Black People : NYPD Alleged Assassin's Ex Girl Survives

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    Earlier reports...

    NYPD cop killer Ismaaiyl Brinsley's murdered ex-girlfriend pictured | Daily Mail Online:

    Was this was later changed and updated to fit a narrative?

    Ex-girlfriend of cop killer Ismaaiyl Brinsley released from hospital less than a week after being shot in the stomach before he went on New York rampage

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    Brinsley shot Ms Thompson, an Air Force reservist in the stomach and threatened to kill her if she called the police; he then travelled to New York and killed Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos

    Something just doesn't jive with this.

    Why would you shoot someone, and then threaten to "shoot" them again if they tell police that they have been shot?

    Shortly after 6 a.m., Mr. Brinsley called Ms. Thompson’s mother to say the shooting was an accident and he hoped Ms. Thompson recovered, Mr. Boyce said. Mr. Brinsley called relatives and the woman’s family members several times throughout the morning as he traveled by Bolt Bus from Baltimore to New York City, police said. Baltimore County police tracked him through the cellphone as he moved north.

    Mr. Brinsley arrived in New York City at 10:50 a.m., Mr. Boyce said, and there is video of him taking an N train toward Brooklyn.

    On a Facebook page that police have established belonged to Mr. Brinsley, the final posting reads: “I Always Wanted To Be Known For Doing Something Right....... But My Past Is Stalking Me And My Present Is Haunting Me.”





    Image taken after shooting of female acquaintance in Maryland





    Giving a "cop-killer" medical treatment in hopes to resuscitate him... interesting

    The disturbed 28-year-old man posted his hatred for cops on Instagram and tried to commit suicide about a year ago, authorities said.

    Despite his online proclamations otherwise, Jalaa’a Brinsley, 29, insisted that her brother wasn’t seeking revenge over the non-indictments in the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown when he gunned down the cops.

    “It could have been anybody else but unfortunately it was the police officers and now it’s turning into police against [civilians] and it’s not about that,” she said.

    The shooter’s mother, Shakuwra “Cheryl” Dabre, said the family had been estranged from Ismaaiyl Brinsley “for a few years, with occasional contact” and apologized to the family of the slain officers.


    How would they know if he wasn't seeking revenge if they had little contact with him for a few years?

    Regardless, for the record the two officers were claimed to have been working overtime as part of an Anti-Terrorism drill

    Both officers were participating in an anti-terrorism drill when a subject walked up to their patrol car and opened fire with a handgun, striking them both in the head and upper body multiple times. Other officers immediately pursued the the subject into a nearby subway station where the man committed suicide.


    But where did he find time to purchase the new white laces that were missing in the image earlier in the day which showed his pant leg and left shoe, or did he carry an extra set?

    First image looks to have been taken in a restroom of some establishment, maybe he washed them in the sink or something.