Black Poetry : O.B.W.

Street So'ja

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Mar 19, 2001
Brooklyn, New York
you live and lay in wait in the cut
waiting for what maybe a change of luck
good things come to those who wait
but for how long? who's got time to wait for fate
but then a star is born, a chance at circumstance
feels so good, there's been a change in the plans
i wake up feeling good with a sparkle in my eye
people want to know why, and you know i can't lie
i met a new chocolate wonder skin so smooth
she could mend any bruise, and if i could choose
i'd be a fool to refuse the time to spend to wine and dine
it's just fine
with me who am i to whine
i'm with the OBW - Original Black Women who give birth to life
the mother of MAN don't you understand or are you too lame to comprehend
i am truly blessed to be in her presence and did i fail to mention
that it's truly a blessing.
a gift from God the man upstairs
to bless this planet with the OBW from out of nowhere
adam's rib
just look at the OBW does she look like she's from somebody's rib
who are you trying to kid
i couldn't have dreamed a better scenario
vibe playing well like my brand new stereo
OBW has such great strength and stamina
she's the original, punk, and you ain't scamming her
so next time you attempt to put the OBW on the cutting edge
i suggest you bow down and pay homage

to the Original Black Woman, man


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