Chief Elder Osiris : Obama and The Hypocrisy of Black Leadership

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    Obama and The Hypocrisy of Black Leadership

    Hoteph beloved sisters and brothers:

    Have you notice that when the White Media decide to air a discussion about Race, how they never invite a True Black Nationalist as a guest, as if the only Intelligent Black people are hand picked so call Black american that is so Americanized to the extent they would convict and kill their mother if they served in such a capacity of power in america.

    Beloved, I have become Apolitical and has been for quite sometime now, and yes, there was a time when I was heavily involved in america politics, but now, not any more and it is because over the years I grew into knowing and understanding the mechanism of america and world politics and it is a very deceiving institution, having participants that are master in lying and deceiving the world, the Black world in particular.

    I have attempted to refrain from commenting on the candidacy of Obama, but you know what is so ridiculous about the Obamba candidacy, it is the way the Black leadership has been caught with their drawers down and is now being forced to attempt to minimize the racial content of Obama and declare him not being Black enough so they wont look so ridiculous in choosing a white woman or Man over Obama, claiming now more than ever, Race does not matter in this up coming presidential election.

    Obama carry the Genes of his father, which is different from Hilary father genes, thus giving Obamba a connection to a Black genetic base, yet here is the Black leadership attempting to play that fact down, yet when Jesse and Al was running for the White Folks House, and you would, in the vast numbers it is now among the Black Aristoracy, chose to support the white Man candidate over Jesse or Al, you would have been ostracized in the Black World, yet there they are, buck dancing and shuffling, as if they are drunk off of their Hypocrisy, when trying to make the case as to why not Obamba, in favor of Hilary.

    Black woman and Man, wake up and observe those so call Black leaders that you worship so much and see them insulting your intelligence, concerning the up coming political season, when a president of the once united states will be selected.

    Black woman and Man, was it not, every since the inception of these United States, been the case that Race did matter when White folks came out to play their political game ?

    Have you forgotten so quickly that America was founded by Racist Minds and how they have always treated Black folks when participating in their game of politics and now you tell me that because Obamba is running and his mother is white and daddy is black that Race don't matter this time around ?

    Please do not quote me something Obamba has said in this regard, because you know, the fact that the Black Aristocracy is split over whom they are going to try and persuade Black Folks to vote for and Obamba make claim he is not about Race as a candidate, hell, he is just as confuse or more so about what is going on around and about him, he to is in a catch 22, yet here we are attempting to pretend in america today, Race does not matter, especially concerning the up coming presidential selection.

    Black woman and Man, if for no other reason than this, all Black people should support Obamba, with the vote being cast in Obamba favor to serve as a symbol of Black Folks telling those Handkerchief Head Negroes to go to hell, as they pretend to be your leader, when they are not in a position to even lead themselves, because they have been bought, packaged, and paid for, by white men of power in this so call united states of america country.

    Listen, I have no illusion about White Folks politics, but if you allow those soft back weak knees imitation of Black leadership to confuse and deceive you concerning what you are looking at about to unfold right before your eyes, this presidential selection year, then beloved, you are a Fool, you are a Big **** Fool.

    Here you are now and Black people have white folks all bottle up, regarding Obamba, and those white folks white house, and you tell me you are going to allow a Black leadership that is the property of the White man of power, tell you what do do, hell, for the first Time the choice is clear, if you would just try and I know this is very hard for you to do, but just try to do this one thing this particular Time, and Think for yourselves for once in your Human Being Life, regarding what is unfolding right before you and is giving you Black political people, who are involved in the white man politics, the opportunity to use your own Mind in this regard, and if you try it, you might like Thinking for yourselves and if so, Afrika and Black Afrikan People will be rising to claim our own Freedom and Independence and having our own election where we Will be in control of that institution.

    Anybody in their original Mind that is Black, should be able to see that this up coming selection for president will be and is all about Race and we serve to be Black Hypocrites if we deny this obvious Truth.

    Here Is Loving you

    Chief Elder
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    After having made my comments about Obama vs. Hillary on this thread:

    It was a breath of soothing fresh air to come here and read your post. I am sick and tired of whites going to black religious leaders with their false promises and then we like little puppets support the party regardless of the person running. I wish we could form our own party really...maybe that's future. But for now we should support a black person for a change if that person seems to fit the bill. After seeing him and his wife on Oprah the other week, I knew then that I wasn't voting for no sorry hillary just because she's a democrat. I'm voting for him because I believe he is the best man running...period! And he just happens to be black. I am not about to let any white rhetoric dictate to me otherwise. This is our time to rise and show that our vote does make a difference. Hillary in my opinion is nothing but a political witch who would gladly sell her soul for power. She went over her boundaries as a First Lady and Clinton allowed it because she literally had him by the balls with so mud. I personally can't stand her. But Obama has my support.:wave:
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    obama and the...

    chief elder,i agree 1,000% but we both know that this country is not gonna let a black man get the[WHITE]house,they probably already have a plan in motion to insure that if it comes to one vote between obama and hilary although she is a female she's white and in the end that's gonna be the deciding factor,will obama get alot of vote,of course,will he win,no.
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    This is why WE LOVE YOU BaBa!
    (Everywhere WE are!)

