine's role in Shadow Banking:

    But, hey, let's get real. I know most of you are going to go ahead and vote for Obama anyway in 2012 because all you care about is that he is black and a democrat.

    I am just getting this out there so you won't be able to say you weren't warned.

    As for me, I may vote for some 3rd party POTUS candidate in 2012. Or I may just not vote for POTUS. But what I will not do is vote for either Obama or Romney.
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