Chief Elder Osiris : Obama America Patriotism, And Black Nationalism

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    Obama America Patriotism, And Black Nationalism

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Within the so call Black Afrikan world, there are Afrikans who define Life to mean Subjugation with a Want to be validated by somebody other than the Self of you, which serve as a sign that those Afrikans wanting to be validated by others, they are Afrikans that wear a very weak mind and is totally oblivious of who the Self of You really are.

    So such an Afrikan, claiming to be so Intelligently Afrikan cultural informed, is the Afrikan that has caused to be allowed, Afrika and the Afrikan People to be in the present state of condition Afrika and Afrikan People are in Today, which serve as testimony, that such an Afrikan, in Want to be Validated by someone other than Self, serve to be a detriment, not only to Self, but to Afrika and the Black World, and again, the evidence of the harm that come from a self ignorant Afrikan wanting to be validated by others, rather than of self, is what have Afrika and the Black so call Afrikan World in the present state of Condition Afrika and the so call Afrikan People are in today.

    It is the Weak Mind Human being Afrikan that believe that no Afrikan should have the obligation to Critique Obame through the Eyes of a Divine Mind, not to be persuaded by the Human Want that drive the Irrational Emotions of the Afrikan to be satisfied with all the Afrikan is looking at concerning Obama and it is the Human Being Minded Afrikan that is moved by the things White Folks have to say about Obama and the way the Western World Racist Media present Obama to the so call Afrikan Black World, pretending to have today, nothing but Love for the so call Afrikan, they knowing how well trained they have the Afrikan to believe, about their act of acceptance of Obama.

    When Obama stood and declared undying Patriotism to America and to the State of Israel and no thought about Afrika, it was as if he was sending a double Dog dare to the Black Nationalist Cadre in America, a Message that says, Black Nationalism and Pan- Afrikanism, Garvey Style, is Dead, and such a pursuit by the Afrikans in America Black Nationalist, is no more to be a viable alternative idealogical pursued concept, by Black People in America, because the Message he is sending to the so call Afrikan Americans, is Afrikan American Patriotism, and it seem to be working, because it appear as if the doctrine of Black Nationalism and Afrika Patriotism by the Black Nationalist Pan- Afrikanist, has gone Silent and is Dead.

    But not this Garveyite Black Afrikan Afrika Patriot, My Mind is immutable and my Spirit is forever determine, as long as I am given to breath the oxygen of Life into my body, I will advance the claim of the Honorable Marcus Garvey, which is Afrika is for the Afrikan and there is a Dying need for the so call Afrikan Black World to become Reunited again, which must happen at this Time because this is our only Life Time to act.

    There is no so call Black Afrikan that share the Divine Truth with the Black World that is in need of being validated by a Self Ignorant Afrikan World, in order to wear Title of Divine accomplishment, the Greatest Validation needed by those that share with the Black World , Divine Information about the Cause and Effect of the Black Life present condition, happen to be the Divine Truth and Reality about the present state of Mind that the so call Black Afrikan now is Functioning in, by, and under.

    Now since Obama has come, the cry for black Nationalism by the so call Black Nationalist has gone Silent, as if to have ran as a scolded Dog, every Time Obama open his Mouth it is as if he has shot a cannon into the Mind of Black Nationalism, Reparation, and Afrika patriotism by the so call Black Afrikan in America.

    Obama has come to serve as the destroyer of all Black Afrikan Self Pride, Self-awareness and Self Black Beauty, all that Garvey and all of the Fathers of Black Nationalism and Afrika Patriotism had sowed into the Mind of the so call Black Afrikan in America, and now that Obama has come, we only have a remnant of such Ideological Bravery in America today, it is as if the Black Nationalist Concept has Ran away to go Hide away from Obama America Patriotism and recruitment of our Young People into America Military and Foreign service, without one objection coming from the so call Black Nationalist who now have appeared to be the weakling amongst the Children of the Middle Passage.

    So I am supposed to be concerned about what an Afrikan American patriot believe about Me?

    Listen, every word I share is Chief over the doctrine of America Religion and its propaganda, embraced by the cowardly Traitors among the so call Afrikan American, they who came by way of the Middle Passage, to become converted to become an American Human Being, and with such a Human Being Mind, Afrika hold not to be a priority, because that Profane Human Being Mind the Afrikan now carry and has now adopted, now serve to be an Enemy to Afrika and the so call Black World, as such a poor excuse to be an Afrikan, regurgitate the Profane Lies and act the Spirit that Deceive the so call Children of the Middle Passage, away from hearing, seeing, and recognizing the Divine Truth about our Converted Mind Self, a Profane Mind it is, that now embrace all Obama say to you, and you Afrikans do so, without Question, as Obama has caused the so call Afrikan American, to go blind, about your Afrikan American Self.

    Even Jesse see the danger of Obama to black People in America, as you now want to label Jesse want, concerning Obama, as Jealousy, so that you do not have to give Jesse words serious consideration concerning Obama, I know Jesse has to pretend and apologize to Obame, but Jesse silent Thoughts are Jesse true Thoughts about Obama.

    Where is the so call Garveyites, Black Nationalist, you saying not one word in defiance to the Profane Teaching of Obama, as Silent amongst the Black Nationalist signify consent, to all that Obama is saying and doing, as he continue to tear down the House that the Fathers of Black Nationalism has built in the Mind of the Divine Being Black Nationalist, we who appear to have become extinct, with the exception of the few Die Hard Black Nationalist.

    Black Nationalism is neither a Fad or a Fashion and as long as I live I will prevent it from having an expiration date, what was Divinely Good for yesterday is Divinely Good for us today, Black Nationalist.

    Can You understand That, Beloved.

    You see, those Divine True Black Nationalist are those who can care less about what a do not know self Afrikan say about the action of the Black Nationalist and it is the Divine Black Nationalist that See Obama for who he is portraying himself to be, on the surface to the Afrikan American, he is the Messiah long awaited for, but underneath he is the Destroyer of Afrika and the Black World Nationalism to Afrika.

    No where is it Bivinely Written that the advocates of Afrika Nationalism is to be silent when America Nationalism is being preached by one claiming to be Afrikan and American, the two term does not Divinely relate, they profanely Conflict with each other, so you Afrikan American Patriots, proclaim your Love for America, which I do not object to, and Me, I will remain to be loyal and a patriot to Afrika, and a Warrior in pursuit of the Reunification of the Black World, using my Divine Mind, the Mind that have me to know that such a pursuit is not impossible to accomplish at this Time, the Time of the Black world Divine awakening, because the Divine Truth has come once again to the Black world.

    Yes, Yes, I desire To See Obama Win, now you figure out Why I do, and it is not for the reason that the Afrikan America wish for him to win.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved.


    Chief Elder
    [email protected]
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    Only time will tell! Thanks!