Brother AACOOLDRE : NT letter of Jude's helps solve a puzzle reveals the wolf in sheep clothes

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    Jude’s Puzzle within to a puzzle to ID the Wolf (Darkness) in Sheep’s (Light) clothing.

    By Andre Austin

    The letter of Jude when speaking of the followers of Balaam describes them as secretly coming in; stubborn animals, (which could be Cow’s or an Donkeys being unreasonable). Jude then goes on to call them Shepherds who feast (table fellowship with others but only feed themselves like wolves who divide their food within themselves. Then describes them as wandering stars foaming up within the waves of blackness/darkness which was an allusion to the star of Venus on the Evening side. Venus has two names Lucifer (morning) and Vesper (evening)

    The Dead Sea Scrolls describes them as stubborn Cows from Egypt following the three nets of Belial (fornication, greed of wealth & polluting the sanctuary/house/Temple).

    Intertextually Revelations chapter 2 works with Jude and identifies them as being from the time of Herod Antipas (Arabs), teachers of Balaam and that he knows their Satanic secrets and those who are opposite of them are given the Venus star on the Morning side. Other verses in Rev link up with Chapter two (along with a passage from Genesis 49:9-12) to restrain this stubborn Donkey in a vine that runs through a wine press to have blood running up to gets neck up to its bridle. James describes Paul as a Donkey/Horse with a rein, bit, Bridle who unrestraint speaks against the law.

    The writers of Holy Blood, Holy Grail p.275claim the Tribe of Benjamin were followers of belial in a form of the mother Goddess Isis-Venus as a bull or calf. Pliny the elder describe Venus as a rival fight between itself like the Sun (Light/morning) and Moon (Night/moon). This fight was also known as between Horus (Light and Set (Night) who turned themselves into wolves. Isis was also symbolic of the Cow-goddess.

    The letter of Jude is giving clues to a system of typology linking two passages from the Old Testament.

    Benjamin is a ravenous wolf

    In the morning he devours the prey (Morning)

    In the evening he divides the plunder (Evening)

    (Genesis 49:27)


    For the shields him all day long (Day =Morning)

    And the one the lord loves rest (Night= Evening)

    Between his shoulders”.

    (Deuteronomy 33:12)

    Between the shoulders is reference to territorial allotment between Judah and Joseph (Joshua 18:11).

    This binary exchange fits Rev chapter 2 and Jude interchangeably and it works as an incomplete reference to Psalm where it states that “God is a sun and shield” (Psalm 84:10). Is it a coincidence Psalms reads:

    “I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God

    Than dwell in the tents of the wicked.

    For the lord God is a sun and shield” (Psalm 84:10)

    I just thought it was interesting because Paul claims he is a tent maker from the tribe of Benjamin (Romans 11:1-10) in the context of this quote Paul claims he is not tearing down altars/polluting following Baal (Belia) and not having “stupor” on eyes being unable to see and uses a Table as a snare/nets of Belia?. Paul reverses the charges that were on him from the letter of Jude, etal and smears it on others. And recall it was Paul who had scales (Law) on his eyes that dropped (Acts 9:18) his misunderstanding/after understanding the Law. Its interesting that James and Jude say that Paul doesn’t understand “stupor” the Law. Paul claims he’s a tent maker to (Acts 18:3).

    In the Damascus Document from the Dead Sea Scrolls The person with the tongue of blasphemies will kindle fire in his tongue and at the altar “in vain shall become those who shut the door”. James advises his followers to be in harmony with eachother and not to sit in judgment of one another judge. For James Paul would have been an unrighteous judge being in disharmony. Paul was not whole with the Law because he excluded deed so he was incomplete.

    James says:

    “Brothers do not slander one another. Anyone who speaks against his brother or judges him speaks against the Law and judges it” (James 4:11). Paul actually cursed the law of Moses and called it a sin. Paul actually becomes a Judge when he speaks out against those who have a different gospel (James and his followers) he labels/Judges them as being accursed Galatians 1:8-9. Jesus says you can judge between Sheep’s & Wolves by understanding Maat or the tree of Good/Bad by peoples deeds (Matthew 7:15-20). Therefore, for this reason and more I would identify Paul as the black horse (Rev 6:5) with unbalanced scales that eventually gets killed by the White horse of Justice (balanced scales). Paul response to those claiming he was a Wolf in sheep clothing was to spin it and but the accusation on them see (Acts 20:28-31).

    It would appear that Paul wanted fellowship with those who didn’t want to abide within the boundaries of the law making himself an enemy to those who were “righteous”. Paul is the wicked priests talked about in the Dead Sea Scrolls as either a successor, personification or the actual person cited in reference. Likewise, James is the Righteous teacher. In the Pauline Letters this is clearly the battle between Light vs Darkness.


    2 Peter goes soft on Paul by editing/redacting compared to Jude and James and says people follow Balaam because the misunderstand Paul.

    James doesn’t mention Balaam by name but incorporate the 3 nets of sin of Belia of greed, fornication and polluting the law with the Boastful untamed talking of the Horse who curse/bless which is linked with Balaam.
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