Black Poetry : Nubian Queen ( I Praise You)

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    Inspired by Nubian King (I Salute You) Conscious Plat

    Nubian queen I praise you though society has attempted to make you fall from grace
    They refuse to truly recognize that you’re the Matriarch of the entire human race
    Nubian queen it is because of you that I love the throngs of the dark skinned face
    It is because of you that I exist in the first place
    Queen you have bred within me the desire to only be with Nubian queens
    Though I have seen through the deceptions they have put before me
    They objectify you and rape you, saying that you’re only good for one thing
    I am here to tell them they are dead wrong, for only Nubian queens can give birth to Nubian kings
    More precious you are to me than rarest pearls, diamonds or platinum or gold
    Immeasurable is your beauty for any man to behold
    I do praise you just below the Christ and the Almighty God
    Truly you are blessed from the depths of your mind, beauty of your face and your shapely bod
    In our society they wish to belittle you by calling you foul names
    They try to put you on poles or walking the stroll trying to trap you into their games
    And they have even tried to convince Nubian kings to treat you just the same
    Yet the true kings know your value, for you they would traverse the depths of hell
    The true kings have your back, for we truly know you well
    You truly are the backbone that all society was built upon
    Hollywood portrays Nefertiti and Cleopatra as a Caucasoid this is an elaborate con
    They try to change your hair, your nose, and your color for the fear of the unknown
    Then they attempt to steal your other qualities, trying to make it their own
    Queen magnificent you are from the way you strut to the words you say
    And I will praise you daily…From loving Nubian queens no one can make me sway
    I love you all my Nubian queens and all your complexities, you have my highest praise…
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    Queen Conscious Plat would be honored and humbled by your efforts Nahshon; it is a great piece of writing... :toast: ... If I hear from her, you can be sure I'll pass this on.

    To date, I might add, Queen Conscious is the only recipient of our One Step Away from Greatness Award; take a look:

    In fact, I'm going to place this Thread you've done inside the Award Thread...

    Peace In my friend,

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