Black Entertainment : O.J. Simpson to Tell FOX How He Would Have Killed Slain Wife Nicole

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    O.J. Simpson to Tell FOX How He Would Have Killed Slain Wife Nicole

    LOS ANGELES — O.J. Simpson will tell FOX "how he would have committed" the slayings of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman in an interview to air later this month.

    Simpson, who was acquitted of the crimes in a 1994 criminal trial, agreed to an "unrestricted" interview with book publisher Judith Regan. The two-part interview, titled "O.J. Simpson: If I Did It, Here's How It Happened," will air Nov. 27 and Nov. 29.

    "O.J. Simpson, in his own words, tells for the first time how he would have committed the murders if he were the one responsible for the crimes," FOX said in a statement. "In the two-part event, Simpson describes how he would have carried out the murders he has vehemently denied committing for over a decade."

    The interview will air days before Simpson's new book, "If I Did It," goes on sale Nov. 30. The book, published by Regan, "hypothetically describes how the murders would have been committed."

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    gad dang boy! don't you know it's time to get under the radar and stay there!
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    I have mixed feelings about this one. He seems a little mashed up in the head for even writing a book about "what if" he killed his slain wife. Then again, Whites have been basically saying he is guilty of the crime with impunity, so maybe he should actually get paid off of White people's beliefs...especially since those cracker-devils sued him in a civil suit and even took his Heisman trophy that we won with his pure and refined physical talent. I have a feeling this is going to draw a lot of attention,
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    When I played sports in high school I wore number "32" because one of my favorite athletes was O.J. Simpson.

    When I was younger and sported a jarge Afro a lot of people used to tell me how much I looked like O.J.

    When I got in college and decided to change my name (as a newsmagazine staffer) I chose the name Omowale Jabali, that is to say, "O.J."

    I still wear "gear" with the number "32" but moreso because of Magic Johnson.

    I still view O.J. as one of the greatest running backs of all times but he must also be one of the world's biggest fools as well.

    I have never witnessed anyone so desperate for attention that they would continually disgrace themselves with the possible exception of another "M.J."....the man in the mirror.

    O.J. needs to do more than go under the radar. I can not state only what I am thinking right now in that regards as some things are better left unsaid.
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    I personally think this is rather humorous. :lol: White people have been getting away with this very thing for years now.

    I personally never really cared if OJ killed her or not. To be honest, the trial was never really about that anyway....And it never really is, when a Black man is on trial for anything.

    I probably won't watch the interview, but I just hope that OJ doesn't embarrass our people, much in the way the "MJ" has done on national TV in past times.

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    o.j.must really need the money to do a bonehead thing like this,sad,very sad.
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    thoughts shared with komotv's ken schram

    (i thought i had seen something like this around here somewhere, but didn't search for it.)

    looks to me like somebody wants to stir stuff up again/some more. kinda like my observation that crack don't have any coke in it anymore, only enough artificially induced tweak, stress and craving to get everybody stirred up enough that that recent "martial law" ruling could be put into effect to "restore the peace ... oh, and we might as well send them in everywhere since folks aren't gonna like what we are doing in selected communities." if these ain't enough, they'll come up with some other atrocity seeking to piss us off ... but only enough to allow it to be quelled by their military, not pissed off enough to completely change the world ... such as might would occur if "somebody" were to suggest that the condition of that pineal gland, as well as the inability to produce melanin, seems to suggest that those "people" might not be "quite right" or "developmentally dysfunctional" and should be "relieved of duty" as being "not quite fit for command".

    but never mind me; folks can just keep turning their noses up at, and turning their backs on, members of the African Family that have run afoul of the traps that YOUR continued 9-to-5; brainwashing by cable/entertainment; higher education conditioning and religious study distractions, allow this "system of white supremacy/racism" to keep perping on our dear Mother Earth. (which, of course, includes all of the Life forms that She has Created - including humans.)

    everybody has an opinion about this; mine was that "the girls got a little too far into the dopeman's pockets and were "encouraged" to "pay up or else". oj got tagged as the fall guy." <shrug>

    as i was reading komotv's weather page, i spotted a "commentary" by ken schram and responded as below:

    WRT: Ken's Commentary: Turn something disgusting into something worthwhile

    This attachment is an archive of a portion of a webpage that I had created a looong time ago when I was living in Bellingham with an account with Horizon ( At one point, those pages were archived at the Internet Wayback Machine, but I'm not sure if they are there any more. Unfortunately, the links on the main oj.htm page, as well as file names, got butchered by windows' infamous 8.3 naming convention.

    If the attachment runs afoul of "security", try - these are those files.

    I offer this as another viewpoint on that whole "disgusting" lynching of one whom y'all were all ga-ga over as long as he stayed "in his place" on the football field.

    The following two links are to Conspiracy Nation and to the OJ pages at Conspiracy Nation.

    Here's hoping you and your's have a wonderful celebration of something else disgusting: small pox infested blankets, a stolen country and another of y'all's typical "home invasions" (to include Australia, South Africa, North America and pretty much everywhere except your native north atlantic).

    By Sherman H. Skolnick
    [CN Transcript of reading by Mr. Skolnick]

    More about the secret reports of the DEA on O.J. Simpson:

    Secret reports of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration
    reportedly detail the who, what and when of the double murder.
    According to the reports, DEA undercover teams had been tracking
    Ron Goldman, part of a major homosexual drug-smuggling force:
    dope, on credit, to fancy people at fancy restaurants, like where
    Ron was a waiter.

