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    By Andre Austin

    It has come to my attention that some doubters refused to accept the fact that some plantation Masters treated their property like animals. Let me reiterate the research I found from the testimony of former slaves:

    1. Charles Ball of South Carolina in his redacted narrative: “The overseer led us (168 slaves) off to the field to work, men, women and children, promiscuously-and a wretched looking troop we were. There was not an entire garment among us.

    More than half of the gang was entirely naked. Several young girls who had arrived at puberty, wearing only the livery with which nature had ornamented them, and a great number of young lads appeared in the same custom” (To Be a Slave by Julius Lester p.70).

    2. Ben Simpson of Georgia reports the condition of his servitude: “All he (Massa Earl Stielszen), feed us was raw meat and green corn…He never let us eat at noon, he worked us all day without stopping. We went naked, that the way he worked us. We never had any clothes” (Lay My burden Down: A folk History of Slavery Edited by B.A. Botkin p.86)

    3. Lavinia Bell enslaved by Master Whirl in Texas. She was interviewed by a Newspaper in Canada in 1861. She was sent to the field to work…no clothes whatever were allowed them, their hair was cut off close to their head, and thus exposed to the glare of the southern sun from early morn until late at night. Scarcely a day passed without their receiving fifty lashes, whether they worked or whether they did not. They were also compelled to go down on their knees, and harnessed to a plough, to plough up the land, with boys for riders, to whip them when they flagged in their work” (Slave Testimony Edited By John W. Blassingame p.341-342). Blassingame other book The Slave Community was quoted in the movie Antowine Fisher.

    The vast majority of slave plantation provided clothing for their slaves. However, the top three reasons slaves ran away was inadequate food, clothing and being whipped. If you were a boy 14 and under you wore just a long shirttails with nothing else. The term HNIC derived from slavery when the White master selected blacks to be slave drivers. If there were two or more slave drivers one would be called Head Slave driver which evolved into HNIC. Black slave drivers were hated because they were like sambo’s informing on those who didn’t keep up with their work. Black Slave drivers loved to set up cute young girls/women in the field and get them in trouble so that they could whip them naked.

    “Throughout the slave trade, women and children were less sought after than men in the prime of life. This was a contrast with the Arab slave trade” (The Slave Trade By Hugh Thomas p.403). As a matter of fact the Arabs castrated more blackmen for their harems than the European did for punishment but it seems like these facts have been forgotten. The Arabs were also cruel to shipwrecked white sailors. They were stripped of their clothes and shoes and made to walk through the desert. Sometimes slave boys were brutally sodomized and became homosexual concubines (The Slave Community p.56)

    The greatest causes of mental illness in the slave quarters were excessive punishment and separation of family members. This was the biggest weapon in keeping in line slaves was the threat of separating families. The 1880 census reports that blacks represented 24% of the insane in the South while being 33% of the total population in the region. Cruel separations and constant floggings created an all-consuming sense of despair. 2016 the majority of blacks are half slaves whose checks, if any, fall flat at supporting and maintain a family. A public school system preoccupied with their fertility instead of reading scores and a mass media encouragement of homosexuality on the highest level. We are now being social engineered into a human population control trap.

    Beware there are two type of people who support gay rights. Advocates of human and civil rights hate to see mistreatment of the gay community. The other is a sinister group of individuals and organizations that are for human population control. They will poison your water, food and medicine. These bad people mask themselves behind human and Civil rights. I recently skimmed through several library magazines that are promoted homosexuality. How could this be when they only represent 1% of the population? There has to be some type of organized criminal intent going on here. When we were slaves women breeders were praised and men had full employment. Now that slavery is over the praising of homosexuality is blown and no employment is the order of the day.