Black Poetry : Now this is Black Hip Hop on the rack in VIRGINIA BEACH yall like medicine this abate pain and devas


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May 11, 2006
Now this is Black
Hip Hop on the rack
like medicine this abate pain
and devastate a brain
yall pass the aspirins
while he's plastering
words of greatness on your wall
paper this is all vapor with a phone call
go to school to produce
and like a pool in use
he'll dive into books
and the jive menus got him hooked
its a firm try employ folks
and toy with hopes
when it comes to promotions
have too many numb potions
of down play
around today
Art Plenty creative
from many of the natives
some wear whack slippers
up in here, try stab his vocab
use calculating machines
when evaluating teams
write all type of script and like
a ship he's moved by shifting gales
that be lifting females dress tails
all his script is tossed wild
and like a lost child
abandoned to despair
and a random affair
can upset skills
as the air is filled
with love
like a boy abashed by
the laughter of his classmates try
get fast dates to up his pride pie
from a girl
could help in a dumb world
come to hurl words to get one
they're wet fun best let none
escape, see a girl got cake
and like a gate it gives great
access to her garden and her
breasts starting to grow he prefer
milk, like new printing presses
flowing inventing messages
for throw aways
and flow for days
like a show this reach screens
kiss lips and teach queens
so early next year
there be sex in here
“NOW BOO you a red bone
yellow skin and head strong
like the forest service
he's in the woods and nervous
time to extend gravel roads
and travel with loads
do the hokey poky in midair
'NAW PLAYER boys try outdo the other
because her body is true butter
like PARKAY, in car you say it's gutter
baby,oh my skin tone
seem to win on
and during a shower no doubt
wow the power went out
left her breasts wet and poking
and boys are yet hoping
to get some and be stroking
until six in the morning
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until six in the morning
he wanna do so much tonight
and she's in such a fright
oh he touched her right
on the hips
not a strong grip
she's brief wet
and may need a leaflet
to explain
live with females
ready to give details
of our love affair
like cows graze and eat grass
amaze on the street real fast
during lunch got task at HARDEE
but asked to go to a party
she said nope
her lips red and dope
oh a yellow Soul Sista
go through a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH
dress blue and hot so like a Ninja she reach
for the knife, got features that's like
teachers accept flowers and step right
with powers to teach on subjects tight
with powers to teach on subjects tight
she have on thin lace
no matter who win the race
men taste sex she's in a complex place
can't trust what boys say
they lick pie crust and play
not an original thought in their head
can't afford to be visually caught in bed
with them, they'll call her a thot
SHE WAS AT THE Kroger Gas Station a lot
which created a fast situation that was hot
she pump gas her rump class boys ready
to talk junk fast she's a redbone sweaty
in a mini-skirt, got power and proof
a dancer in the flower of her youth
her butt great
she got cupcakes
could have a bake sale
the fake won't prevail
so boo how about
a cake date let go out
and party
we can have a phat feast
while my stats increase
boys tilt their hats to peace
if you juggle opportunity
gonna struggle in a community
and being puzzled is puny
I've done perms
but now come to terms
with my wavy hair
in this gravy affair
now must get petro
for this ghetto
my luck renown
but struck down
by this boy's love talk
and in the club I walk
and strut butt to see
cake dates not my cup of tea
a lie could fog my ear
then the dialogue I won't hear
although it's dreary
how my flow have theory
sip fine wine rap EBONICS
got true scripts
had to make two trips
to the computer
then skip to HOOTERS
up the street, commuters
almost ran me over
driving a stolen NOVA
which is a heavy CHEVY


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