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Mar 19, 2001
Champagne IL
Going out my mind
as i watch her from
afar in the lace of
compassion i sit here
i see the beauty
how long do i wait
over the sandy land
of nubia my heart
rockz like an wave of love
my soul go to roam the beingz
nubian madness
i composed my self to love
yet i fear lust
she beckon me in like yesterday
of today whisper i hear
my mind touch her tender self '
as i caress her in thoughts
gentle i am yet so strong
and i ask! again
if u look into yo heart wit a possitive
mind and take self invertory and be the
Queen of my glory so fo da spices of ya life
u know we all pay a price if u know what i mean
every lover got a story about the good and bad
i see yo wisdom of comfort yet it come to pass
will this bliss i have last and is this my
eluision of myth or a vision i pray
how long do i wait before u come unto thee
land of love where i stand on nubia land....??????


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