    Cause YOU always tell it like it is!

    However, I would be hard pressed to 'vote' for
    any man (of course,) knowing what I know about
    amerikan politics.

    Cause first of all, numbers do not lie.
    No matter what 'language' man may use, numerical
    solutions will not change as a result.

    Example, according to the u.s. census bureau Oct. 2006
    (or maybe Sept.,) findings (also 'their' own claims--)

    Black Folk only make up 13% of the overall populus landscape.
    (including those incarcerated, whom have been stripped of their
    'voting' privileges.)

    Now, not taking a rocket scientist to figure this out, even if the
    entire 'voting eligible' Black Community came out to vote for
    one of 'OUR OWN,' all it would take was a single 'wild-hair'

    of the opposing populus to climb up the wrong orifice to
    completely null and void Black Intention.

    Oh! What a tangled web WE weave!


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    permit my perspective plez,

    i'm sure this was given in luv, but Afrikan people still have a right to be sceptical of politicians-of any color or lack thereof, in general, based on Afrikans being constantly played time after time after time. there's no debate about that.

    Yor support of this Kenyan native seems to be strictly on race. i'm not sure if i can consign to that conclusion. i mean, how many 'black' politicians are playin us as i write these words? jus becuz we havent heard about Katrina victims does not mean there are no Katrina victims.

    political maturity involves strategy and methodical thinking, including race but not race alone. this line of thinking is the same as 'blacks' overwhelmingly voting for candidates jus becus the are Democrat.

    i offer the following article for yor consideration. and believe me, this issue will be one of the top for this Illinoise Senator:

    "Keyes has plan for Reparations: He would exempt blacks from taxes"

    By Allison Benedikt and David Mendell
    Tribune staff reporters

    August 17, 2004

    One day after their first meeting, U.S. Senate hopefuls Barack Obama and Alan Keyes were back on the campaign trail again Monday.

    Speaking at a news conference at the Hotel InterContinental in Chicago, Republican Keyes added to his now familiar talking points his stance on slavery reparations.

    Prompted by a reporter's question, Keyes gave a brief tutorial on Roman history and said that in regard to reparations for slavery, the U.S. should do what the Romans did: "When a city had been devastated [in the Roman empire], for a certain length of time--a generation or two--they exempted the damaged city from taxation."

    Keyes proposed that for a generation or two, African-Americans of slave heritage should be exempted from federal taxes--federal because slavery "was an egregious failure on the part of the federal establishment." In calling for the tax relief, Keyes appeared to be reaching out to capture the black vote, something that may prove difficult to do, particularly after his unwelcome reception at the Bud Billiken Day Parade Saturday.

    The former ambassador said his plan would give African-Americans "a competitive edge in the labor market," because those exempted would be cheaper to hire than federal tax-paying employees and would "compensate for all those years when your labor was being exploited."

    Under Keyes' plan, African-Americans would still have to pay the Social Security tax, because "it's not a tax in the strict sense," said Keyes, calling it instead a payment to support a social insurance program.

    Keyes has discussed reparations before with statements that seem to contradict Monday's comments.

    In 2002 on his short-lived MSNBC show, "Alan Keyes is Making Sense," he argued with one of his guests, an advocate of reparations, asking, "You want to tell me that what they suffered can actually be repaired with money? You're going to do the same thing those slaveholders did, put a money price on something that can't possibly be quantified in that way."

    And in a 2002 column titled "Paid in Blood," Keyes called lawsuits on behalf of slave descendants against large corporations an "effort to extort `reparations' for slavery from their fellow citizens" and said that "the truth of the Civil War is that the terrible price for American slavery has been paid, once for all," when Americans gave their lives on the battlefield to end slavery. "The price for the sin of slavery," Keyes wrote, "has already been paid, in blood."

    Obama responded to Keyes' comments by saying that the "legacy and stain of slavery is immeasurable," but that he did not believe that the form of reparations backed by Keyes was the proper method to repair that damage.

    "I generally think that the best strategies for moving forward involve vigorously enforcing our anti-discrimination laws in education and job training and other programs that can lift all people out of poverty," Democrat Obama said.

    Obama made his comments during a two-day Downstate campaign swing in which he called for increased funding for agricultural research and development, as well as doubling ethanol production for gasoline by 2012.

    Keyes also talked about abortion Monday and specifically about his objection to abortion in the case of rape and incest, asking rhetorically, "We should kill a daughter because the father is a rapist? We should kill a child because its parents committed incest?"

    Again reaching back to ancient times to illustrate his point, Keyes said that "one of the great principles of justice ... stretching all the way back to the Bible, to ancient Greece, is that the individual will be held accountable for his actions, not his family."