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Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
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my friend can't be my friend no moe ... i shole miss her. i wanna go see 'bout her. she just live up the road awaze ... she got kids an' stuff, i love them chiren ... jes' like my own. jes' wanna check on 'em see if'n they alrite. last time i seen'd her, he wuz there ... she told me she got new friends now, don't need me no moe ... wit her arm wrapp'd roun' him ... like she dun wun a prize ... she shole iz proud, too proud i say ... look like having a man mean so much to her ... she alwaze been thata way ... Lawd now that chile luv her some man! ... <smiling> ... <sighing> ... anywaze ... i gotta respect what she said. i aint goin back over there ... less'n she 'vite me

folk been talk'n doe ... say he beat'n on her again. whoop'n her e'ry day. what can i do ... nuth'n. i 'member last time he whoop'd her, when we wuz still friends an' stuff ... she came an' stay'd here wit me an' da chiren ... she heal'd up so nice ... got back fat an' fine ... my friend shole iz pretty ... but then he came back talk'n 'bout how sorry he was ... brung'd some new thangz for her an' da babies, toys an' such ... they wuz happy to see dey "daddy" ... dey all went home together ... he say she can't be my friend no moe ... folk say she rite poe look'n agin ... she shole used ta like my fried chicken an' tata salad ... Lawd now that chile shole kood eat when she want'd to! ... <smiling> ... <sighing> ... guess it's best for me to jest mine my bizness.

i shole love my friend an' miss her ...
i reck'n she know she kin 'pend on me if'n she need me ...

nuth'n else i kin do

cept'n pray


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