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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Just the subject of this I am about to share with you, is proof that I am not out to win Black folks Favor in America and the World, because to Black people, we have been made to believe that all Black people in the world today, should be proud of what white folks have allowed Obama to achieve in their game of politics, which is to become the Presidential Nominee of the Democratic Party, not the President of America, just the Nominee, which is in keeping with the way Black people have been conditioned to appreciate, which is to believe that we should be grateful of all of the little things white Folks, Arabs, and Jews, allow us Black people to accomplish, not on our term, but on their term, and we are to be satisfied with such acts of appeasement.

    I do not wish any ill will to come to Obama, because I know he is doing what he Wants to do, and that is to win favor with two of our gravest enemies, White and Jewish People, with Arabs fitting in to represent the greatest Triangle of Terrorist to ever confront the Black World, Obama indicating that he has a romantic vision to bring peace among the two Races of opposition in America and the world, a division coming in the Time of past Millennium, to the beginning of this one, we have the greatest tragedies to ever come upon the Black World and to have happen to us, which was caused by European, Jewish , White Americans, the constructionist of the institution of Chattel Slavery, an event that is a part of the White world history against Black so call Afrikans, yet that event is not up to be discussed, not even by Black people and we remain in our Comfort Zone, when referring to that part of our Past.

    Yet and still, Black folks, White folks, Arabs and Jews can talk about the Holocaust without ceasing and making claim that never again will such a tragedy ever to be permitted to visit upon the Jewish people, but never a cry to come from Black People, White People, Jewish people, Arab People proclaiming Never again is such a tragedy as chattel slavery is to ever come upon the Black world again.

    I watch Obama make such Commanding Commitment to the Jewish People, stating when he is President that Israel can rest assured that no Nation will be able to attack Israel without the expectation of America retaliation, meaning no holocaust experience will ever happen upon the Jewish People ever again, if America has anything to say and do about it.

    So tell me, has such assurance ever been made to the Children of the Middle Passage by Black Afrika, has America taken responsibility for the creation, implementation of Chattel slavery of Black so call Afrikan people, Hell No, yet Obam come on the scene making claim for us to become color blind when he can not and will not give in any appreciative length a talk or hold a discussion on the event of Chattel Slavery, yet he at the drop of a hat can talk unceasingly on the Holocaust, giving assurance that it will never happen again and promising to defend the State of Israel, while the Children of the Middle Passage is Homeless, yet having more of a Right to Statehood than any once oppressed lost People in this world.

    Obama is a False Positive to Black people, because all he promise is not about, nor to black people in America, here by way of the Middle Passage, but Obama promise is to White and Jewish People and Black People in America just assert ourselves into the Mix, pretending that Obama Change promise, include Black people, when Obama has made it clear where his concern lies in America, which is with the Middle Class White folks on up, such a Class stratum eliminate the Rank and file of Black people, we who hold Obama up in high esteem, when all Obama represent to Poor Black people is a False Positive, because Change in America can not descend no lower than for the Middle Class White American, in the Prime Social Stratum of America.

    Jews were allowed to create for themselves a Independent state and to collect Reparation, The children of the Middle Passage is expected to be satisfied to become a mixture of a Melting Pot Racial Soup and you tell me that the Children of the Middle Passage with Proud, do not have anything to be Pissed off about in America, I guess not, if you have become a victim of an Obama False Positive representation.

    When you are operating under your oppressors Mind, then you can not see the Wisdom, the Greater Good that the Children of the Middle Passage is deserving of and we have a right to be Demanding our Right to become Self-govern, our Right to become an independent state, yet when we the Children of the Middle Passage Demand our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation and our Right to statehood in Afrika, everybody go silent and those who do not begin to criticize such a Divine Demand to such a Divine Right, the opposition to such demands come from all that is to blame for Chattel Slavery and the opposition does in fact include Black so call Afrikans, having no reason of Just cause to do so, other than being under the influence of the Trinity of Evil, operating under the White Oppressors Mind.

    Tell me, what if any, is Obama position on Reparation and the Children of the Middle Passage right to Statehood in Afrika ?

    Will Obama speak so eloquent in acknowledging and promising to Defend our Right to exist as an independent State in Afrika, claiming never again will Black People have to experience the evil of Chattel Slavery again, as he has done to the Jews about the Holocaust ?

    Why has Afrika not raised up to make such a Promise to us, the Children of the Middle Passage and to have assured us of our right to independently exist as a New State in Afrika, Why,?

    Well I will tell you why, and it is because Afrika no longer belong to the Afrikan and the so call Afrikan no longer function in our Original Mind, so instead of us being able to See through the glass darkly, we Brand new Afrikan Look through the Glass Lightly, and it be with the Sense of Mind of our Oppressors.

    Not until the Children of the Middle Passage come to know and understand that as long as we remain in America, it will continue to serve as our Prison, just as it was at the Time we arrived here,

    Statehood should begin to dawn the Mind of the Children of the Middle Passage in America United States, not on some reservation in America but in the Land of our enslaved Mother and Father and that State should come with our Enslaved Ancestors reparation, such should be the Demand of the so call Black Afrikan America, here by way of the Middle Passage.

    In relationship, there is a oneness and Purpose, a Direct connection that is of a natural association, so in America, White People have no Relationship with Black People, there is only an aquaintance and that is why such a Promise that America make to Israel is not to be made to the Children of the Middle Passage, People of the Divine Essence we are, yet we are in complete ignorance of that fact, which is why we are in the condition and position we now experience in the world today, as we have come to be a part of this Evil, Lying, Deceiving world, which now consist of Many and various Races.

    Be Kind to your selves, Beloved


    Chief Elder
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