    Ron was the major DEA target, not Nicole. She had taken over the
    ownership of O.J.'s fast food stores. The real owners/operators,
    the reports contend, have been corrupt top California police.

    As fingered by the report, the dope loot was washed through banks
    headquartered in California owned mostly by the Yakuza, the
    Japanese mafia: Wells Fargo Bank, interlocked with Household
    International and Household Bank, and Bank America, holding firm
    for Bank of America, now owners of the Continental Bank of

    Tracking Nicole, the reports state, were O.J.'s private
    detectives -- his jealousy. They, along with DEA teams and
    extreme low-lux video, witnessed a dope hit team butchering both
    Ron and Nicole, Samurai style.

    The reports hint O.J. trial judge Lance Ito is a cover-up artist.
    The judge's wife, Margaret York, has been a top L.A. Police
    official in charge of investigations of police corruption. The
    reports identify her as liaison to DEA and quite familiar with
    details in these DEA documents and files.

    Judge Ito blocked efforts of O.J. defense counsel Johnny Cochran
    from putting in details relating to all this. Defense counsel
    Robert Shapiro, however, has reportedly been very close to major
    drug traffickers.

    Since O.J. knew of the double murder, through his detectives, is
    O.J. a murder accomplice by going along with the cover up?

    The DEA is bitter. They have been blocked, reportedly, in
    targeting Ron's father, Fred Goldman, who has mobilized public
    opinion in the cover up.

    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

    [CN Transcript of 10/13/95 interview with Mr. Skolnick]

    So there's a video of the murder?

    Extreme low-lux. They've got cameras that work in minimum light.

    So there *is* a video of the actual murders.


    Somethin' else is, this room-mate friend of Ron Goldman's...

    I mentioned that in the previous story, that he's been murdered
    recently and that he also worked as a waiter.

    Because of the *huge* volume of phone calls that's been coming
    into our recorded commentary, we've had to abbreviate our message
    to *half* the usual size. The reason for that is the great amount
    of busy signal backup. We may have to run an even shorter
    message. Currently we're handling 300 calls per hour on our
    machinery, and there still is a tremendous signal backup at some
    times of the day.

    Why are they keeping these DEA reports secret?

    These reports would rip the lid off Los Angeles and the country.
    It would show that there is a *tremendous* cover up. And, as I
    reported in previous stories, Judge Lance Ito, his wife Margaret
    York, *some* of the defense attorneys, and others, would have to
    be prosecuted themselves and put in prison.

    At the murder scene there were, reportedly, three teams: there
    was the DEA undercover team, there were the private detectives of
    O.J., and there was the dope hit team that, Samurai style,
    committed the double murder.

    Do you know how many were in the hit team itself?

    I will describe that in a separate story.

    The press is playin' up this thing, big time, like it's "white
    vs. black".

    Yeah. We've already taped a one-hour cable TV show. But because
    public access cable is not "spot news", it won't go on the air
    until Monday, October 30th.

    On the program, we mention that actually six journalists in the
    United States are familiar with the DEA reports. *I* am one of
    those. The other five, because their editors are chicken or
    whatever, are not going with it. But I'm not the only one that is
    working on these stories or is aware of these reports.

    [Margaret York, as liaison to DEA, presumably knew of these
    reports.] At key points in the trial, Judge Lance Ito blocked one
    of the defense attorneys, Johnny Cochran, from putting into
    evidence details that relate to these reports. Whether Johnny
    Cochran did or did not have knowledge of the actual DEA
    undercover team reports is not the point. He apparently knew of
    the situation and tried to put it in evidence, testimony relating
    to it. And the judge, as the evidence gate-keeper, blocked him.
    And that, under the circumstances, is very incriminating.

    As to *why* Ron Goldman was the target of the murder squad,
    there's various explanations. He may have in some way crossed-up
    the Yakuza. He was the principal target of the murder squad.
    (Although that is not to say that Nicole could not also have been
    the target because of her role in the thing.)

    Notice that the mass media have put the principal target as
    Nicole and that Ron Goldman was there at the wrong time and the
    wrong place, simply by accident, because he was bringing back
    Nicole's mother's glasses, reportedly left at the restaurant
    where Ron was a waiter.

    They've got this "million man march" coming up this Monday. And
    the press has so far played this thing up like there's a "huge"
    racial divide on this murder trial. And with the "million man
    march" coming up, that would play into the press's hands.

    Well, as mentioned on our cable TV show, I say that the ultra-
    rich rule us in this country by the British method of "divide and
    conquer". And everybody on the panel, on the show, agreed that
    that possibly was happening. Because the press is causing this
    race relations nightmare. They're causing it. They go around
    interviewing blacks, and then they interview whites, and then
    they play it up with shows, with pundits and all that. And they
    fan the flames.

    There has been a somewhat better atmosphere in recent times on
    race relations. It was getting a little better. *Now*, it has
    gone back to the extreme where, in some offices where blacks and
    whites work together, because of the O.J. verdict and the
    commotions, there's some people at each other's throats.

    One final thing: you've seen this DEA report?

    I have to carefully state what I say:

    I'll answer in this way: The government presumes that we have a
    copy of the report. And what demonstrates that presumption is a
    threat by a pair of government sources, directed against me and
    associates of mine.

    That's all the questions I have, unless there is something else
    you wanted to say.

    This is the atomic bomb of all scandals, as far as I'm concerned."

    That title ('Ken's Commentary: Turn something disgusting into something worthwhile') prompts a thought: All Life on this planet produces melanin.