Black Spirituality Religion : Now What? I'm Just Asking...

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    Peace peeps,
    Quickly about myself. I'm 29 black man from the east coast wondering Now What? I see so many opinions, differences and similarities of all of us black people but from a SPIRITUAL STANDPOINT, what is about to happen?

    I want to know you opinion! Are we looking at X-MEN meets Mr. Manhattan or the moment when Superman Realized he had powers OR the movie 2012 meets Independence day OR are we doomed unless we can come together?

    Despite my study I see that many members here are wiser than I and I look forward to very intelligent discourse about the possibilities. We may even be able to come to some sort of agreement.

    As of right now, I think Dr. Blair has the outcome on the head. A sort of shifting of the entire planet very shortly. A movement from lower to higher vibration (like a piano up an octave). Scientifically and Biblically this would come about as some being able to walk through walls etc. soon simply because as the vibrations get higher- SOLID is no longer so. AS we now dance on ICE those prepared learn how to swim- those who don't will be swept away in the flash flood.

    Once again your wisdom is appreciated.