Black Spirituality Religion : NUMBERS 14:18, Judgment of the 3rd and 4th Generation

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    NUMBERS 14:18, Judgment of the 3rd and 4th Generation

    From 1607 –to- 2007: the Fourth Century
    The Jamestown Settlement of the English; the Virginia Colony

    **********The LORD is longsuffering, and of great mercy, forgiving iniquity and transgression,
    and by no means clearing the guilty, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon
    the children unto the third and fourth generation [NUMBERS 14:18].

    Sometimes I feel like I have three (3) things that are always held against me when I try to express myself in this world, whether I be at home or on the job, in church or in the public:

    1. I’m Black [African American] and, I’m a female
    2. I believe in Jesus Christ and, I’m a female
    3. And, I’m dark skinned and, I’m a female

    But, because I know that the only possible option for me is Jesus Christ, I do what he has done. That is why I have hope in him. I make sure to let it be known even in my writings just who I am so that, if I’m hated for any of the above, it can be made sure. After spending most of my life being persecuted as a dark skinned African American female descendant of slaves, I don’t want any unworthy person to make a claim that they were apart of my salvation at the last minute. This government believes that they can get away with hundreds of years of slavery and the Slave Ship Era and, putting little dark skinned girls on those slave ships and then at the last minute raise up ‘an idol’ as if to say that ‘everything is alright’ now. That is like putting a band aid on an old wound:

    ***********************Another parable put he forth unto them, saying,
    The kingdom of heaven is like to a grain of mustard seed,
    which a man took, and sowed in his field:

    Which indeed is the least of all seeds:
    but when it is grown, it is the greatest among herbs,
    and becometh a tree, so that the birds of the air come
    and lodge in the branches thereof
    [ST MATTHEW 13:31-2].**********************

    But even when I write I always try to remember my ultimate purpose in this existence and to remain focused on this goal of which is to win souls. I see ‘the bigger picture’. I based what I write on the original sin and the end result and therefore, I always consider and respect that there might be someone that may not understand this perspective [point-of-view]:

    ******************Then said he unto them,
    Therefore every scribe which is instructed
    unto the kingdom of heaven is like unto a man
    that is an householder, which bringeth forth out
    of his treasure things new and old [ST MATTHEW 13:52].**************

    When I write, I consider ancient history as well as modern history. In order to win souls, THE OLD TESTAMENTS must be considered with THE NEW TESTAMENTS and therefore, a lot of ancient history must be considered in order to understand what is going on today. The problems of today concerning both color and racial persecution go way far back in time and, it’s GOVERNMENTAL! Even still, this does not mean that I consider ‘one kind of people’ worthy or unworthy. I want to win souls. But if certain governments are well recorded for their promotion of human degradation based upon the issues of color and racial hatred then, the truth must be dealt with in order to become victorious. If we, as a people, do not address these issues, no matter what color or race we are then, we are guilty of being in support of it.

    The American government set up under ‘the English’ in 1607 at the Jamestown Settlement. This Virginia Colony was named after Queen Elizabeth, the Virgin Queen. She was in support of Jesus Christ and at that time in history, black people were not! During the A.D. 1500s, the English fought against the Muslim world and, Black Genocide became an issue. Black-on-black violence was a fact of life. However, Queen Elizabeth became, the hope of this world. After her rule, King James took the throne and his greatest contribution to humanity was the council that he appointed to translate the Bible into ‘the Kings Language’ [English]. All the while, the Americans were apart of this government but, in 1776, they SEPARATED CHURCH AND STATE, meaning, they became the HEAD over all matters including the Bible. Since that time, there has been no ‘Church HEAD QUARTER’. The American government becomes the head of the Church. . . . And, Slavery continued onward. What America has not taught us is that this major separation means that ‘they were against Christ’ from the start. They never subjected themselves to what was in the content of the Bible. The two greatest commandments stated by Jesus was that [paraphrasing] (1) do unto others as you would have them to do unto you and, (2) put no other God before the Creator. That means that Slavery proved that Americans were against Christ! That means . . . what is the purpose of ELECTIONS!?

    Under ‘the Church’ only the Creator can choose and/or bless ‘a leader’! The king and queen of England ‘in the beginning’ of this ‘Colonial Empire’ were blessed through their works! The word, ‘king’ means ‘inheritance’ and a king acquires leadership through inheritance. Therefore, the royal lineage under the Church of England is subjected to the contents of the Bible even today. They will be judged accordingly. They became ‘heirs to the kingdom of God’ through faith in Jesus Christ, however, they are not direct descendants of Jesus. In the Old Testaments and when the people PETITIONED against Aaron, the high priest of God, . . . they were killed by the Creator! For the kind of people who say they are a believer in Jesus Christ and at the same time, they vote for a leader[!]; . . . there is a great contradiction! When America broke from ‘the Church’, that was the beginning of ‘THE VOTE’! Democracy went on for about 90 years while slavery continued. The difference between Christianity and Democracy is mainly ‘the vote’! Even though, the First Americans said they were under Christianity, however, byway of the two commandments of Jesus, they were not. So have they formally taught African American descendants of slaves what ‘the vote’ really means? If you vote for ‘a leader’ then, whatever he or she chooses to do will return back on the people who submitted to this system. As an African American student in this system, I was not taught this crucial information and, so I write in hopes that someone might benefit from it. The federal government swears to uphold the Bible [kjv] but, are they really? Have they ever honored the Bible? Have the contents that are between the pages of the book they swear upon really been honored?

    **************That our sons may be as plants
    grown up in their youth; that our daughters
    may be as corner stones, polished
    after the similitude of a palace: [PSALMS 144:12].******************
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    I can understand where you're coming from there. With me, I noticed, sometimes, it seems just being female sets a challenge in certain men's mind that I'm open to forsaking my faith, whereas they'd not challenge another male on the same. This has been with family and friends of mine, and of course being black means to all others who aren't black that what I think is worth naught.

    But, this comes with faith, and so long as the KING be with you for your faith and belief in His Son who was sacrificed for our iniquities, none shall overcome you. I believe all faithful should keep that in mind, when thinking on the promises of the Father, holding onto the hope the Son has brought us and left us to us keep after His resurrection and Ascension, and living a righteous life following in His steps.

    Indeed many were never and would never be for what is actually taught in the Scriptures by the One who give us redemption. People only state they believe, if they believe it'll make them look good, and give themselves a sense of justification for their actions, which they commit against the Father and Son. But I never forget, all is in the Father's will, so there's nothing that has happened or will happen that He doesn't already have have a correction for, in due time.;)